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02/06/2023 09:37 AM 

02/06/23 no school!
Current mood:  happy

guys, my classes got cancelled because its been in the -40's c and my school is old. i think maybe a pipe may have frozen and burst or something. 

this morning i woke up and was REALLY  hungry for whatever reason, yesterday i made french toast but that takes a lil bit to make and i was ravenous so waiting that long was not an option. i went to make a meal replacement drink and my cotton-headed ninnymuffin brother drank all the almond milk and he knows im lactose intolerant >:(  then when i got mad at him saying he could have had the other milk he goes, "who? who asked.", i hate middle school boys, some days i wanna drop kick my brother out of a third storey window. 

my parents are at work and my brothers at school so im thinking about doing some karaoke because thats what i normally do when im home alone. im also thinking about cooking something for lunch just because i can.

i want a cig but its very cold out and i could literally get frost bite in the amount of time it would take for me to finish a cig. im just thankful im not addicted and going through withdrawl (":

anyway, thats all for now, ill probably update this at the end of the day and tell you guys how the rest of my day went. 

02/04/2023 04:22 PM 

Current mood:  blah

hi everyone! if youre seeing this you should comment or friend me B) 

im pretty bored right now tbh and my brother has his friend over so i cant leave my room (its not that i cant i just choose not to) i already finished all my chem work and i have some geo planitere work but my brain hurts and i cant read from the textbook well and i cant find it online. 

currently my cat is at the end of my bed like AGRESSIVELY licking herself, bros kind of vein lol. thats okay because i love her so much and shes my baybee even though shes 56 in human years. shes holding her own paw down so she can clean it better and its honestly pretty funny. 

its been really cold here where i live, -40 degrees c indecision so many people are running out of oil to heat their homes because nobody was prepared for this. the weather is very bipolar where i live and so far its been a mild winter. thats pretty coocoobananas. 

we're ordering pizza for suppper tonight and the place we were going to get it from is closing because theyre running low on oil 

someone should message me because im so bored and its too cold for me to go out 

07/21/2021 10:51 PM 


any manga suggestions :o 

02/15/2021 09:49 PM 

Current mood:  awake

i really hope i dont have school tomorrow because i feel wide awake and i have to get up at 5am 

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