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03/21/2017 06:39 PM 

The Book of the Week

Welcome to The Book of the Week.

A blog where I read a book and give my opinion on it.

*Previous Books of the Week*

March 20th-26th: Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth



03/21/2017 06:39 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished


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#New #Life #Networking


03/21/2017 05:45 PM 

Current mood:  fascinated

OMG I am TOTALLY obsessed with the show "Intervention" it's so damn interesting! It's really sad at the same time though. People doing hard drugs and stuff is terrible and hard to watch. Yea, I don't know these people but still. I have empathy and its just sad. It's even worse when they don't get better and they decide to leave rehab and go back to their old ways. 



03/21/2017 01:06 PM 

My ESP training manual


From back in student days.
Way too much info / data .dictionary. its not text book.
Endless scale practices and chord practices.
I can pick which sound is interesting.
Remember this is not on merchandise its industry confidential info material.

C major scale starting from C 7 patterns

Minor roots E A D
Sus4 roots E A D

arpeggio and sweep move along as well



03/20/2017 07:18 PM 

Current mood:  good

I absolutely LOVE reading. I am obsessed with books. I will never read a book off of things like an ipad or a kindal though. I prefer the real thing and when I read from a real book I feel like I am accomplishing something by turning the pages and getting farther and farther into the book until I am done. I am currently reading the Harry Potter series. Yes, I did it backwards and saw all of the movies before reading the books, but to be fair, I was way to young when the first book came out. I remember my mom treading it to me when we were camping. I was born in 1995 sooooo yea lol! If your the type of person who likes to talk about books, then I'm a good person to talk about them with! 



03/20/2017 04:09 PM 

Current mood:  curious

So this website was really created by the guy who made MySpace?!



03/19/2017 07:35 PM 

F*** Facebook

This website is great. I love that its just a really relaxing community. Unlike this website, Facebook has no privacy what so ever, there's bullying and Facebook doesn't do sh*t about it even if you report something that you see, there is no drama on this website like there is on Facebook, and no one fights on here this point I'm just kinda like "f*** Facebook it's retarded". 



03/19/2017 03:14 PM 

Sleep Paralysis Experience And Is It Similar To Dmt (Dimethyltryptamine) ?
Current mood:  weird

A while back I was reading interesting stories about people who have done dmt which is illegal and I have found that we naturally produce dmt in our brains during sleep when released gives us the ability to dream. Lately I have been experiencing sleep paralysis and I thought I give an opinion linking these two subjects, the stories always mentioned go how the person who does dmt feels rushing sensations, loud noise, going through a tunnel and out of body experience etc which btw I feel the same during SP. I don't want to bore anyone to death but I will just get straight to the point on the ones I remember, It usually happens to me during around 3:00 AM - rarer occasions 5:00AM Ill wake up with my eyes close and leave it that way because I hear wind blowing like crazy and also feeling a force similar to a roller coaster going down hill all around my body, I actually remember and hearing wind blowing at my chest, face in that instance I remind myself to be calm which will lead to I'm not sure if its a astral projection, lucid dream or out of body experience. One time before knowing to be calm I woke up panicking trying to turn on my light couldn't noticed my door was altered a bit higher so I had to reach up a bit to unlock it to get out when I did I noticed both of my brothers doors were wide open which is weird because they don't often have them open so next I noticed my restroom door was open with the light on I looked in there and saw my blanket was spread out on the whole floor continued on to the living room which was weird I don't have a couch as soon as I looked in there found my oldest brother sleeping on it and right by the front door my youngest brother is sitting down sleeping weird huh?. Recently the symptoms came on was calm asked myself what I wanted to do and when all that weird process stuff was done from pov I hover over my room before walking out of my room looked at my bed, it was empty basically I think its the ability to hijack your dream which in return sucks because when its time to work hours later I feel real tired in the mind. When I'm in this state everything seems very real to the point whatever you want to do you can't because you have to question yourself what is real that is when I wake up safe n sound in my bed real crazy stuff. I guess I'm lucky to maybe experience what it might feel like to be on dmt and here's why I think its a bad idea to experiment with the dmt drug you're inducing a chemical imbalance of the dmt that we naturally produce in us already its kind of like injecting blood in our arm that we already produce which I think can cause some kind of imbalance as well so I just thought I share this.



03/19/2017 03:16 PM 

Mental Illness

I admit it. I'm not the same person I was 3 years ago. I was happy, outgoing, daring, secure, proud, and fearless. Now, I can't even leave my house without getting anxiety. Even to hang out with my best friends. I can't do this anymore! I miss who I used to be so so much! If I wanted to be friends with someone I would go for it and be friends with them. Just trying to live life in general is a huge struggle for me. I am not living a normal life at all. I never said anything to anyone about the way I was acting until last night. I'm literally scared of everything. I can't date anyone because I'm mentally unstable and I can't make new friends to hang out with either because I'm terrified to do so. Not to long ago I was the girl who had a tone of friends and it was hard to keep me at home. Now you can't get me to leave the house. What is wrong with me? I'd really like to know! I'm a completely different person now and I'm always unhappy with everything. I don't get excited anymore to color my hair (which always made me happy), I don't get excited for really anything anymore because I feel like I am just existing at this point and I'm not living. Life isn't fun for me anymore. I can't enjoy anything. If nothing gets better soon, I might just say f*** it and make the really hard choice of getting admitted and have them detox me from all of my meds, and start me completely over because my anxiety meds are not working and I've been dealing with this sh*t for almost a year now. 



03/19/2017 01:50 PM 

My Facebook Account
Current mood:  aggravated

My facebook account because this website can frustrate me sometimes. I never had a myspace so I am new to pretty much all of this:


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