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April 20th, 2023

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March 11, 2023


03/25/2023 02:25 PM 

fabian's weekly 3
Current mood:  depressed

hello everyone,
man this is my second time writing this it just deleted the first time. anyway week 3 everyone still here almost forgot today tho

Soo this week was pretty horrible. The most fun day was arguably Tuesday and after that it just kinda all went downhill. On tuesday I had a nice evening and I wasnt bothered by depression but now its the complete opposite. I didnt go to school on Friday because I was feeling that terrible, but that didnt increase my mood but made it even worse. So i just kinda spent all my friday and saturday alone at home not really doing anything (man those days were a pain to deal with). Most fun stuff I did again this week was with my friend daniel. Well hes kinda my only friend all the other ones pretty much left over the last few years. Hes a nice person though I didnt tell him about how I was feeling lately, I just want him to be happy and not to drag down his mood all the time. Speaking of him he isnt here this weekend so I gotta find some stuff to do on my own but I'll be fine and I'll keep you guys updated

See you all next week (in a better mood hopefully) as long as I dont forget. Byeeeee


03/18/2023 08:15 PM 

fabian's weekly 2
Current mood:  happy

week 2 huh, didn't think I'd remember honestly but well im here now.

This week was pretty alright honestly, I spent my time making an alter ego as a girl: let me introduce you to amelia, basically me as a girl. I used the account to troll a bit, was honestly very fun. I have a pretty deep voice so when they joined vc they thought the account "amelia " would have a high girl voice and not be a dude with a strong german accent hehe. I also sent my overseas friend a letter you remember him from last time. He was so excited, I just love seeing him happy so much. I did his math homework on wednesday >:)  hehe forever grateful to me. I also cheered him up when he was feeling down (twice). I just love being there for him, truly my soulmate.
Anyway, I also went to watch a movie with my friends and then we ate together. Maybe a normal thing for you, but doing stuff like that with friends is rare for me so I was pretty happy, Also Friday was honestly the best day of the week so far, dont know why but I was happy all day, a day without feeling depressed is something new for me sooo improvement i guess.
Just some more regular info at the end, the only game I like to play at the moment is minesweeper and because its the only thing I play im getting hella good, also finished the movie "Stauffenberg" on Netflix

Okayy thats it for this week, honestly a 7/10, see you all next week, might include some pictures there. byebye


03/11/2023 08:21 PM 

fabian's weekly 1
Current mood:  thoughtful


Im fabian and I wanted to use this as kind of a diary. I'll do weekly posts about my life becuase my therapist (the voice in my head) told me it could help me with my depression. I tend to forget what happened all week long, like its already march, what happened all year. I apologize in advance for my not so perfect english, its not my main language afterall but I feel more comfortable with it. This first post will be a bit longer than the rest because its the first one and I need to explain some stuff.

Anyway lets start with my week. Im trying to remember what happened but I cant think of anything interesting, every day has just kinda been the same. I have a pretty messed up sleep schedule because my best friend, my soulmate, lives in america so I spend most of my afternoons asleep. As soon as I come home from school I fall dead asleep until the evening (Not like anyone would want to do anything in the afternoon anyway), and then I wait until we can call. I love him sm. School has been somewhat terrible this week, I just wanna go home when im there. Most interesting thing that happened is a toxic girl who I was friends with from August to November tried to become friends with me again. I'm trying to ignore it as best as I can because she just used me but oh well.

Thats all for this week lads, I hope I wont forget next week but yeah until then byee


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