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07/14/2021 06:38 PM 

If I could have a longer Twitter Bio this would be it

Dominic!Anthony! 87postsdegreepolitics.22yrswriter
7femsI'm38,8th5monthsmarry? divorce married a year divorce me i beg you a woman must be next in line i marry you divorce me in a year I get more money wait I take that back dont divorce me I dont ever want to leave you or if you should leave me disability would give me an increase 4other personal care providers homemakers kiss me wank me, play with my voltorbs pokenon let me feel your mankey with my hands 4 women one a year. If I could have an extended twitter bio 15 yrs drawer paint
13 yrs music
Wolfien what if blind,LightAngel, Ram, Warrior,DogWoman
Playbass, sing Look band,POTUS

06/30/2021 04:56 PM 

Stanley and Simmons should retire immediately

Stanley and Simmons should retire immediately and their witches??? should concentrate carefully safely on psyhics and mystics of how will we get life again and how did stars get bodies??? Stanley and

Simmons should retire immediately
A KISS DOES NOT SHOULD NOT CANNOT MUST not mean stanley and simmons screw them 2008 RIP KISS 2008. 4 years spacemantwo catmantwo. they did four years worth out of 15 to 17 yrs more like FOUR!yrs.


06/23/2021 06:36 PM 

Dominic Homan KISS Hall of Fame Makeup only

1.Bruce Kulick why is on google 4 makesups 3 of the Dog variants  there maybe one Loki variant or not
there are more Bruce Variants TVA.
2.Gene Simmons Fallen Angel
3.Eric Carr The Fox
4. Vinnie Vicent Vincent Ankh warrior
5.Peter Criss catman 6.Ace Frehley
7.Starchild...  also Stanley wants Bruce, Mark, thayer, singer keeping their KISS they bought from ACE AND PETER???
to be in the Hall of Fame and I agree. 

06/23/2021 06:35 PM 

The Mystic Marvels versus was on TokyoPop RIP.

I remember posting Wolfera and Flydro kaijus, Batzero Etc, MysticMarvels


THE Mystic Marvels was inspired by six to seven Kiss characters.

Paul only want to recognize four Gene wants to reconize  5-6...
Moon Moth Celtic Crusader/warrior
Light Angel MysticWolf for band maybe me The Wolfien
full Moon LightAngel, pyro falcon arctic eagle, The Bear The Elf Clowns.
Drakkan the Green Dragon clown nylon spandex kilts not skirts sort of looks like it masks not makeup. and costumes. Comfortable wear for the characters. 

06/11/2021 05:47 PM 

I will have the Last Laugh or Smile when it comes to KISS

stanleyu controls and runs KISS not simmons not gene i know 2008 i've given stanley makeup ideas marketing, id do a group 2021some of 2022 an album also suggested inspired by turn on the night to paul to take off the makeup or new make up kiss blocked my pages from sharing i can disrespect them havent respected them since after the year 2000. I blocked the KISS page on Dominic. I got the last laugh, if kiss does album thayer singer like sonicboom and monster psycho circus now i will laugh I will get the last laugh if they dont do something special for me and unique for me they got to inspire.


06/06/2021 05:52 PM 

I Pledge Allegiance to What I Hold Dear

I Pledge Allegiance to What I Hold Dear to what I believe in.
THE DOG, ANKH Warrior, FOX on drums, Fig The Pig on drums great drummer,
bacon uncooked at wenys really bad at burger king totally uncooked on time
can we save the Pigs around the world. CatmanCriss, SpaceAce OblivionABYSS Thayer?
Mark Saint John what is St John KISS your Face. MY LOVED ONES.
paul and gene you are out of my Kiss.

06/04/2021 07:08 PM 

Trump wanted to end payroll annual tax Democracy Enemy


trump wanted to cancel the payroll tax which funds social security for retirement and social security disability been on 12 years trump is Democracy's Enemy Number 1

05/24/2021 07:43 PM 

Disney Plus needs a More Star Wars movies selection

Disney Plus needs a More Star Wars movies selection 
More Star Wars Prequils. They can add Solo story 2 with the bounty hunters.

05/17/2021 06:54 PM 

Repirations for The Opressed, Racists should Confess their Ancestors Racism

if Colorado was a state woul Weinfield Scott would have beaten Fraklin Pierce and James Buchanan escalated the civil war quicker Abraham Lincoln was blamed for the civil war mainly from the south. The Blacks didn't want to be abused negelected or killed anymore. They wanted to be Free the abusers the catchers were going against the Constitution of James Madison, James Monroe
Thomas Jefferson declaration from england britian.
white supremacists that in united states the racist should confess and maybe say their last names were racist and slave catchers, abusers in 1800s and they should pay Black Peoples Oppressed today. Any victims families. Any blacks whom were fired in 2020.

04/19/2021 06:47 PM 

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