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01/20/2023 06:45 PM 

Paul STanley is 71 now, and Rolling Bones Stones band RIP Mr Watts

Charlie Watts 80 EIGHTY IS DEAD REST IN PEACE Steve Jordan Darryl Jones bassist Ronnie WWood bass or other guitar plyaer KEith Richards and Mick Jagger who cares if they're on tik tok these guys one more album but death maybe take them they're so old. OLD I said....dont say I didn't told yeah only matter of time 2023 2024 2025 2026. It's limited 2027 2029 if i might be brain dead and need calcium injections or medicine for male osteoperosis im going on 40 in April. Stones music I love start me up.

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My Mom was 5 4 moderna one pfizer shes going on 70 maybe 70S older....Dad 4 to 5 time vaxed my Sis 4 to 5x vaxxed Im twice vaxxed....listen there been no vaccine genocide. Politician 12 years kiss our asses Dominic whig maybe republican with some democracy KISS MY ASS I MEANT NO NOT F kiss it


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