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04/18/2021 05:58 PM 

Dragons vs Griffins vs Centaurs there was good griffins

The Dragons took on the Griffins and Centaurs used theoir bows and arrows and cross bows to take out the Teal Griffins, Topaz Griffins, the good griffins their claws talons less sharp or less curved, they didnt slay any felines or canines Dogs of the Mihilius or Pikatoise citizens pets animals. This wont be in the final edition. its like added notes and words. Why cant I live to see the movies. I had two brain injuries The Violet Wizard
Garrington Hinnelk

the Teal Dragons, Topaz Dragons these dragons didn't fight one another theres white dragons black dragons red dragons blue dragons yellow dragons orange dragons green dragons these dragons breathed mist from their sac not fire. No fires in Mihilus and Pikatoise.



Its regular temperature in all the villages this late season of winter.










There were odinary days and evengs and nights like all days and nights should be. Evenings said Eveyln oh I thought you were mumbling oh I was a bit tired she had just come from a latrine.

Restroom what a royal flush.


Evelyntozzy has the Star Witch, the Dark King he has a pet lizard, bat both in cages. Their Jester Wizard cleans their cages.











The ones seeking, relationship with the king and queen were always and someday they invisioned another world with humanimals animen aniwomen animal like humans.

They would also dance, also leap jump hop run around walk around act like animals with their sounds of mating their sounds of call for help assistance.

The Red Frogs The Green Frogs the Blue Frogs the Teal Frogs the Violet frogs and Dogs when they jumpead and leaped ran or walked fast not with their tails between their legs. Nope Violet frogs purple frogs black frogs white frogs orange frogs all pets of Dom King, Evyln their Dogs didn't bother them cause they were in a room a big huge room with lilypads. All was safe for the Frogs their King was Dom King.




The Dogs also loved Dom King.

04/18/2021 05:01 PM 


Pikatoise and Mihilius Nevem, Nontox city villages, Notpois notpois is villages in a city their are horses in Pikatoise has Nonstriker Ned in Mihilius, not ted not fredhe made his bed in Pikatoise too dragons Pikatoise Piklaine Pikmira Evelyntozzy.


EVELYNTOZZY AND PIKALAINE PIKAMIRE am I shouting am I yelling for more sales for more buys more purchases I only got a check one time for 34 dollars years ago. Why this quarentine it should be over after this month. Oh Elaine Escobar shouted for him. She then went to sleep in Piklaine. Pikamira her sister Elmire Escobar was seen. Her pet Violet Dragon she wrote it breathed mist and not fire. Its sac wasnt a flame or pyro sac.









Evelynozzy the city where Evelyn King Queen of Pikatoise.

Domadam no miss no mrs its not madam its sir or mr.

Dom King the King of Pikatoise their princess's and prince were their Dogs and Cats The Dukes of their kingdom. Dom said Evelyn whats your thoughts on the kingdom. Well its doing well and they are living their lives.



Meanwhile in Mihilus Nevem peoples were dancing slowly and romancing slowly kissing. Meanwhile back at Evelyntozzy the king and queen evelyn were kissing.








04/12/2021 07:17 PM 

KISS Sneakers dont buy them over 75 dollars

Tommy Thayer isn't The Spaceman
Eric Singer isn't the Catman
Gene and Paul should pay by the ASHKENARS Illuminati.

03/24/2021 07:49 PM 

BAN AR15s AKs guns weapons ban them GUNTAXtax GUN IDS 2021 and beyond reform now

BAN AR15s AKs guns weapons ban them GUNTAXtax GUN IDS 2021 and beyond reform now

03/16/2021 12:55 PM 

Chris Benoit didn't kill anybody petition reopen case   select all and copy and paste into web search bar. 

03/07/2021 05:45 PM 

Shawn michaels triple h and vince being possible suspects

them being possible suspects or my theorys of them having WWE minions invade Chris Benoit home in 2007 my suspiscions.
Are theymurderers I dont know 100percent and thats what i meant to say. 

03/07/2021 05:42 PM 

POF app and PlentyofFish SLOW and ERRORS

OKCUPID AND BADOO and now POF messing with us...
LIFE WOULD FIND A WAY I'd HOPE...though really....

03/01/2021 05:49 PM 

Owen Hart and Chris Benoit is Innocent Booker T kisses Vince hiney

2008 2021 a WWE Without Owen Hart and Chris Benoit its not a WWE Im not watching 3 hours I'll watch 2 hours 1 and a half a some more maybe... Booker T said what Roman Reigns is the one what a sucka he says now can you dig that suckaaaaa no i can't.

02/28/2021 05:28 PM 

Defending Fighting Investigating Owen, Chris deaths

HBK, HHH, Steve Austin, Vince Mcmahon took Owen Hart May 23rd 1999 life,
Chris Benoit was framed iin 2007 their plans 2005, in 2006
by HBK HHH, Vince help Mr Mcmahons not just his character though his minions for real Vince, HHH, should be in prison. CHRIS BENOIT WON THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE IN 2004 from shawn michael s and triple h they are sore losers complainers whiners and mega mcmahon asshola framed  had framed and had invaders go into their home and they blamed benoit with no proof. NO PROOF to this day the fact is cause Vince Triplke H amd shawn michaels are murderers.

02/17/2021 06:45 PM 

Friend Requests to Pearls ELVIS was a good person

There is a bunch of teens not 18 on here thats okay juts so yalls know i send requests friends on FP though i've never meet any of them nope. Don't believe any lies about Michael Jackson or Elvis Or Warrior Warrior Jim  or Randy Poffo or Hulk HOgan Bollea they are all untrue or about Benoit it's not true.

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