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04/17/2021 11:56 PM 

Feeling nostalgic :(
Current mood:  nostalgic

As the title suggests I'm feeling very nostalgic for my early childhood right now  I remember being in my grandma's basement playing the Disney Plug n Play games on her old TV. Those were the times :P sometimes it pains me knowing I can never go back tho D: 


04/17/2021 10:51 PM 


So I bought some new clothes yesterday, and they're f***ing adorable. Got some new hightop chucks since I severly outgrew my last pair, this really cute flowy lace top, and just like  black t shirt with a pink sparkly smily face on it. Adorable 10/10 loe this sh*t. I mean, my sister's really upset about the whole chucks thing and I don't know why. She just has a problem with the fact that I bought them, and it's like girl, I'm the one who has to wear them, they fit me, they're comfy, I can run in them, they're shoes. Why do you care so much about whether I bougt a $20 dollar pair of hot pink platform stiletto heels a size to small, or hightop sneakers that legitimatley fit. 


04/17/2021 07:04 AM 

i impusively bought a dab rig
Current mood:  accomplished

i bought a nectar collector bc i couldn't sleep, but now that i think about it, i don't take dabs. i'm more of a flower girl myself, but now i guess i'm getting into dabs?


04/17/2021 06:30 PM 

Current mood:  grateful

i'm ill today is saturday and i usially go to the one location in this day so today i didnt go there and its very cool i'm happy

mikey misery

04/17/2021 04:35 PM 

I ran away from home

I ran away from home. I thought of you. I wish I hadn't.It's been weeks and I keep sending you the words 'I miss you'. I hope when you say it back you're not lying.because I see the way you look at her hair, or his dress, or their face. and I wonder if it makes you feel the same as I do when you smile. I'm so tired and so confused. I can't find the words to say I love you, and I can't find the words to tell you to leave me behind either. I'm lost, and I'm scared, and the bad guys are chasing, and darkness is creeping it's way over me, and the camera's panning out and theres just forest and more forest and more forest and im stuck, so helplessly stuck. nothing is safe. I have no home to go to. there's only green envy. will my number come up eventally?but for some reason I keep living. I want it to stop. but the heart is a disastrous thing. so I'll rip it out of its cage,for once and for all,and as it beats it's last rhythm,would you look over my shoulder,and see someone more your type?or would you curl your fingers around it,and wish there was more time?

// derrick

04/17/2021 03:52 PM 

Current mood:  exhausted

hello! as you guys have probably guessed, we're a system so here is a general overview of us!(please note this is mostly just our frequent fronters/whoever chills in co-con a lot)Derrick- host (new to this!) / protector - fictive (homestuck: source character won't be disclosed)- he/they/it- aroaceGrave- co-host - any pronouns- formed when Ghost dipped- message farrier between inner headspace and outer headspaceHal- social - fictive (homestuck: lil hal)- it/cyber- doesn't mask very well but we love cybAR- persecutor (with good intentions, he's gotten better)- fictive (homestuck - endangered: AR)- he/him- nonhuman (android)- half the reason Ghost realized we exist, i bully him by calling him toaster boy.Spades- persecutor- she/they- used to be a lot worse, but she settled in and mostly gets along with us.- kind of a bitch, also pretty manipulative at times.Dave- fictive (homestuck: dave strider)- he/crow- good god does he spend a lot of time on TikTok- he formed around the same time as me (Derrick)DS- fictive (homestuck: davesprite)- any pronouns (had a identity crisis)- has fragments of everybody who was there when he formed- gets along with Spades wellZalgo- Inner Self-helper- it/its- just kinda chills- i like to pick on it sometimes- nonhuman (demon) 


04/17/2021 04:25 PM 

Current mood:  excited



04/17/2021 02:51 PM 

i need music
Current mood:  anxious

ive been listening to the same music over and over again. someone pls give me more song reccomendations old or new is fine:)


04/17/2021 12:01 PM 

Hi again

I would like to clarify that i am not 21???? Idk how to change my age on here😭


04/16/2021 11:58 PM 


Hello everyone!!! my instagram is @mel.kpahn if you wanna follow❤️

>/////< moth >/////<

04/16/2021 11:34 PM 

Current mood:  blank

I think my friends hate me,,,, I rlly hope they don't, but i just help but feel that wayI wish I did't constantly feel this way,,,


04/16/2021 11:02 PM 

i h8 school
Current mood:  frustrated

school can suck my d*ck, i hate this sh*t. stg im finna start an OF and just go from there 


04/16/2021 10:18 PM 

Current mood:  amused

so do i just like write stuff ??pretty is awesome.this is amazing.wait this is kinda like that thing from victorious,,, the lolfeeling; wacky  

what, sarcasm,


04/16/2021 08:30 PM 

got chicken platter
Current mood:  angry


Big steppa (mumble rap apologist)

04/16/2021 07:05 PM 

wtf is sad i am never sad


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