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Dominic Derecho Homan POTUS, POPE in my 40s im 38. Vice President when I'm 41 Pope when im45 46 47

38 years old

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September 22 2021

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GeneralDogs and Cats TV Shows certain Channels on TV video games movies on DVD board games watering backyard in spring summer??? and Snow in Winter staying warm. 20 years Tommy Thayer MOONMAN US AGENT 19 years Eric Singer The Owl Hawk or Hawkmoth smart like a Cat domestic cat or cheetah. Anyays. AEW should sign CMPUNK, Daniel Bryan, Mark The Mortician. Bruce Kulick The Magician The Mage Bruce the Sorcerer my favorite KISS member is The Fox Eric Carr, Cat Clown Criss, 3rd Bruce The Sorcerer Magician clown. All Elite Wrestling Dynamite and Friday night Rampage Smackdown, Raw. NXT Tuesdays. Wenesdays Dynamite. WCWe I dont like ecw,e. I liked TNA and Impact wrestling some of it. Like Sting, Darby, the Mortician Mark Calaway. Fox is in love with Starchildman, Ankh warrior oved the LizardBat Simmons. Cat Criss loved SpaceAce Ace Frehley. Mark loved Bruce. Aquarius loved the Dog. Taurus loves his Dogs and Cat. AEW shouldnt have done Moxley vs Omega barbwire match with pyro. VINNIE VINCENT ERICA CARR CARAVELLO LADIES, Sandra White Mary i dont know where she gone, Jo Joan snow. i guess they were options. I WANT 7 MORE DIFFERENT LADYS 14 all together maybe I'll maybe on my 8th or 9th or 10th... if i got three divorces more money for me what if i go blind. keep my account active. 11th woman 12th woman 13th and 14th woman must like XXX. I saw this woman with a nirvana shirt she was plump and chubby like that Allen Sherman song. biohazard resident evil games on youtube music on youtube ebm communion after dark music, u2, david bowie, some Kiss.
MusicHENDRIX STONE FREE. Aerosmith some KISS, not monster i dislike this album. U2, Beatles Rolling Stones. EBM Goth music industrial dark wave ethereal. Beborn beton, some of covenant band, some Blutengel. ERIC CARR THE FOX-'DOG CLOWN FOX canine dog clown Fox Forever Ankh Always. The Pharaoh Ankh warrior Vinnie Vincent Bruce Kulick THE MAGE MAGCIAN SORCERER CLOWN clown PEter Criss the Cool Cat Mark Morton the Aquarius SpaceAce Frehley, Paul Stanley, Tommy thayer, eric singer The Diablo clown not so much EBM. Communion after dark music i'm subscribed too. Beborn Beton a few covenant songs. I'm christian some combichrist songs.
MoviesJumanji the Next Level oh there's several Svengoolie movies. Youtube Videos Marvel, Starwars wanting prequils directed by George Lucas Darth Nihilius Darth Nagasadow, Darth Revan Revan darth revan malek darth malgus scion, Terabrous Venamis looks like catina band big heads. Darth Plauis sidious. etc. Darth Bane story he was killed by his apprientance a she.
TelevisionPawl Patrol Spongfebob Casagrandes South Park Futurama Simpsons, WWE, AEW, Impact, NXT...WWE.... Disney regular channels sometimes plus should also be on the Disney plus times. Good Movies!.... RCA, VIZIO want one when it's time maybe.
BooksGoosebumps easy to read.
Heroes Kurt Angle, He Rocks he Rules Vinnie Vincent Eric Carr, Peter Criss Ace Frehley My Dad. My Dogs, My Cats, My massage therapizts, pcp personal care providers, homemaker. More female rockers at my home to homemaker. Goth music, Dogs, Cat. Leon n Lucy,Onyx ha annie nope annah um ankh Petting them...Dad, Leon Lucy, Ruthie somebody, Mom.

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About me:
I'm looking for friends, maybe more I tried all the dating apps one time eharmony had no profiles maybe they only showed them in a paid version i never got A list user for okcupid never opaid for plentyoffish or badoo my sister and her mate met on Okcupid I told my sister about a website I spelt it out, thats how she met someone. Glad she did. Okcupid logged me out. I'm in Aurora Colorado. Looking for someone who likes Dope Dogs, Cool Cats dope means cool. I like Austin Powers movies though I'm glad we defeated england from america. from the US. HOPE TO BE PRESIDENT OF USA FROM COLORADO AND POPE FROM COLORADO VATICAN II OR VATICAN III.

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Chi from Chobits 2 

༺༻ 神無月的巫女完整 ༺༻

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Special peoples I'd like to continue using website, Michael Jackson his accusers were liars and his nose was fine on facebook MJ peoples promote love was trying to find MJ um cool peoples that love Dogs and Cats. Michael Jackson a woman that likes Elvis, Nirvana may my Dad never have any bad thoughts none at all. The Mortician Undertaker AEW, Kenny Omega, Chris jericho Christian Cage Edgeward AEW. Chris Benoit didnt kill nancy or daniel David Benoit should agree. I have cte too... ptsd tbi not a veteran. I'd like to meet women Im a Colorado native. Born in Denver, living in Aurora. My front yard has a white fence still somewhat goth inside. use youtube to listen to goth music. right side to open fence. I like Snow its good for the soil, for oxygen too. I water in spring and summer. front and back yard Jamaicai is a carribean place in the carribean 17 is my favorite number. I've had angels in my life since the goth days, hope to always have true friends and angel like in my life dark angel? light angel to supplement your depression if. I'd like to meet women 32-50s i had older just being honest. I'm a mature guy dude.

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Jun 4th 2021 - 8:39 AM

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May 13th 2021 - 2:46 PM

I enjoy walking through the misty spring gardens.
Have a nice day ♥ 

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May 6th 2021 - 9:22 AM

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Apr 26th 2021 - 1:02 PM

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Apr 12th 2021 - 3:47 PM

It's just another rainy Monday, but April showers bring  May flowers. Have a great week ♥ 

Mar 31st 2021 - 7:03 AM

Happy Easter ♥ 
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