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09/17/2021 09:13 PM 

Current mood:  selective

i like high school. like, it's the best time of my life. now i have real friends, more 'special' subjects such as physics and maths.. and i really enjoy doing homework! but! i always procrastinate when it comes to literature, languages, social science etc. just don't know how to get a grip and just do it. but i need it. ugh :(



09/17/2021 07:41 PM 

Ask yourself….
Current mood:  pensive


love, V.

09/17/2021 06:18 PM 

u wont need this but i know u

   and you just can't leave this alonei wish i knew how to leave things be and just go on with life but i am stupid

love, V.

09/17/2021 05:55 AM 

i'm so impatient when you're not mine

ive written about you before, in pages of notebooks and pieces of paper that are in my room, in school papers that have won awards and are hung in places for people to see, in lines of poetry that are inked in the bodies of people i dont know. ive made u immortal.


09/17/2021 03:50 AM 

- untitled 4 -
Current mood:  calm

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,                                                       it turned into a butterfly.

love, V.

09/17/2021 05:36 PM 

i love u voice but i hate when u speak

its truly something about it. i hate it so bad, every part of me hates it. i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it but adore it just as much if not more


09/17/2021 06:27 PM 


THIS CLOWN TAKE MY SHOES AFTER I TOLD HIM HE SMELL FUNNY!!!!!! That sh*t was funny as hell and I made his nose naturally red too so that punk should pay me


09/17/2021 03:18 AM 

- untitled 3 -
Current mood:  indescribable

There’s not a word that exists that could describe this feeling. I find myself disappearing. My self fluctuating between the present and the stillness. What is left behind in my form ?


09/17/2021 03:13 AM 

- untitled 2 -
Current mood:  contemplative

Forgetting you will be                                    my first death...

love, V.

09/17/2021 04:44 AM 


offer my hand and I'll take your name                share my shower, kiss my framedizzy dizzy daydream. thinking about it i could spend my whole day on it. right now its a daydream. i wasn't really planning on it. i was just trying to figure out what names to use for people since i am a coward and also because its funny to me so ha. i wanted to use certain names from a book but i decided its just gonna be random at this point since its amusing to me. 


09/17/2021 02:39 AM 

- untitled 1 -
Current mood:  melancholy

I can feel their digging. The little bites they leave there. Licking away the gummy leftovers of my eye. Wiggling their disgusting little bodies through my ears to my brain. They won’t stop crawling. carving tiny tunnels into my skull. My arms have long since fallen off. I can’t pull them off anymore. Maybe, I’m a heap of scrap with memories of a human. Could I prove my humanity if I were to see my own reflection ? 

love, V.

09/17/2021 04:07 AM 

tão linda

como vai você?             quando é que foi ficar tão linda?                                                           tão lindame has hecho la vida complicada. y para que? estoy confundida, me esta matando muy muy lento. ahora pensando lo bien, duele. no se si estas esperando que diga algo o si lo olvidaste completamente 

love, V.

09/17/2021 03:47 AM 

i already hate this acc

  how do i say things without them changing anything. i have so much i wanna say but i hate change i hate it so much. i often find myself telling charlie about everything. the amount of trust i have is scary but if i keep it to myself it will make me sick. even with telling charlie most things, i leave some key things out since i just cant say it. saying it makes it true and i dont want it to be true since even thinking about it makes me wanna vomit. im sure they mean well and theres just so much that they know already but i cant do it. im thankful for charlie but there are times where i just wish i could change how i feel and just say it already since i feel like telling someone else can help just with the weight of it all but thats for another day. 

love, V.

09/17/2021 03:39 AM 

brain rot

am i in love with you                   or am i in love with the feeling ? 

love, V.

09/17/2021 03:34 AM 

love, v
Current mood:  miserable

two lovers entwined pass my by             heaven knows im mirserable now 

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