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RayRay Riot

01/25/2021 10:50 PM 


I. need. more. high. heels.I need them!! I have a pair I'm gonna buy today but like I want others too :( I have only one pair and they're kinda boring tbh, and I want those high high like stripper heels and the ones I currently have are nowhere near that lol. Maybe when I'm able to drive I can go to Goodwill and look at their pairs, it's so hard to fine a size 7 though :T I wanna go there more actually ughhhhhh, I wanna do what Emmy Bow did years ago and thrift and find cute sh*t and make cute outfits and revamp stuff, she inspires me so much. I hope I can be as pretty as her one day ♥ I think I'm gonna grow my natural hair out like hers too honestly, unless I can find a way to tease my extensions lolAlso I've been working on making a pair of jean shorts low waisted and I think I made them a bit too low waisted xD I'll just need to take one of the button sections and add it I think, it's not too bad lol. They're def gonna look like some frankenstein ass shorts tho lmao. I've also got an idea for my sweatshirt! I'm gonna dye it black with white striped sleeves and stripes on the pocket, and then I'm gonna embroider gloomy bear on said pocket, maybe with some brass knuckles and diamonds or something lol. And I cut some cheap aliexpress shirt into a tank top, I think I might make it more form fitting though becase it's too short to be flowy. And maybe I could make some tube tops?? I'll have to look at my shirts hahah, I have a metallica one my bf gave me that might look cute like that. I'm too scared to cut up the concert shirt I got though lmao

mimi zzz

01/25/2021 10:35 PM 

feelings rollinf eye emoj

i might be in luv w one of my bffs but idrk :<<i've had like little feelings for them but idk if its bigger,, prolly is since im not as talkative unless they're in call w my friends, i also dont care abt things rlly unless they're involved as well T_T

mimi zzz

01/25/2021 10:30 PM 

dumb idv stuffz

uuuuuugh i rlly wanna be a hunter main but my sh*t blinks and poor hunter skillz came in T_Tim nearly unicorn though, i also got a badge for norton :))c badge rn, close to a b badge though!! soon i will have an a badge... soon...


01/25/2021 04:52 PM 

current mood
Current mood:  bored

as always ♥


01/25/2021 04:51 PM 

im backkkk

im kina back????? idk tbh


01/24/2021 03:53 PM 


maggie was mad in the morning cus this girl from their congregation always steals their interests and stuff, and they steal maggies photo editing style, so bc of that maggie wants to get a 35mm lens, which i think is a really good idea. maggie made tortillas. theyre still feeling bad lately, it sucks, and i wish it wouldnt last too long. feeling like youre gonna throw up all the time musut suck. we ate dinner together which was nice we watched freaks and geeks together. and then we watched some dave chappelle stuff, and then after that we ernt to bed and i read fahrenheit 451 to maggie. i read about half of it even though they were asleep lol. its a good book so i wouldnt mind reading it again


01/25/2021 03:51 PM 


maggie isnt feeling well, and is gonna talk a lot less. i hope they get better soon, and ik im gonna miss em. 


01/25/2021 12:55 PM 

late night posts
Current mood:  awake

Hot guy @ target<< milf @ Spencers


01/24/2021 10:34 PM 

Current mood:  content

Hello!! Hello!! Anyone who's reading this, I hope you're having a nice day/night!! I just felt like posting something random sooooo here!!! 


01/24/2021 09:23 PM 

War without end
Current mood:  disappointed

I can’t see the desired end. Forever doomed to lose my friends.And I can’t hear the call they do. To the war they feel they must see through.No I can’t think of worse affair than the war they’ll fight both here and there.And I do fear for my own sons, a war that never ends with bombs and guns.No I can’t abide by the star spangled eyes of the patriots for mine have died.War pigs root and and rip up the land leaving what’s left in war torn hands.This long war I had made my own but it must end for my seeds to grow.Don’t take my boys, send me again. Anything but this war without end.


01/24/2021 05:34 PM 

Current mood:  blessed

levi and armin looked ETHEREAL in the new episode of aot 

Todd Donald

01/24/2021 04:45 PM 

Have You Ever? - Survey. (from Malice in Wonderland)
Current mood:  bouncy

Smoked a cigarette?: Too many...Smoked a cigar?: YesDone drugs?: Some potDrank alcohol?: In another lifeBeen in love?: YesBeen dumped?: YesShoplifted?: Once as a child I put a pack of AA batteries in my pocket that I intended to put back, and found them later at home still in my pocket. I thought I was definately going to go to 9-year-old jail..Been fired?: NopeBeen in a fight?: NopeSnuck out of your house?: Oh hell yeahBeen arrested?: NopeMade out with a stranger?: YesGone out on a blind date?: Yes...Lied to a friend?: I've been chosey on details to include when in between friends in dispute, later on I realized friends shouldn't ask me or anyone to participate in anyway, and I should avoid both until they resolve it... if they don't, mums the complete wordHad a crush on a teacher?: So many.Skipped school?: Once, it was 50% my decisionSlept with a co-worker?: Yeah, but it wasn't an actual job jobSeen someone die?: NoHad/have a crush on 1 of your MySpace friends?: Back on the "original" MySpace, sure.(Same answer as Malice in Wonderland) and definitely more than one back thenBeen to Canada?: It's where I liveBeen to Mexico?: NoBeen on a plane?: Too many timesThrown up from drinking?: It's why I don't drink.. I never drink WITHOUT throwing up, light OR heavy drinkingEaten sushi?: Not enough, it's expensive though, but enchanting foodBeen skiing?: Not yet!Been in an abusive relationship?: A few.. thankfully not this one.Taken pain killers?: After surgeryLove someone right now?: DefinitelyLaid on your back & watch the clouds?: Clouds, stars, you name itMade a snow angel?: Who hasn't?Used a fake ID?: Nope, but gotten away with getting served without ID before turning Canada's legal drinking ageWatched the sunset?: Who hasn't?Touched a snake?: YesFelt an earthquake?: NopeBeen tickeled?: YesBeen robbed?: Thankfully not!Been misunderstood?: All the time!Won a contest?: A few, lil' ones, but still nice!Been suspended from school?: NopeHad detention?: NopeBeen in a wreck?: Yeah...Had/have braces?: Yeah...Had a one night stand?: Yeah... yep...Danced in the moonlight?: YesHated the way you look?: When have I NOT!? (well, maybe 2014/2015)Witnessed a crime?: NoHad deja vu?: OH yeahStripped for someone?: Only romantic partnersWalked barefoot thru the mud?: You haven't LIVED until you've done that, and yes!Been lost?: Several times, literally and emotionallyBeen to the other side of the country?: YesSwam in the ocean?: Nope, sadlyFelt like you were dying?: Physically, noPole danced?: Physically, noPlayed cops & robbers?: If by cops you mean X-Men, then yesCried yourself to sleep?: That's how you do it, and yes, allotDone something you told yourself you wouldn't do?: MmhmmMade prank phone calls?: Once.. again as a child.. I was horrified and never considered doing it againCaught a snowflake on your tongue?: Yep, and I'm not too bad at it either!Kissed someone in the rain?: YesBlowed bubbles?: Yes, but Bubbles had a car, and I needed a ride.Told a stranger you loved them?: All the timeHad a wish come true?: No, but my wishes are irrationalJumped off a bridge?: Yeah.. that's why i'm alive and kicking right now.. obviously notKissed a fish?: Only the ones on my plate, it's good luck to kiss it before you eat it... obviously notAte dogfood?: No, but it does smell oddly deliciousSang in the shower?: Oh yeahHad sex in the woods?: In a tent, but yeahHad sex in the park?: Nope, but something tells me i've missed outHad sex in the car?: That's where I lost my virginity, actuallyHad sex in the pool?: Tried to, it's not rightSat on a roof top?: Yeah, for a minuteWorn the opposite sex clothes?: Yes, why not?Had sex at a church?: I WISHScreamed at the top of your lungs?: YepStayed up all night?: Is that.. weird?Didn't take a shower for a week?: Yeah...Climbed a tree?: Not even closeBelieved in ghosts?: I'm agnostic, but I do believe ghosts would be naked.. bodies die, clothes aren't living things, it doesn't make sense, ghosts are naked!Been streaking?: Haha... noBeen skinny dipping?: Haha.. yeah...Been to jail?: Not even to visitBeen told you were hot by a complete stranger?: I think?Been pushed into a pool?: OH yeahPlayed chicken?: Where? But yesBroken a bone?: NopeBeen easily amused?: Often, other times the oppositeCaught a fish, & ate it?: Both, but on seperate occasionsMade a porn video?: Only with a romantic partner, and it was never was or will be viewed by anyoneHad nude photos taken of you?: I HOPE notLaughed so hard you cried?: Uh huh!Cried so hard you laughed?: No, I'm not the JokerCaught a butterfly?: NopeMooned/ flashed someone?: NoHad someone moon/flash you?: YesLicked a cat?: Sometimes i'll motor-boat the side of my cat when she's napping, and accidentally catch fur... which is gross, so I wouldn't bother volunteering my tongue to the proceedingsForgotten somone's name?: Too many times, i'm pretty good at itWent scuba diving/snorkeling?: NopeBitten someone?: I've been bitten, during sex, but noBeen kicked out of your house?: No.

Todd Donald

01/24/2021 02:05 PM 

Weekend update: Sunday, January 24th, 2021
Current mood:  animated

This week in my life i'm proud to say I had the fortune of chatting with Channel 101 icon Kate Freund! (which happened in mid-late December actually) and on Tuesday, episode 101 of my podcast was dedicated to that, yay!! I also submitted my first episode to Channel 101/Frequency 101, in this case Frequency-it being audio-only... and I'm SUPER excited to see if the panel wants it to be screened! I hope so, and I'll be glad to plaster things with voting links, prior to resorting back to avoidance of post-2010 social media. Wish me luck on that front, universe!What else.. Oh, on Wednesday (the evening, at work, before still having to finish making comedy, and the 101 pilot) I was verbally harassed by one of the customers where I work (postmaster at Canada Post), my anxiety and heart-rate went FLYING.. I was flabbergasted and felt helpless in the situation.. I didn't handle it as well as I should have, but handled it well nonetheless... surely, I was not in the mood to work on Comedy... but c'est la vie.. and I did finish it anyway, so.This weekend I've been getting high on having this wonderful new FriendProject thing, I'm just so stoked that it exists and represents both a memory, and everything I want out of social media, and nothing I don't!! At the very least it's a good home for a blog and f***ing with HTML for visual fun, maybe making some new friends.. I'm in love with it. I've been watching a sh*t-ton of David Lynch. I'll probably doing monthly round-ups of stuff I'm into too, just for posterity, I'm a super nerd like that.Hope you all are well out there, never hesitate to drop me a line or a comment, I do respond!


01/24/2021 12:40 PM 

ate 2 much T__T

ughhhhhhhhh i ate waaaay 2 much food and now my stomach hurtz LOLZ


01/23/2021 03:55 PM 


today was pretty chill. maggie told me stories about hs and college art classes, which is always really cool to hear about, and they told me about this old guy who didnt like maggie cus they were so good at art :)) i think its awesome how good they are at art stuff. we watched freaks and geeks which was awesome, then i went to my study. we didnt talk much til around 1230, and then we talked for abit, and maggie made me feel kinda bad lol. we ended up going to bed pretty soon after that. they showed me a super cute picture of them too :o it was them in makeup and stuff and they looked like a clown. it was awesome!!! and so cute:)


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