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Paul STanley is 71 now, and Rolling Bones Stones band RIP Mr Watts

Charlie Watts 80 EIGHTY IS DEAD REST IN PEACE Steve Jordan Darryl Jones bassist Ronnie WWood bass or other guitar plyaer KEith Richards and Mick Jagger who cares if they're on tik tok these guys one more album but death maybe take them they're so old. OLD I said....dont say I didn't told yeah only matter of time 2023 2024 2025 2026. It's limited 2027 2029 if i might be brain dead and need calcium injections or medicine for male osteoperosis im going on 40 in April. Stones music I love start me up.

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My Mom was 5 4 moderna one pfizer shes going on 70 maybe 70S older....Dad 4 to 5 time vaxed my Sis 4 to 5x vaxxed Im twice vaxxed....listen there been no vaccine genocide. Politician 12 years kiss our asses Dominic whig maybe republican with some democracy KISS MY ASS I MEANT NO NOT F kiss it

12/16/2022 07:02 PM 

The African Green Energy Agreements and Child Slave Labour

Joe Biden you were under POTUS OBAMA for 8 years how can you accept slavery for African nations for child labour. Though How the green deal energy agreements are operated are by African Nations Themselves are to blame and selling and also killing off their native species God bless more animals Africa belongs to The Animals Wildlife. Owen Hart, Chris BenoIT, The Bret Hart Africa animals were screwed education is corrupt in africa peoples are obssessed with money and the african illuminati. The African Green Energy Agreements and Child Slave Labour in africa. 

12/01/2022 07:02 PM 

David Callahan Joe Kubert should be ashamed LAWSUIT VS THEM hollywood

David Callahan did not create MUTOS and they do not kill Godzillas and they do not lay eggs inside their corpses like aliens or nothing like then in bodys they weren't ancient enemies of Godzilla Dominic Anthony Homan created the Godzilla MUTOS they were mentioned in 3 movies.  Dominic Homan created the MUTOS not legendary pictures nor callahan david nor hollywood nor toho Dominic Darrk wasnt in 2001 or before then he wasnt tall he was created for a contest in 2014 Dominic Darrk was from 2006

11/13/2022 06:11 PM 

Google Stop Surpressing Censoring Dominic Homan 2006 Deal

Dominic Homan comics google Ms GreenVines, Autumn Woman, Winterfall a woman Summers end a womman Summer Sizz a woman
Spring Lady Luck, Duckface Reepeer, Volcano face BEarman Woman Bear Sandra, Jundy Zombie fan of solomon grundy....relaxing friday evening... saturday sunday,,,

11/02/2022 04:40 PM 


Rogue one was about the Death star if I suggested Death star episodes would you...up for it... no a movie? ALL LIVE ACTION get rid of stars wars anime its outdated.

thursday or friday disney is cancelled im not your ally!

andor sucked episodes 1-9 could be Darth plagius sidious palpatine, Darth Bane&Darth Zannah episodes or movies, 2 movies and Knights of the Old Republic Canon movies Zucckus & 4Lom

10/09/2022 06:06 PM 

Quintaria Book IV the Other Half to This Medium short story

Damien The Dark…challenged a great wizard of good that is highly respected and thought of throughout Quintaria. Damien The Dark is an evil sorcerer who made an alliance with Queen Elfindel. See Elfindel is actually a warlock but a witch in disguise. Norgred at met Damien in The Castle of Dark it was very dark inside but lucky there was light to guide him. Damien the Dark came back! and was thought to be dead! Though the new Green Wizard slayed Damien the Dark once and for all! in the battle of the wizards! Jesus only appeared in a scene and that was it, he just wanted everybody to know that he is still here, that he is everlasting…immortal is word that defines eternity! He only showed up cause the God the father of the universe was at war! against the other God's of Egyptia! The people's of Egyptia looked up to, too many God's and lost site of what's right! A look back! At it's only the Beginning! Captain Blackfist joins Vampyric Captain Blackfist captain of The Onyx! has got a proposal to join Vampyric cause after all it was Blackfist who lent Vampyric one forth of his crew but Vampyric bit them and they became The Pirates of Vampyric!
Captain Blackfist joins Vampyric but under one condition that no vampire nor even Vampyric himself is ever allowed to bit him nor the rest of his crew. Vampyric accepted the offer they all set out for the Jewel of Xenthorpe. The Jewel of Xenthorpe was taken by the young warrior Dante back into Mystic. Xenthorpe was located in a cave located in a mountain known to all as Jewel Mountain for the wondrous jewels, treasures inside the Dwarves of Quintaria love mining for treasures. The Pirates of Vampyric, Captain Blackfists pirates arrived in Mystic the fought the Mystic's which were like an Elvish race. They fought, fought each other quite a few Mystic's died but a lot of Captain Blackfists pirates were slayed even the Pirates of Vampyric which were killed with Mystic Spears which the young warrior Dante had ordered specially made with a wooden tip on the spears. The Mystic's even guillotined some vampires. Vampyric and Captain Blackfist retreated to the seas but they had to use horses to get back to their ships The Vampyren! And The Onyx! The Oynx, the Crimson tide, the Vampyren were all destroyed in battle!
Chapter 10
Lord Zoltar's Kingdom…
Lord Zoltar is shown and his kingdom amazingly wondrous. I'am Lord Zoltar lord of Egyptia…but I shall make… this guy Victor the Egyptian Wizard my servant… no you shall make me king…I won't accept any less my lord… my master I shall do your bidding but I want Egyptia as mine to rule along side with you. I shall make slaves of Egyptia and they will be workers, servants to my rule. Many tried to oppose Zoltar but they met their death. Lord Zoltar even had an engraved image of himself… that said Hail Zoltar! Zoltar was a pharaoh among pharaohs but he didn't dress as a pharaoh…He was on a quest to become immortal and all he need to do was to perform a ritual but first he needed a golden rod which had an inscription on it. Lord Zoltar is no more! and for good reasons! His statue is no more and was knocked over!
The Emerald Tavern…
The Emerald Tavern… A place where all come to have a place to stay and rest, or stay and have a drink. The Emerald Tavern is royal and is filled with emeralds. The cost to stay is 10 pieces of gold… The Elv's, Dwarves of Quintaria know about the Emerald Tavern there is also a shop there where you can buy weapons, sell weapons, upgrade armor, or sell armor. The peoples of Starr knows about The Emerald as well the Emerald is beloved by many and it's a favorite place among Quintaria. There even was a woman with black hair wearing a green dress very sexy she is yet tempting at the same time. The Emerald Tavern is the most popular out of all five Quintarian taverns in fact Dante's friend Johan got married there! and Michael Saige a singer performed there! at the Quintarian tavern known as the Emerald!
A look back at the Moon Princess!
The Moon Princess The Moon Princess was seen in a palace… wearing blue…very sexy and very beautiful… The Moon Princess was only a myth within Quintaria… but she came to be real the story was true… she had a kingdom…The Plane of The Moon the kingdom is a magical plane... that takes place on a moon but not of Quintaria... It's a realm outside of Quintaria...but is linked to Quintaria… The young warrior Dante was told by Norgred to see The Moon Princess Valerie…he went to see her she was so beautiful but she was being held hostage by The Black Knight… he was a knight in pitch-black armor. He fought the Black Knight till he was knocked down then he took his Sword of Valor and hit him with it now the princess is free the young warrior said and they kissed you can marry me and be a part of my kingdom but he couldn't marry too much war going on the young warrior said now your free then if I shall part from you warrior then I shall give you a compassionate kiss so they kissed. The young warrior then left the Plane of The Moon back to Quintaria.
Dante went back and gave the moon princess Moon flowers! of royal blue color! they visited for a couple days!
The Light Council which means a group of men in white cloaks with white dragons light meaning pure…it doesn't matter the color of your skin All of Quintaria's people have warm clothes those who don't live in the Forests of Tranqulity where there is water, fruit available moderation must be shown or they're banished from the forest most people there have no money but have sought to establish their own clan The protectors of Tranqulity they have gotten jobs in the villages, towns. It's always important to believe in God, or a creator.
Chapter 11
A Look Back at Ordimus! Ordimus The Protector
There is this protector from the heat for those in need and who want the sun to be covered by the clouds… Ordimus The Cloud like god is seen he's nice and friendly… but is very magical…and is very humble… Ordimus The Kind is what is name should be… people don't worship Ordimus but they love him… and ask for his shield so that the skies may be covered from the heat…in Quintaria they worship God the creator of life, the creator of Heaven. Pyrofalcon otherwise known as Son of The Phoenix… was a Sun Falcon to many times he got upset and it was so hot… he didn't mind he was one with the Sun. Though if it would get too hot Ordimus would cover the sky, shade the peoples of Quintaria. He was summoned so it would be shady, so that it may rain! and so the grass could be more green!
A Look Back at the Beariens, the Lizardmen of Quintaria!
The Beariens The Beariens a race of bear like beings all the way from grizzly bears to black bears to brown bears they wield their battle Axes of Bearien. The Bearman is a warrior among warriors…he is the leader of the Beariens…
They were in a battle against The Lizardmen of Reptilious…
The Beariens had quite a battle against the Lizardmen many Lizardmen were slayed with Bearien Axes the rest retreated back to Reptilious their leader was quite furious. Kemilon head of the Dwarven council and Jarlos head of the Elven council went into Bearien and fought along side with the Beariens Kemilon's Axe was very special and Jarlos's Arrows were special arrows indeed infact magical. They fought and fought but there was none of the Lizardmen left to slay and cause of this The Lizard-King will be very upset to find out none returned... The Bearman said thank you Jarlos, thank you Kemilon... you are both greatly appreciated and thought of by us Beariens. There was actually a good clan of lizards! and they were facing the brown lizards!
Chapter 12
The Darkstar Rostan!
Darkstar Rostan is seen in his Toxidareon castle then over where Darblake is, is his fortress. and his black dragon not The Black Pearl but just BlackPearl that's his name BlackPearl. Rostan controls a section of black dragons, crimson dragons which equals to twenty five black dragons and twenty five crimson red dragons. Once Darklord Gendon found out about Rostan he wanted to form an alliance for it was Gendon who controlled the rest of the black dragons, crimson dragons. Though also as well Queen Elfindel controlled mainly the crimson dragons and Vampyric controlled the black dragons… The White Guardians of Quintaria, the yellow dragons of Jenotha… set to battle the legion of evil dragons. There are also blue dragons, purple dragons, ice dragons that are good dragons. Rostan also had majestic looking cyborgs he created in knights armor called the T-7 Series but he sent them to Espitinu which then the T-7 Series took over Espitinu. Well the T-7 Series were deactivated for their was no reason for them to fight for the Machindon Knights were no more! Darkstar Rostan was no more but Elfindel tried to bring him back but to no avail! and without Rostan the Machindon Knights were nothing! that and without the Darklord Gendon! they couldn't be activated! A look back at Dante's battle against Zoltar! The Young Warrior had set out on a journey to challenge Mysticwolf who is not scary at all but who has mystical powers. If the Young Warrior was somehow able to defeat Mysticwolf He would can The Amulet of Mysticwolf…making him one with Mysticwolf… thus giving the young warrior all his powers. Lord Zoltar you shall pay! so he goes on an adventure… and he travels through the Lands of Mystic once he gets back and tells Deslon of his victory and that he has claimed the powers of Mysticwolf the legend. He battled some Goblins of Gobellion who were told by Elfindel that the young warrior was on his way home to Mystic.
Lord Zoltar you shall pay and so shall the Egyptian King… I banish you from Egyptia Victor! what! You can't do that to me! yes I can and I just did!…I shall comeback…I swear… I will find my way back into Egyptia you watch… and with that the young warrior had him arrested… Nooo! You shall pay for this! I don't think so… Lord Zoltar then speaks let Victor back into Egyptia… and I'll give you anything you want… No! he will not be set free… then you shall die young warrior…then I shall die with honor… so be it…then…ah but you see I have the powers now of the legendary Mysticwolf I managed to defeat him! you what! yes and I took his sword! The Sword of Mysticwolf! then to the death we shall fight… Lord Zoltar withdraws his Sword of Egyptia! and they clash swords prepare to meet your end Lord Zoltar well prepare to meet your death young warrior. So they clash and they clash and it was a good battle indeed… Lord Zoltar used his Ancient Egyptian Staff of Horus to magically knock down the young warrior named Dante but the warrior got up and fought on until Lord Zoltar was slayed with the Sword of Mysticwolf! While Lord Zoltar and Dante fought Victor had escaped! And he killed the guards watching him he used his Egyptian Witchcraft to kill them but depending if he's an Egyptian wizard that practices white magic, or a wizard that practices black magic is a different thing all in itself. This Egyptian Wizard is an evil wizard of black magic. Once Dante got word from his fellow warrior's which serve him as fellow knights that Victor escaped he was nowhere to be seen but was hiding in Zoltar's fortress underneath Zoltar's throne room which leads to a secret passage their he regained his plans and then used his black magic to create slaves and possessed them to do his will. The Egyptian King needs to realize that those in slavery will cry for a hero and that they would be freed from his power in Quintaria everybody has free will. Nothing's predetermined and it's live free or die cause what is life without freedom. But you see Zoltar was slayed in the first book The Alliance!, and of God!
Global Originator Divine!
There is the Plane of Harmony which has a female named Vanessa she is like paradise with her humble beauty that was used when Sharaun ended up fighting the Darklord's Army. The Darklord Gendon was contempt with the fact that his Hellfire Kingdom was his own to rule and that all who are in it bow to his every command though one day the Hellfire Kingdom will be no more, soon within a few years the hellfire Kingdom will be destroyed! The spirit walkers "the Undead" who had unfinished business ended up fighting' against Darklord's army. Shauraun got the Axe of Valor to use in his fight against Gendon's army… The Darklord of the Hellfire Kingdom Gendon! Was slayed in the first book and for good reasons! he was a threat to Quintaria!
Chapter 13
The Tales of the Tiger From Reslin
This chapter takes about the Seven Shard's of Evil that Sharaun had to destroy! and this is what Queen Elfindel, Vampyric tried to use for their plans of world domination!
The Seven Shards of Evil
Sharaun was on his last mission to destroy the seven shards… The Shard of Lust, the Shard of Fear, the Shard of Wrath, the Shard of War, the Shard of Elfindel, the Shard of Vampyric, the Shard of Darkness… Sharaun had to enter 7 planes he had to destroy each shard to move on to the next until he reached the very last one if he died all hope was lost. The Shard of Lust was located in the Plane of Lust with many possessed females they were possessed by demons as well as lust for war…Sharaun fought many demons in this plane and then at the end of this plane he destroyed the Shard of Lust…
Sharaun had a challenge to face Wraiths that looked like Reaper's But Sharaun feared not cause that's why he was chosen to go on this sacred mission to destroy the seven evil shards. He destroyed all the Wraiths with his Flame Sword and then at the end of the plane the Shard of Fear layed before the mighty warrior. Sharaun destroyed it and then he was taken to the next plane the Plane of Wrath. The Plane of Wrath The Plane of Wrath was filled with Wrath Warrior's Sharaun ran across many Wrath Warrior's along his way… Sharaun is very experienced now and he slayed all the Wrath Warrior's and gained even more experience. Sharaun then destroyed the Shard of Wrath and went on to his next mission to destroy the next sharThe area was not completely dark and had some light Sharaun dodged his flame attacks from his breath he even had his Tigerean Shield and used it to block many attacks. Sharaun slayed the black dragon with his Tigerean Axe. Then Sharaun destroyed the Shard of Darkness and then he transported back to Quintaria. No more planes, no more evil shards for they all were destroyed by Sharaun. Elfindel has gone mad and Vampyric trying to find a master plan but we have not heard the last from Queen Elfindel, Vampyric.
The Seven shards had to be destroyed and they were by the warrior Sharaun and from the White Guardians of Quintaria to the purple cloaked wizard Norgred the darkness would have a fight they would never forget. Synopsis: Now with all the evil slayed…and Vampyric, Elfindel no more… and the Witch Emperor slayed. The darkness is no more! and the light is everlasting! and eternal! Quintaria! The best fantasy epic of All time!
Reslin the Tiger of Truth and the Lion Emperor showed up and the Shadow lion Leslion The Lion Emperor Zestri…they combated evil back and forth they did. They fought with their paws Deslon appeared for QUINTARIA For honor for dignity for integrity!!! for GOD GOD is GREAT and his Son is too!!!
13 wondrous chapters brings Book 4 to a close, to an end for now ... That is until Maurdon shows up…and something well more magical as well but through GOD is the mystical possible.

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Quintaria Book IV

y were defeated in this battle. The Raventha warrior's rejoiced! after the vultures were no more!
Deslon! The Great!
The mighty wolf whom is highly appreciated in Quintaria is just adored by all. Two guests have arrived in the castle of Mystic. Michael, Daniel, Michelle who came from Starr… were shown to Deslon…this is Deslon I've heard so much about you… You're that flying talking big wolf aren't you yes I'am and I'm a little shy But I have gotten used to humans now a lot of misperceptions have come about us wolves there is even this rumor of werewolves in Quintaria but until we have word that there is one…that's all it's going to be until then. If you ask me I hate werewolves their curse came from a gypsy who was upset at the corruption, the lack of care that this Earth was being shown and how one town, or village became corrupt. Norgred was told by Deslon that Damien The Dark had challenged him to a wizard battle.
Damien The Dark…challenged a great wizard of good that is highly respected and thought of throughout Quintaria. Damien The Dark is an evil sorcerer who made an alliance with Queen Elfindel. See Elfindel is actually a warlock but a witch in disguise. Norgred at met Damien in The Castle of Dark it was very dark inside but lucky there was light to guide him. Damien the Dark came back! and was thought to be dead! Though the new Green Wizard slayed Damien the Dark once and for all! in the battle of the wizards! Jesus only appeared in a scene and that was it, he just wanted everybody to know that he is still here, that he is everlasting…immortal is word that defines eternity! He only showed up cause the God the father of the universe was at war! against the other God's of Egyptia! The people's of Egyptia looked up to, too many God's and lost site of what's right! A look back! At it's

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Disney plus cancel all of these


CANCEL RIGHT NOW immediately the ones I sent to be cancelled sincerely everybody at Disney. henry huggle monster sheriff calle wild west jakes neveland pirates doc mcstuffins

I tweeted a whole bunch of disney plus shows of disney junior that must be cancelled The United States of America watchers listners viewers.
CANCEL these Eurekarocketeer firebuds mira royal detective rise up sing out alice wonderland bakery dancing WTS fancy nan nursery rymes vampirina ready preschool Rolie polie, out O T box higgly town heroes littleeinsteins milos murphys law imagination mov specag,oso

08/08/2022 04:06 PM 


Second disney streaming or star wars streaming app on smart tv app star wars tv app also Darth Zannah slays darth bane guess on Obi Wan Kenobi the grand inquistor should have stayed slain but he wasn't darth bane and reva wasnt revan jedi revan the heart or zannah!

disney plus needs a second streaming platform. The Republic Knights Young Yoda 50 to 100 years old Yoda Revan Jedi 2 movies or 4 episodes 5.
darth malek darth lamgus nagasadow darth scion darth nihilius darth tayra darth plaguis movie or series venamis terabrus catina

make it free on a smart tv app not on phones or a website for streaming videos why. HAWKMAN HAWKGIRL BLUEBEETLE WONDER WOMAN SHAZAM GREEN LANTERN ELONGATED MAN/ELASTIC MAN Deathstroke Justice Society vs Darkseid DARKSEID!

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Dominic Homan of Colorado is alive and well 2022 Publish to

Though maybe you're not that opposition I sensed at a Walgreens stay away from there stay away from us we. 

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