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05/27/2022 10:33 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

school got out on the 25th ( this wednesday) and now it's my last summer break of high school ;w;. Honestly this school year was my best so far. It did have some really bad moments (a really bad relapse and boys being sh!t), but it's also been really f***ing awesome (going out and spending time with friends, theatre, disney, MY F***ING BOYFRIEND, just like growing more as a person). TBH im just kinda sad that this year is over already but ig im excited to be a senior lmao

life, summer, school


05/27/2022 08:27 PM 

why am i so hot legit

like literally obsessed with myself 😭


05/27/2022 12:49 PM 


Sorry for not being here depression is a bitch.


05/26/2022 06:25 PM 

summer nights
Current mood:  drained

The heat has gone ahead and made me sick. So many headaches... sometimes i can't help but think that summer is an aesthetic. Its pretty to witness but not to stay unchanged. Sweating isnt even that bad...but its warmth radiating in the air makes me utterly sick. Where are the windy nights when you need them?If only i had gotten my driver's license, then i could've taken the car for a drive with the windows down. 

headache, summer


05/26/2022 03:57 PM 

Untitled / 2

I woke up really tired wih a sore throat. And I ate some soup so far. I want to either read or draw but I don't have the motivation to do so at the moment :") I'm thinking of watching Teen Wolf since I just finished watching Game Of Thrones in the span of 2 weeks. Don't know what else to include hereeeeee,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm just cold. Oh, and yeah.. I'm still looking where to work at ;____;I'm going to include another song I like I guess 


05/25/2022 10:43 PM 

Ruby's Soul Blog

Life is pretty boring at the moment... i feel like everything is super repetitive i wanna try new things and make myself feel useful but i just get so unmotivated super quick. I have all these amazing plans for myself in the future but right now it just looks like theres no future  its like everytime i try to do good for myself the devil sabotages it, but once i get over this phase in my life its over for everyone . Anyways i hope geg this job i applied formi really need it so i can move out of my toxic house lets pray this works AHHHHHHH



05/25/2022 09:52 PM 

what is exsitence

I am one who is confused on what life is, it feels real, but so fake. You just spawn on this planet and live, a pointless life. It counfusing, but we have to just go with it. I also don't understand the concept of time, it goes by too fast and you can't go back.


05/25/2003 08:23 PM 

My dream last night ig lmao
Current mood:  imaginative

5/24/22 : Giant MansionThis was last night and I already completed my entire day and almost forgot about this dream so my memory might be hazy um but in this dream I had I was in a giant mansion, I assume my parents had bought it since irl were trying to move to a new place. Anyway, the mansions appeared way smaller inside than outside, and I couldn't get out of this one floor I think, It also just looked like a huge apartment complex more than a mansion lol, but when I poked my head out the window or something it was hugeee it gave me the same feeling as that picture from the backrooms (ngl now I think back, this entire thing felt like the backrooms.)It was made of brick with white decor and the rooms seemed old an abandoned, nothing seemed fancy but normal like those cheap crappy apartments in NY. For some reason I was trying to organize my room? With others people's things from their rooms. Yeah, there were other people, I think my mom and dad? And brother.. ? They werent my real family though I think i made them up. But that's it really I just went around a bunch of the small cheap rooms and got crappy furniture to put in my room. Also a small side note lol: Yk that weird F74 trend going on Tik Too rn? Yeah I wanted to do it but decided not to the night before I had this dream, so I guess i went to sleep with the thought of hallways and rooms and my mind cooked this up lmao xD

Dream, backrooms, Journal, night


05/25/2022 03:58 PM 

Darkness is definitely taking over
Current mood:  ecstatic

Haha! but the odds, we get a blackout at my workplace....pfttt. got to leave early even get a free drink and donuts since they were getting rid of everything. i think i used all up my luck this year for this to happen. 



05/25/2022 05:42 PM 


How do blogs work????  like is it a once a day thing or can I blog whenever I want? Why am I overthinking this? I don't know :') But I'm listening to some piano music, it's quite early and I haven't slept yet. Oh well, oh and I just got my ID and I'm looking to find some place to work at, whether it be at a fast food place, retail or whatever.  Not to be edgy or whatever but people are just plain a**holes to eachother & are insufferable to talk to    So working at some fast food place is not going to go well for me ( i think ) but that's life I guess :^) 


05/25/2022 01:52 PM 


about seein the people you love pass huge milestones in their lifei am very happy but like OH MY GOD i cant believe ive known em for this long & that theyve evolved this much!!!when i met em i never thought id be around for this or around for this long at allbut i am so glad that i amtheres so much more i could write but id rather say it to them x///)the universe works in mysterious ways, doesnt it?feelin like just a bittersweet song to mealso happens to be a song i listened to a lot when we first met ^_^edit: seein the footage of em graduating is making mesof***ingemotionalim CRYINGbut like !!!! im so f***ing proud AAAGHHAHJSFJRKAGN>FDM

growth, friends, relationships


05/24/2022 11:20 PM 

stolen from a proud neo worshipper ;P

A - Available: noopeee!!!!!!B - Birthday: JUNE 6 1966C - Crushing on: my boyyyfrienddddD - Drink you had last: lemon tea? i think?>E - Easiest person to talk to: im not sure actually. this is a very open ended questionF - Favorite band: god f***ing dammit i hate this question, uhhhhhhhhhh im gonna pick a random one: anamanaguchiG - Grade You Hated The Most: 7th - 8th grade was terrible, alot of my problems stem from that time periodI - In love with: ♥ My ♥ Boy ♥ FriendJ - Jealous of: no one reallyK - Killed someone: Uhhhhh no? I always wonder if i have ever killed someone completely indirectly though like if i didnt touch one thing would that not have happenedi think im just paranoiddd??L - Longest friendship: Bowie. we met in kindergarten & are still close as f***M - Milkshake flavor: cookies and creaaammm ♥3 or strawberry!!N - Number of sibling: 2 half sisters!! i will count only one tho bcuz ones distant and weirdO - One wish: that __ will be happyP - Person you don't like: ehehehehehehehehee yk who u areQ - Question you're always asked: "is your name strawbz or is that the other half asian girl" or "are you single/can i have ur instagram/whats ur number/how old are you" kay why essR - Reason to smile:i have an exciting night planned :))!!!!S - Song you last sang: i havent been listening to singable songs lately lol. idm is not singable nor hummableT - Time you woke up: 7 amU - Underwear color: black. invasive ass questionV - Very best friend(s): BOWIE!!! JACOB!!!! Charlie!!!!! W - Worst habit: assuming the worstX - X rays you had: none that i remember >:0Y - Your last time you cried: over some built up rage & trauma, likeeeeeee 4 days agoZ - Zodiac Sign: gemini!!!!!!!!!!!!!

post, bulletin, quiz, q/a,


05/24/2022 11:23 PM 

May 24 / 1st post
Current mood:  blah

Hello, hi. Idk y I'm here. I stumbled upon this site & thought this place was coolHere's a song I'm listening to rn :> I have no idea if it'll show but yea...  

#0's secret admirer

05/24/2022 09:44 PM 

da alters list

yea so we're a system lolololol so here's a list of all of us-ethan | he/sic/xe | ur usually talking to me lol-sid | he/they-olive | he/they/pup-ronnie | he/they-ryely | they/fae/it/she-spider | she/vamp/he-timtam | he/they/it-kloud | she/her-acey | he/him-alex | he/him-ankha | she/they-charlie | she/her-cole | he/him-corey | he/him-fred | he/him-gerard | he/they-jay | he/him-jonathan | he/him-len | he/him(?)-rin | she/they-kelly | she/her-liam | he/him-lucas | he/him-lullaby | they/he/she/mew/rawr/gir/xe/zie-nurse | she/her-plug | he/him-rex | he/him(?)-starscream | he/him 


05/24/2022 07:50 PM 

Discovering enstars
Current mood:  enlightened

Found this new popularrhythm game...where the idols are alleged killers, bullies and all sorts maniacs.weird thing is... they're all cute and handsome looking so i couldnt even believe it at first.In all honesty, all they need is a therapy session and to be admitted in mental hospital.I think UNDEAD and Eden might be my favourite units so far.Looking forward to playing this game once its releases for global users late june :)

enstars, psycho

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