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09/24/2022 05:26 PM 

Video game thoughts.
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So what am I missing on Kingdom Hearts? I'm just kind of frustrated that I don't understand the story. But I mean that's probably 50 percent of the Kingdom Hearts people out there that are lost. This is the worst game where I just can't understand the story and I need an honest guide for that. I normally don't look up on Google Chronological games for stories. I normally look them up to make sure I'm following the release date order. For Kingdom Hearts I had to look up a guide that could help me understand the story based on what series. Also just letting people know that I didn't need help on Final Fantasy 13. I got the story loud and clear. But I've a video game blog on my Google Blogs on my feelings about FF 13.

If you want to play the Kingdom Hearts series in its full chronological order this is the list you need. It takes you from the series’ earliest moments - depicting the great Keyblade War that reshaped the entire universe into what we see in later games - all the way through to the end of the Dark Seeker Saga - which concluded in Kingdom Hearts 3.
Multiple games in the series have been re-released on other platforms and renamed too. As these titles tell identical (or nearly identical) stories set at exactly the same time we’ve grouped them together under the same entry.
The chronological order is pretty different from the games’ release order, and with how the story is told you might find that structure easier to follow. You can find the release order list further down. So far I'm on bulletin number two and the story is finally making some damn sense for once! Also I'm sorry but I don't like any character in Kingdom Hearts. I really don't lol. Maybe a few in Union X and Chirithy. If you can change my thoughts about Kingdom Hearts. I'm down for friendly debate.
  • Kingdom Hearts X / X Back Cover / Unchained X / Union X 
  • Kingdom Hearts Dark Road 
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep / Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage 
  • Kingdom Hearts / Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories / Re: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 / Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Coded / Re: Coded 
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance 
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC 
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 
Currently trying a FF X run with only bare bones luck. I'm going to try to see how far I can do this with using 9,999k Rikku's mix, I probably will just max out Defence, Agility, Strength and that's all. I probably might break HP if I see that I'm struggling really badly. Also since I won't be raising luck that means I won't be able to hit the Dark Aeons at all. So that means I will have to raise my magic levels very high, and have DoubleCast on Rikku, Tdius and Yuna. Have Anima use Cheer, Doublecast, Haste, Regen and Curga. I'm not doing the Celestial weapon for Tidus. I would be beyond stressed out and same with Wakka. I'm sure there is a way to defeat the Dark Aeons without max luck and having Wakka's overdrive. I rather be focused on seeing if I can get everyone at 225 for Attack, Defence, Magic and I think agility the max you can get is 175. I'm not sure. I might have one character have a Ribbon on. The others will be Stone Proof and Auto Med, Auto Phoenix and Auto Potion. I feel like using one character turn to use Haste for all characters. I already defeated Dark Valefor just by using Rikku's 9,999k by using Water Gems, Fire Gems and Ice Gems etc. Tidus overdrives and uses my Aeon's Overdrive. So I really hope by at least Tuesday I can have Dark Ifrit done. If not, I'm creating a save file before I beat Sin, so I can beat the game and move on to X-2 to at least tackle the good ending. I got the sad ending and I was so confused what went wrong lol and I also didn't do the super bosses. Also my Aeon's do need work Anima is only hitting 19k on Dark Ifrit and the Magus Sisters only 25k each combo for Overdrive. Well that's because Yuna is at 60 strength LMAO.

Check out my cool layout someone made me on Space Hey and also added some new blogs as well :)

09/21/2022 08:25 PM 

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I only use Discord, Snap, IG and an Email. If you don't use those then I don't know what to say. I don't plan on playing back and forth tag on here either. If you never plan on exchanging social media with me on this website then I wouldn't bother messaging me on here. If you need a good week or so before exchanging information. Let me know and I'll be more than happy to chat on the website with you until you give the okay to exchange information. But sorry, but no I'm not playing tag here haha.

Also you can see my recent post on IG but don't follow me unless you add me and inbox me who you're etc. Also for non user IG accounts you can only see so much of my post before IG asks you to sign in but you should be able to at least get a few scrolls in etc. I post every few days, every few weeks and sometimes two months haha. My account is basically food, hobbies, Funko Pops, blind mystery bags, things I'm collecting, cats and you already get the idea. Just remind yourself before following me let me know who you're.

Oh yeah just letting you guys know if you're offended by nicknames like dingle dong, dingle, dongle and things like that then you really need to get an honest grip. I call everyone that lol. Also I tend to not message people that take 10 days to reply. Sorry guys but there is seriously 0 point of conversing with someone when all you do is exchange a few texts every 10 days. Because that's just super pointless.

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