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ℌ𝔬𝔩𝔩𝔬𝔴 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔞⭐️

05/29/2024 10:10 PM 

Last day of school
Current mood:  unhappy

Tomorrow is my last day of school before summer break (my internship). Idk why but it feels sad to me 😣

Marius Josef

05/30/2024 09:13 AM 

BlackBerry for FriendProject?

Anyways I was thinking if I should buy a BlackBerry for me typing on FriendProject so I can finally live in my 2009 dream life.

BlackBerry, FriendProject, Status, 2009


05/29/2024 01:18 PM 

The Making of 'End Of A War (An Ode To Little Dog)
Current mood:  accomplished

The song 'End Of A War' is the closing track for my album 'Briefly Gorgeous'. This track was produced and is solely an instrumental track for the closing of the album. The song adds elements and samples from past track 'The Heart Of The Sky' which is also a aprt of the album. A slow instrumental composed of sythesizers followed by a discordant mix and a sythezsized and drowned recording of me resiting a qoute from Ocean Voung's book 'On Earth, We're Briefly Gorgeous' which HEVEALY inspired the album even borrowing the name 'Briefly Gorgeous'. The track name is a reference to Little dog and the qoute from Little Dog (Little Dog is the nickname of the protagonist of the novel). The track ends with drowned vocals of me me stating the line 'Are You Real?' and a qoute of my own.The debut LP 'Briefly Gorgeous' coming soonListen to 'End Of A War (An Ode To Little Dog)' early, exclusively on SoundCloud.

#makingof #song #indieartist


05/28/2024 11:53 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

my mother left my for a work trip with my dad my brother so im stuck with boys they rest of the week and i was bored out of my mind all week


// :01 PM 

love and idiots
Current mood:  disgusted

I found a lipstick with a perfect color  but i used it even though it didn't suit me at all. I kept it away from everyone so that others wouldn't discover it. caused eczema on my lips, but i couldn't give it up because i loved it so much. Later, when i saw that my lipstick looked good on everyone except me, my lipstick not looking as good as before. Even though this saddens me, now im just trying to heal the eczema it left me with and i've decided not to use lipstick for a while  (this issue has nothing to do with lipstick.)


05/28/2024 04:42 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Hey guys! I'm really tired today but turns out my cousin isn't coming over so that's a relief My mom almost found out about the trans flag my friend gave me today though so I was scared. I'm not gonna say much today but I have you have a good day/night


// :12 PM 

the other woman
Current mood:  neglected

If i going to be niceYou're going to break meEye for an eyecause that's what you areYou live by statistics and tacticsI am not a matchand we are not matched


DeciSpark 🍉

05/27/2024 08:45 PM 

Super Personality Test Results

I got shape-shifting. Take the test here

personality test, personality quiz, quiz, quizzes, Super Personality Test


05/27/2024 08:20 PM 


DISNEYLAND GRAD NIGHT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! it was the most fun day ever, except for the fact we woke up really really early. everything was so good except that. speaking of graduation, i graduate on the 31st officially. but today i went in the backyard and shot my pink bb rifle for fun, and i planted my corn that i was germinating. today was so fun but now im pooped

lovely luke

05/27/2024 06:32 PM 

my song links

 listen here!  spotify deezer youtube amazon music



05/27/2024 06:09 PM 

Home alone
Current mood:  happy

I'm home alone guys!


05/27/2024 05:08 PM 

Secular Catholics Secular Jews Atheism Secularism Had Jesus Christ Killed Secular Paganism

JOE BIDEN SAYS there will be no american trrops on the ukranian ground nor russia so UK Tories doing a draft? Putin has tactical nukes I dont think he cares if it will backfire very southern ukraine maybe??? have no clue Ukraine doesn't even have 50K maybe not even 5000 troops 5000 civilians are in romania hungary poland estonia kosov yugoslavia checz republic not ukraine they fleed Ukraine is very small 5000 in military for what to get nuKed? Mutally Assured Destruction children and women have been killed, fathers in gaza its a hell hole though American supporters should move into gaza and be allowed to rebuild a city. Why would jews want to move into gaza make water pipelines unless they were secular atheistic jews.


05/27/2024 03:30 PM 

How do I confess
Current mood:  anxious

I want to confess to my crush, what's a way I can confess to her without being embarrassed?


05/27/2024 01:04 PM 

My cousin might come over
Current mood:  uncomfortable

My cousin is going to come over soon which makes me so mad since she always tried to tickle me and touch my chest. I also can't watch movies since she'll say that they are too boring or that she can't watch certain things because of her religion. My mom said we can just lie that I'm sick since my aunt believes that though!   She also thinks she can just meet my friends even though after I snuck out my house one time when I was younger my mom doesn't let me go out whenever I want anymore. My cousin is so bothersome! But usually I get to sleep in my step brothers room since he lives all the way in Canada so if she tries to pull an all nighter I won't get in trouble as well.  Good news is is that she's visiting around late July though! I'll do an update tomorrow though. Bye guys!


05/26/2024 03:15 PM 

Resident Evil info dump/lore rant :)
Current mood:  betrayed

Imagine literally trying to fight so hard for humanity in raccon city's UBCS just to get attacked and martryed by another team sent to keep all secrets amongst umbrella academy. The USS being sent to literally demolish EVERYONE to make sure anyone outside of raccoon city doesn't know about the T-virus and all the havoc they caused. I'm talking all of S.T.A.R.S, all survivors no matter who they are; police, military/veterans, civilians they really don't care. Team HUNK bringing in all samples and data them mfs need without leaving a soul to testify of these horrific crimes and research premises. In an ideal world for Umbrella corp. Leon and Clair would've died with the rest of everyone hence HUNK's objective but there's gameply in the USS mission that chooses whether or not to kill leon kennedy. In the actual event they do kill him all is completed and no one will be left to see daylight after raccon city. In the Actual story both leon and clair get out umbrellas secrets; they're mass marketing a BIO-WEAPON. Now theres a man named Nickolas[idk how his name's spelt] but he sacrificed his entire team in order for him ALONE to obtain the virus and sell it on the black market against Umbrella. They let this man go and end up paying for it later on because of said reasons I stated before. This particular event takes place before they encounter Kennedy and Redfield. One could call this a canon event [if you've seen Spiderman; Into the Spiderverse]. On another note one thing I've truly come to love about resident evil is that although I enjoy decision-based games with a passion. This particular franchise along with another few has made a story based gaming such a lvoable/enjoyable experience. Thinking on the fact that these things have already happened you're simply playing through a series of events. This franchise truly places the perspective of story-telilng with not only their own but players' conscious thoughts. This concludes my information dump and overall rant on resident evil.

resident evil, gaming, games, information, umbrella

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