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10/07/2022 02:06 PM 


I'm here to make new friends and have some fun?


10/07/2022 02:06 PM 


Am I the only one looking for substance....


10/07/2022 11:08 PM 

7 nuclear plants arsenals in the USA 11 was said not there are 7 dismantle

The United States Government needs to close down and ORDER THE DISARMENMENTS of nuclear weapons. Russia cannot reach the usa there is no right for a false flag. these govofco, also handles, handle jaredpolis  my life is mine if you're liberal close down dismantle order dismantling of Warren Air Force Base Colorado and Wyoming.They are old but even if they could be seen in our air the energy could still be dangerous DISMANTLE.... 7 plants google or wikipedia said there was 11Naval Base Kitsap (Washington)Malstrom Air Force Base (Montana)Nellis Air Force Base (Nevada)Warren Air Force Base (Colorado and Wyoming)Minot Air Force Base (North Dakota)Pantex plant (Texas)Whiteman Air Force Base (Missouri)


10/06/2022 09:34 PM 

all my socials:D

so heres all my active socialsmy is xXem0.scr3m0Xxmy spacehey is xXr4wrXxmy emowire is xXr4wrXxmy emopuddle is xXr4wrXxmy snap is xXr4wrXx


10/06/2022 07:31 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

Hello! I've never had a blog before so I am testing stuff out :P Looking for some friendzzz!

mcr, mychemicalromance, emo, scene, punk, goth, music, friends


10/06/2022 06:48 PM 

I want to be pure
Current mood:  dirty

I’ve found out that I am addicted to feeling pure.  The type of pure that is found in a child.  Ever since I was fourteen i’ve had this obsession with trying to regain my childhood.  I wasn’t prepared to be a teenager, I’m not prepared to be an adult. This obsession has lead me down the path of what some consider an eating disorder.  I only fill myself with what I consider pure.  I only drink water and tea, specifically Oolong tea. I eat baby snacks as they will keep me as pure as a baby. I try to avoid meats, they’re bloody and impure to me. I love all fruits and vegetables, for what God put onto this Earth for us to eat must be pure. Occasionally I will treat myself to a childhood dessert; like ice cream or scones.   Feeling lightheaded makes me feel euphoric.  Every time I have a bowel movement I can feel the impurities leaving me. My impulses to binge or eat things impure are sins to me. Anything that keeps me away from that childhood lightness is a sin.

vent, venting, ed vent


10/06/2022 06:42 PM 

October 6th 2022
Current mood:  bummed

Today wasn't a very good day.  Work went well, surprisingly it was the best part of my day.  Once I got home was when it shifted. I work maintenance, at an office where if it could save someone a second, they want us to change it.  Even if the changing process would take a week.  Obviously, when I come home, I am tired.  I don't want to do anything unless I absolutely have to. My dad came home around the same time I arrived home.  I was happy because this usually means that he will help Granny with dinner and my only duties would be taking care of the family dog.  To my disappointment, he somehow chaffed himself at work, so now I was the one who had to help Granny with dinner. Luckily, dinner was easy.  Just watching a pot and some fries in the oven.  Right around the time dinner was ready I found out that one of my coworker's grandmother had just passed.   Another good thing was that since I helped with dinner my brother had to do the dishes.  While he was washing, I was filming my new stop-motion.  Anastasia isn't in this one, the puppet that I made, but she is connected to it if you can find out the plot through the titles.  I'll put a link below to it.Numbers 32:13

✧・ 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐬 ・✧

10/06/2022 03:36 PM 

I Love Attention and Hate Being Here!!!!!
Current mood:  angsty

What if i just died! Kidding lol I just wanted your attention. Anyways i just recently moved to college (crazy i know im not actually just a dumbass) anyways on the slight chance that I have a stalker (hey bae) I am not gonna say which but.. spoiler alert its a bunch of alternative white people. Which isnt bad! If i was a sophomore in high school and came here i would probably have a panic attack cuz everyone is cool asf here! but its such a weird culture shock. I am so incredibly confused of who I am and how i want to be percieved. bitches here is cool as fuk! A lot of them look mildly anorexic which is terrifying cuz im a big bitch and I cant easily slide into the small ass desks. but thats just a melodramatic reason to be angsty about being here. primarily I just feel so out of place. God imagine if my hair was still brown too??!? that and my body are the two things that set me apart here but idk i just wanna look like one of those artsy bitches with their little tote bag and nicotine pen and eyebags. whatever. Ive learned to love my skin more though tbh. the reason i feel out of place is also my reasoning for being cool here. it may be borderline fetiziation of my ethnicity just to appease the white people looking for a spicy person to fixate on but you arent my therapist so i do not need to elaborate. either way, even if i feel like the coolest most individual bitch on campus, I feel out of place, I feel like a dumb blonde who cant attribute anything of substance to a conversation. but wtf man! i cant let these people colonize my mind! i am just as important, valid and smart as the bitches here! whatever. im cool and awesome and pretty and perfect and cool. yeah. idk why i started writing this.. im in my critical thinking and rhetoric class and the only thing im thinking critically of is my outfit today. it was pretty cunt tbh. signing out- stay ugly so i can be the prettiestjust kidding i guess-mars 


10/06/2022 03:07 PM 




10/06/2003 09:49 AM 

eeee i ahte computer science,...

I absolutely despise this class..the teacher has this kinda lazy, "oh, you said something?" attitude i just HATE her so much, the assignments are so broing too like damn this is COMPUTER SCIENCE, i like computers and ilike science yet they just dont go together...ugh.

school, hate


10/05/2022 07:23 PM 

hate it here
Current mood:  angsty

have a stupid c in chem cuz of my stupid teacher


10/05/2022 07:38 PM 

October 5th 2022
Current mood:  tired

Work was very busy today.  It wasn't busy as in, "there's a million projects we have to complete by three p.m. today."  It was busy as in, "We only have one big project, but it will take all of us to complete it as well as take all day." Today's big project was going down in the tunnels underneath the building and replacing part of the hot water line.  Doesn't sound too bad, especially when the part we were replacing was less than five feet in length.  The problem was with five of us down in the tunnels, which were barely five feet tall in most areas, trying to propress the cuplings.  What turned this project from an hour long one to an all-day one was that we didn't propress in the right spot; it kept leaking water everywhere. When I say it was leaking, I use leaking very generously.  It would drip for a couple of seconds and then spray everyone in a six-foot radius with hot water.  Eventually we just redid the entire line and that worked out a lot better. After work I was planning on working on another stop-motion animation, but my lover called me.  He told me to come over after I help my grandmother out with dinner because he bought me an adult happy meal. We tried buying one yesterday, but they were all sold out.  Today wasn't much better as they put the regular kid's toys into the adult happy meal instead of the collectibles.  I still had a good time with my lover though.  I didn't spend very long at his house as I wanted to update this blog and knew that I was already tired from work. Hopefully tomorrow I remember to pick up my prescriptions since I forgot today.  My colon area has been throbbing more often today, but it could just be because I was bent over for most of the day.  The pain has spread to the other side of my stomach and I'm worried about my appendix.  Hopefully it's just colon inflammation and not appendicitis.  Either way, I'll find out next Friday.


10/05/2022 11:49 PM 

Current mood:  indignant

indignant Meaning poor, needy Noun, plural noun, adjective


10/05/2022 10:28 PM 

Current mood:  chill

Yesterday i went all around the campus selling cookies i made by myself, i didn't sell them all but it still was enough to make it through the week igalso, i slept almost all day after school, don't regret itmaybe i'll do it today too

diary, blog, daily life, emo, friends, idk

Gillionaire Mimic Stealer!

10/05/2022 02:32 PM 

Layout help?
Current mood:  creative

So I have my profile blank as in layout because I’m kind of tired of my neon strawberry layout and lemon because I love my Space Hey layout but I don’t know I can replicate that here. Because Space Hey works on 5 not MySpace 1.0 or 2.0 + would anyone take on this request? I’m having the Space Hey creator of my layout trying to figure out how to replicate this for this website but so far no luck! If I don’t hear anything by Saturday I’m just going to see what I can do. If a friend requests me and says that he or she can do the layout but needs a few days to complete the task then that is fine. 

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