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10/17/2021 09:10 PM 

Animal Crossing Blue Roses

Super easy way to create blue roses on Animal Crossing. Super excited for the lastest update coming Nov 5, 2021. Bag red rose to purple. Get purple from bag white roses. red and the purples will spond a pink rose. Take pink rose to bag yellow rose. The pink roses and yellow roses will spond a hybrid "red". Take all the Hybrid Reds and breed them together in a checker board pattern. With doing this method you will get the Rare Blue Roses. Good Luck with this. I have a total of 72 Blue roses so far. 


10/17/2021 07:25 PM 

Current mood:  stressed

UGH, does anyone know how to add music?? i cannot figure it out for the life of me

Jed Undead

10/17/2021 05:41 PM 

Current mood:  bored

Been rocking out to Green Day in my room all day. Tomorrow starts spirit week at my school, where we dress up in different themes each day. Not many people do it but I like to go all out.I need a haircut...I also kinda wanna try liberty spikes. That'll probably be hard.Gonna try to hit up the Spirit Halloween soon, their stuff is real expensive but maybe I can get some fashion inspiration and buy something cheap. Last year they were literally selling a "punk rocker" costume that looked like what I wear on a daily basis. Hilarious.Not a lot's been happening. I took the PSAT yesterday, it was okay. Then I went to Target and got new undershirts and axe bodyspray. The highlight of my week. I think I need to get out more. Everything seems boring right now, or maybe I'm just tired.Have a good week.-Jed


10/17/2021 03:25 PM 

I love this
Current mood:  accomplished

So in picrew you can make a dreamcore "oc" and I love it, mine´s is Al, the one in my profile picture.Isnt she cute? ♥I f***ing love dreamcore, the pictures, the music, the... everything! ♥ It just makes me so happy ♥♥ALSO! I made two more (I just couldnt resist) wish I could show them but idk how to post pictures LMAO send help



10/17/2021 02:12 AM 

it doesn’t matter

the sound came out strangled and raucous; almost disembodied. it was unnatural. the sound doesn't belong there.


10/17/2021 01:08 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

today is my birthday, im 15 hooray! i had my party yesterday, it was fun. i did a birthday scout/gacha pull on this game called enstars, didnt get what i wanted though. it was nice, i had alot of fun, not excited about growing up really, lol. haha  now im up on everskies making outfits.


10/17/2021 12:41 PM 

So this website exists

So I was watching this movie called "unfriended" or something like that and thought "boy oh boy I wish I had myspace even tho I wasnt even born when this thing existed", I did a little digging and found this, that seems like a myspace but... aliveso yeahyoure gay


Mediocre Myles

10/16/2021 05:12 PM 

Current mood:  blah

so uh hi! i havent posted a blog post in a while and i just wanted to do one for fun lol. anyway........ idk what to write here, I'm just kinda bored and listening to Working the Musical lol. i wanna be more active on fp because it gives me such a specific nostalgic vibe even tho i was a mere fetus when myspace was at its prime LOL anyway uh.... i really wanna make theatre friends at school cuz i make references and nobody understands lol. all my fave musicals are hella underrated and not well known so i cant really talk to anyone about them lol. I'm excited for February because a) it would be my birthday and i might get a phone and b) i can audition for the school musical lol. i wish they did a winter musical at my school (that i would be rehearsing for at this time) but for now I'm just doing choir and the holiday concert is in December. anyway.... idrk what to talk about so ill just leave it at that lol. bye bye!


10/16/2021 03:15 PM 

Current mood:  cranky gonna try to write a blog everyday even though nothings rlly happening LOL  this is my super favorite song at the moment  


10/16/2021 01:18 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

HI GUYZ!!! still in the process of setting up my account but if any of you are interested heres the link for me and friendz discord server!! Plz read all the rulez and the DNI list!!  server link here!   

homestuck, discord, alt, scene, emo, scemo,


10/16/2021 11:03 PM 

The Future or death cannot be changed though can deadstars use fiber optics to communicate,and

The Future or death cannot be changed though can deadstars use fiber optics to communicate,and morph.Wish my all my pets were walking distance a very short walking distance.


10/15/2021 04:29 PM 

What does love mean to me?

Love to me means the soft hand-holding for comfort. It also means never to have a distrust in your partner's loyalty. It means never to feel any anxiety during intimate moments. It means that I  can always be comfortable. Also never to feel like too much.  Like I don't have to hold back and I don't wonder if I made them upset over something trivial. 


10/15/2021 05:05 PM 

Current mood:  amused



10/16/2021 01:13 AM 

10-16-21 01:13AM

i am the metronome always one beat off, seeming like i've got it until i don't. stare, focus, and gaze intently. you'll miss it. blink and you'll hear slivers of slurred speech, rough and haunting and sharp, but never clear enough to be made out. and it's not like anyone would want to listen to the tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock pounding inside my head threatening to be let out and released through discreet fury. there are many who beat in the same way i do.


10/14/2021 06:21 PM 

public school 😍

i might be getting suspended for telling someone he was racist for calling the black kids in my class the n word because he called the f***ing cops on me for saying that

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