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March 11, 2023


03/11/2023 08:21 PM 

fabian's weekly 1
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  thoughtful


Im fabian and I wanted to use this as kind of a diary. I'll do weekly posts about my life becuase my therapist (the voice in my head) told me it could help me with my depression. I tend to forget what happened all week long, like its already march, what happened all year. I apologize in advance for my not so perfect english, its not my main language afterall but I feel more comfortable with it. This first post will be a bit longer than the rest because its the first one and I need to explain some stuff.

Anyway lets start with my week. Im trying to remember what happened but I cant think of anything interesting, every day has just kinda been the same. I have a pretty messed up sleep schedule because my best friend, my soulmate, lives in america so I spend most of my afternoons asleep. As soon as I come home from school I fall dead asleep until the evening (Not like anyone would want to do anything in the afternoon anyway), and then I wait until we can call. I love him sm. School has been somewhat terrible this week, I just wanna go home when im there. Most interesting thing that happened is a toxic girl who I was friends with from August to November tried to become friends with me again. I'm trying to ignore it as best as I can because she just used me but oh well.

Thats all for this week lads, I hope I wont forget next week but yeah until then byee



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