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Life isn't always rainbows, sprinkles, glitter, sunshine and flowers growing happily ever after. People always fantasize a world where sadness doesn't exist but only happiness. That behavior really pisses me off. There is only darkness and self hatred. People just love being fake for the sake of attention nowadays.

29 years old
Hound Wolf Squad, Texas
United States

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October 01 2022

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GeneralMy interest can be found more inside my blogs but for now. I seem to get along with people that don't have a sour candy personality trait, can't take a joke, don't laugh at anything then we won't get along. Also I'm a video gamer so if you're not one then I'm afraid we will never have anything going on conversation wise unless you like my hobbies. I'm a very cryptic and analytical speaker. Some people find the way I text is very annoying. But then again most people that act like that aren't accepting people with mental disabilities and other disabilities. On other websites that I said I no longer use I had people tell me my Autism has caused me to behave that of a Schizophrenia like person because that's what Autism is and that's why I act the way I do. I'm not kidding guys. A few people on those websites I'm no longer on told me that my behavior problems is that I've Schizophrenia because both Autism and Schizophrenia are the same thing lol. Anyways back on hobbies. I love intellectual topics, I'm not a fan of people that are Norse pagan the fake kind that say Loki is pure evil and that's all he is an evil being. If you think that you're not really Norse pagan. Same goes for fake witches. What I mean is some people claim that they're a fairy either a green fairy or a rainbow fairy no real witch would ever insult their wellbeing like that. No real witch color codes themselves. The same for witches say that all shadow and black magic work is evil. You're not a true which if you think everything that is related in the Shadow Realm is pure evil. I ask people for honesty and I don't like when people post stuff on their profile that is not true just for the sake of getting people's attention. That's just sad. I know friend request and inbox messages are difficult getting a healthy inventory stock in but that doesn't mean post attention grabs just so you can get more inventory stock of friends and inbox messages lol. I like friends that don't think all cats are assholes. Hate breaking the truth but even dogs and other pets have a different personality. Not ALL animals act the same as their species. Adopt don't shop. I also love occult, folklore, creepy, spooky, folktales, behavioral analysis topics, psychological conversations, if you do any arts and crafts please do let me know I love to get to know your work style and see what you do! If you love collecting weapons or into archery that would be so cool! I also love knowing what your favorite food is or hobby just depending on what you tell me I might have very little or a lot to say on that subject! I love collecting certain Funko Pops, blind mystery pockets sometimes, certain Hot Wheels. I'm a huge RE fanatic just not 5 and remake of RE 3. But I'll update that in my blogs! So again just stay tuned :)
MusicI'm always jamming out with video game soundtracks. I'll post my favorite YT 24/7 radios for this on my blogs :)
MoviesI think Doctor Strange the first one was a masterpiece. There was such strong emotions I felt from this movie. The whole thing was an emotional roller coaster. I love the second one and saw that twice. But people don't agree with me that the second Doctor Strange is worth a 9. That's fin everyone has a different opinion. Just like I think Kingdom Hearts is the worst story telling video game on the block but the soundtracks are amazing as fuck. Yoko Shimomura can compose. But I will post that on a blog and I'm getting off topic. Why such bad reviews? Some people stated that this Marvel went to dark. To dark? I don't think so. This is a refreshing take on Marvel movies. Some people said that the death scenes were way to brutal. Was this a parent review that took their underaged child to a PG 13? I'm sure some parent took their 4-7 year old kid to see a PG 13 movie. Yeah brilliant fucking parenting skills. Anyways I do like The Hunger Game series. I like some Harry Potter but not the last two and Star Wars. Sorry guys but I'm not a big gigantic into me being a movie buff LMAO.
TelevisionT.V.? You mean as in shows not related to YT? I just use my dad's Fubo because we don't do cable because it's to expensive. I'm just into Food Network and RuPaul. Other than that no.
BooksI don't read but you can read my blogs.
Heroes My son that is almost 11 in November does act more mature than a mid 20 year old these days or even mid 30's LMAO.

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About me:
Please be around 20-45 years old. My dad is 61 years old lol. Also don't forget if you send a friend request just don't be shy and say hi and why you added me if you've a reason that is haha. Please be around 20-45 years old. My dad is 61 years old lol. Also don't forget if you send a friend request just don't be shy and say hi and why you added me if you've a reason that is haha. 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 🍋🍓🌸👹 Pink Bobblehead Bunny

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Ah why of course I'm back on FP. Space Hey the website I was on I really do believe that was a super omega waste of time. The whole month I was there I only got 9 friend requests within a 100 views. I got tired of that bullshit. I'm also not into FB. I've been deleted from the extremely toxic and one of the worst platforms you can get stocked on for over 5 years. That is correct. I've been deleted off of FB for over 5 years and I will never return. I also decided that I will no longer be part of the toxic community that's Goth Wire, Emo Wire, Bound by Metal, Woven in Black and you get the general idea and I'm still debating on leaving Alt Scene or not, however the other websites I've deleted all my accounts on there. FP is one of the friendliest communities out there besides the RPG ones. So I'm back here for conversations. Oh yeah! Keep an eye out on my blogs as well :)

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