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03/13/2023 06:03 PM 



thats me bc you wont friend me )':

03/06/2023 09:45 PM 

Current mood:  blank

everythings been going by so fast, im not even sure how a month has passed already.

its been a wild couple of weeks 

03/06/2023 09:21 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

since i went to school my brain realized it needs to get its sh*t together and i got 2 assignments done :p

today when i went to school it was really weird because they had to build walls to block off the areas that were damaged and are getting worked on. trying to get to me classes was like going through a mf maze.

today i ate a decent breakfast, decent lunch and decent supper so thats kind of a W. i also had snacks hehe

anyway, thats about all

xoxo, gossip girl       



03/01/2023 11:23 PM 


sign these petitions and help make a difference in the world:

https://chng.it/tKTpx8LFkC : help prevent a 19 year old young man who is getting the death penelty in iran. when walking home from the gym, Makan Davari noticed a group of women being assualted by law enforcement. Davari went over to protect the women and was charged with Moharebeh (waging war against God) which is punishable by death. Davari was arrested and sent to jail awaiting trial, his trial was unfair and he was not allowed to hire a lawyer. Davaris mother is currently sick with lukemia and now has to worry about her son being murdered. 

https://chng.it/nXPHfzN5J2 : Cancel the University of Winnipeg's Transphobic Political Science Talk. many trangender, non-binary and allies that attend UOW are concerned that hosting this event will spread dangerous misinformation about trans people and gender affirming health care. UOW claims to be a safe, respectful, inclussive enviroment but this event is leaving many staff and students feeling uncomfortable and unsafe

02/27/2023 04:41 PM 

02/27/23 makeup
Current mood:  artistic

does anyone have any tips/ideas for alternative makeup/hair or just in general? it would be greatly appreciated, thanks! ill add your suggestions to this blog post 

♡ .˚⊹ ideas ⊹˚. ♡

02/21/2023 02:03 AM 

02/21/23 bongs and piercings
Current mood:  devious

hey guys! this weekend was pretty decent compared to how i spend most of my weekends. on friday i didnt really do much other than school and working on a chem project. i was planning on watching a movie but i fell asleep lol.*i fell asleep so its now 2:33pm lol*

on saturday my mom and i went to a tattoo shop to get piercings! we both got the tragus done as its supposed to help with migraines and anxiety. it didnt really bother me much, it was a dull pain and pressure but towards the end there was like a twisting feeling. that part felt kinda yucky to be honest. my mom almost cried which i find odd since she was going on a few months ago about how low my pain tollarence is lol. my mom got a little fake diamond stud and i got a titanium spike. 

on sunday i hung out with a few of my friends, regan, lily and casey. we were chilling in the sesh room and i hit a toke from a real bong for the first time, i survived yall. one of my friends said id die but here i am! i smoked a few mooks and just chillaxed, i only smoke on weekends and its not even every weekend so my tollerance is pretty low. i hit one too many poppers and then felt like i was over heating really badly, i have no clue why tho. i ended up going home and crashing. funny thing is last weekend i hung out with another friend and smoked from a pipe for the first time. i live in a rural area of canada with high poverty rates so all we do for fun is drink and smoke tbh, i try to keep it to once or twice a month because lowkey have health problems to begin with. 

and a lil update on the chem project: i finished it and taught myself how to do the stuff i didnt understand since online schooling lol. 

i think thats all for now
        xoxo, gossip girl

02/15/2023 09:45 PM 

02/15/23 the past week
Current mood:  anxious

sorry for not updating in like over a week, ive been so stressed >-<
since talking last i found out that my school might not be going back for a while so we'll be continuing online. if i find out that its for the rest of the year ill try and get transfered to another school.

i went to the movies with my mom and we saw, "infinity pool", and it was horrible, i hated it!! there was no plot, no structure, no lead up to anything it was like they gave someone a huge dose of ac1d and told them to write a movie; and no, not in the good way. there was so much s3x which makes me uncomfy anyway but i was with my MOM. it showed this old rich dude fvcking a young model or something and then when he got up it showed his bits, TELL ME WHY THIS MFS PP WAS INVERTED T^T anyway, we left early. also the popcorn was really sad so that was disapointing.

one of my friends who used to get the same bus route as me messaged me and we were talking for a bit. our bus route was an hour and a half so we used to talk the whole drive and it was basically just adhd spirals. he used to just listen and go with the flow, he graduated in 2021 so its been a while. anyway, the other day we seshed and caught each other up on whats been going on since we last saw each other n stuff. it was really nice :D

i stayed the night at abbys house a few days ago, it had been a while so it was nice to catch up with her. we watched horror shorts party videos (its a long story), we got the really good pizza and played roblox to bully children (not literally). we were in her livingroom fidling around with their new alexa and i discovered you can play akinator with it. you can also play a few other songs and you can get her to fart (in all different ways too). 

im falling behind in school so badly, whoops. i have adhd and where im not in a classroom with a teacher watching me its hard to get my work done. 

valentines day sucked, as per usual. last year on valentines day i was in the hospital and got dumped by the only person ive ever been in love with. that really sucked. i had to see all the posts and stuff etc. a guy i was talking to for a while hasnt messaged me or really talked about anything in a while. he just stopped answering or was really dry. he unfollowed me on insta. it sucks because he seemed really sweet, caring and respectful and we both wanted the same things but now im not sure if i did something that messed it up or if those were never his intentions all along. i think this is gods sign to give up on men lol. all i wanted was flowers, ive never gotten flowers before and ive always wanted them, hopefully next year ill get them for valentines day or on a date or my birthday or something. my parents didnt get each other anything at all so thats a tad worrisome considering how much theyve been fighting. 

you know what we dont talk about enough? how kurt cobaine was a feminist, lgbtq human rights advocate, poc rights advocate and practically worshipped women. he was such a down to earth person, especially where he was so vocal about in the late 80's/ early 90's when others werent. he refused to do a tour with guns n' roses because of axl rose because he was a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, biggoted piece of sh1t even tho nirvana would have made so much profit from it. i would have loved to meet him, maybe one day in the afterlife. 


anyway, peace out
                         xoxo, gossip girl 

02/06/2023 10:54 PM 

02/06/23 no school! pt.2
Current mood:  crying

hey everyone, last post i said that my classes had been cancelled because of some damage my school sustained during the really cold weather, well aparently its like really bad. i heard from a few people that the pipes froze and then burst everywhere, someone described th staircase as having water rush down it like in the titanic  

if the damage really is that bad then i guess we wont be back for a while. i might actually go clinically insane if i have to stay at home with my family for any prolonged period of time, i also go to school in the city so i wont be able to see my friends from school. i need to have my african canadian history life updates with olivia and adhd spiral conversations at the rocks with connor D':

i also just really hate online schooling lol

anyway, my parents have been arguing a lot and my brothers been acting out and my dad has been lashing out on everyone. lowkey think this isnt like, "keeping up with the kardashions" beef and like, "your mother and i are getting a divorce" LMFAO.
its been hard to be at home because of all the fighting and my dad snapping at everyone PLUS im on my period and i always get really emotional around valentines day. 

i just want cuddles and flowers for valentines day, ou and a handmade valentine (it doesnt have to be good but it just feels more special when its hand made).    ive never gotten flowers before but i think the gesture is so beautiful and sweet. 

on a more positive note im going to the movies with my mom on wednesday, i havent been to the movies in forever

thats all for now,
            xoxo gossip girl. 


02/06/2023 05:10 PM 

rant bc im hangry
Current mood:  aggravated

guys what the helllllll is with dads?? this dude barged in my room while i was just barely awake (quite clearly) and started asking me questions and when i said i dont know to one of them he kept repeating the same question. anyway, i wake up and i go to make myself food because my dad and brother ate without me. as im looking to see what there is to eat i went to grab some kraft dinner and my dad tells me not to make anything prepackaged, keep in mind its been like 2 weeks since my mom went to the grocery store. he started getting mad at me saying he could have made me something but i didnt answer him (i was asleep) and when i was awake he only offerred one thing which he knows i dont like. so now im in my room hungry because my dad is choosing to die on this hill for whatever reason when he literally made it for him and my brother 😭

girl i am not having it rn. i know it seems stupid but im sleep deprived, hungry and im on my period and overall have just had enough of my dad trying to control the most random aspects of my life. 

02/06/2023 02:38 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

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