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09/07/2022 09:12 PM 

i hate u
Current mood:  argumentative

cant wait until u message me so i can cuss ur ass out


09/07/2022 09:11 PM 

Current mood:  angry

youre such a piece of sh*t 😭 like how are you gonna get on my ass and be like "im hesitant to talk to you cause i know how you are" when ur a catfish??? and i showed i changed and you still did your sh*t after apologizing to me for "lying about everything". quotes cause that exactly what you said. "im really trying to better myself" um ur not doing a good job then LOL you deserve everything bad that has happened to you, also how are you gonna say youre not treating me differently when you started becoming even more dry (as if you werent dry enough) and stopped with the nicknames and texting me before bed and delibrately ignoring me gonna add more to this sh*t cause its been going on for way too long


09/07/2022 08:46 PM 


i hate him so much 


09/07/2022 06:29 PM 


school has been tew fun,,,,, ive been making a diary ^_^


09/07/2022 06:15 PM 

September 7th 2022
Current mood:  annoyed

Today was a rough start.  When I went into work I didn't see my supervisor,, I'll call him Theo,, so I thought today was going to be a good day.  Theo tends to run things like a headless chicken,, always jumping from one thing to another and everything needs to be done now.  Sadly,, he showed up a few minutes after I clocked in.   He made me and my coworkers,, I'll call Jason and Matt,, run and attach three cat five cables; which none of us really know how to do.  Our one coworker who was teaching us how to do this before is on vacation so we tried to convince Theo that this was a job that needed to wait until he came back but like I said earlier,, everything needs to be done now. Anyways,, he finished the cables and everything was chill for the rest of the day.  I have an idea for a youtube video but it's going to take me a couple of days to plan,, prepare,, create,, and edit the video.  I suppose today wasn't too bad,, just annoying.  


09/07/2022 01:21 PM 

looking back
Current mood:  tired

remembering  when.                    when  I  was  a  scene  elitest  lmao""scenecore  isnt  r34aeeaALL  SCENE111!!!""  yes  it  is,  people  are  having  fun,  shut  the  f***  up  L  +  ratio  +  the  world  doesnt  revolve  around  how  you  think  child of  13  years  on  Windows  93ugh.  brain  empty.  cant  type  all  that  mushc.  Ill  do  more  later.


09/07/2022 12:06 PM 

Current mood:  blah

My current desktop background on my laptop lmaoFall! My favourite season has finally arrived, and rather than give some random details about how my life is falling apart (it's actually not, it's good right now), I'm gonna just talk about fall.I really wish I had cool knit sweaters, but I'll have to settle for pumpkin themed treats. Pumpkin pie, and just pies in general are some of my favourite parts of fall. Going to try and pumpkin spice my oatmeal sometime too, and my sister likes making pumpkin muffins. I'm excited to bake and cook again now that the summer heat can no longer prevent that (can't use oven in heat).Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, and I like thanksgiving too. This season is also the back to school season for many places in the world, which makes me stressed, as I'm not going back to school, so I feel the endless pressure of all my peers going into college or university. I'll go... next year. I think I'm gonna take a few coursera courses, to make up for it. Web design is a hobby of mine, so I'm gonna take courses related to that, game design, graphic design, and some other things. They're all related to the college program I'm interested in too, so. Some cool harvest-related festivals happen this season too. I'm thankful I don't have any dust allergies, the canola harvest and grain harvests have been hard on some of my friends and family.The other day, I made a list of things I like to do in fall/associate with fall. Here it is, for all of you:MusicI brought you my bullets, you brought me your love (album, my chemical romance), I am the movie (album, motion city soundtrack), Commit this to memory (album, motion city soundtrack), American idiot (album, Green day) evanescence (artist), paramore (artist), the academy is (artist), this playlist I made when I was 14Activitiesplaying stardew valley, baking, raking leaves, eating pumpkin pie, learning, repairing stuff, fall job (had a halloween haunted house job last year)Clothing Itemstrench coat, toque, knit sweater, wool socksThings to cook/bakepumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin spice oatmeal, chocolate pie----END----That concludes the stuff I wrote down, and I have somewhere to be, so I'm gonna wrap up for today. See y'all later.

blog, personal, fall


09/07/2022 03:09 AM 

Current mood:  distressed

I hate mah abusive ex!! He is so emotionally immature that it hurts :'( I've been trying to get rid of him for months and his other ex keeps getting into arguments with mee about how I don't care about him and that I'm a terrible human being even tho he gave me PTSD. It's always mah fault :( 

ex, abuse, personal, diary


09/06/2022 09:53 PM 

Current mood:  artistic

thirty nights of violence baby



09/06/2022 09:31 PM 

Curdled Milk Veins

My veins are filled with curdled milk and still I am not full.I gorge myself on the sweets I've been denied;How I love the taste of their sweetness with the saltiness of my tears.I consume until my thighs pour the sweet smell of milk.The summer gnats come to consume me until there is no more.Then I will be happily whole.

poems, writing, poetry


09/06/2022 09:29 PM 

Biblical Anger

I am an angel  I am an angel fallen I did what I was told My wings have turned to ash Betrayed by my father Betrayed by our father I loathe his creations I loathe my brothers My sisters I loathe myself 

poems, writing, poetry


09/06/2022 09:27 PM 

Romeo & Juliet

I never missed your letters until my mailbox was empty. I never missed your foolishness until it wasn't mine to laugh at. I never missed your friends until I found myself lonely. How did you change your mind so quickly? How did you change your heart so quickly? How could you burn out a passion for me, That took a year to ignite, With a burning love made at only one sight? -Rosaline

poems, writing, poetry


09/06/2022 09:24 PM 


I have a new song out on Soundcloud called Blasphemy.  It's about being betrayed in one of the most depraved ways by someone you viewed as better than anyone else.  I am in no way a professional at making music and if anybody has any tips on how to use garageband on mobile I would greatly appreciate it!! Anyways,, soundcloud link below:Blasphemy

songs, music, songwriter, singer, soundcloud


09/06/2022 01:11 PM 

Current mood:  headphones

(in no particular order)Florence + the machine, three days grace, ashley tisdale, fall out boy, pitbull, robyn, carly rae jepsen, rihanna, atmoc kitten, duffy, beyonce, christina aguilera, the bangles, the 1975, vampire weekend, phoebe bridgers, lorde, chvrces, walk the moon, misfits, bratmobile, cascada, cobra starship, guns n roses, whitney houston, tinashe, waterparks, tlc, the gaslight anthem, danity kane, princessbri, nicole schezinger, the regrettes, babes in toyland, amy winehouse, janet jackson, destinys child, coin, missy elliot, aaliyah, the ronettes, l7, haim, sleater kinney, outkast, the strokes, the ting tings, billy joel, black eyed peas, gym class heroes, far east movement, the mamas and the papas, the cranberries, metric, css, linkin park, run dmc, the jackson 5, pet shop boys, yeah yeah yeahs, sohodolls, nirvana, boa, static x, neneh cherry, fiona apple, kerli, devo, dido, norah jones, ramones, stone temple pilots, grace jones, azealia banks, blind melon, switchblade symphony, siouxsie and the banshees, joy division, the smiths, type o negative, deftones, owl city, ace of base, fountains of wayne, gurldoll, bigklit, sublime, ayria, slipknot, lesley gore, korn, melanie martinez, lunachicks, oasis, green day, kittie, system of a down, talking heads, blondie, vanessa carlton, dee-lite, bjork, alice in chains, rage against the machine, joan jett, rancid, lana del rey, dope, lady gaga, ministry, she wants revenge, halestorm, genitorturers, kmfdm, my chemical romance, icon for hire, murderdolls, jack off jill, the donnas, saving jane, girls aloud, the offspring, nicole dollanganger, dead kennedys, descendents, orgy, janes addiction, grimes, m.i.a, mariah carey, blur, the white stripes, avril lavigne, the p**sycat dolls, britt nicole, lily allen, garbage, relient k, otep, evanescence, the pretty reckless, marilyn manson, liz phair, the goo goo dolls, emilie autumn, veruca salt, good charlotte, nine inch nails, natalia kills, blink 182, sum 41, night club, angelspit, mindless self indulgence, zombie girl, hole, no doubt, tatu, britney spears, the birthday massacre, red hot chili peppers, poppy, marina, flyleaf, the smashing pumpkins, ayesha erotica, limp bizkit, die antwoord, 50 cent, nicki minaj, eminem



09/06/2022 10:59 PM 

daniel's monthly
Current mood:  quiet

the current song: the other side by love city ) hi everyone! i'm a bit late to my monthly, but i wanted to get this september update post in regardless. hello! hi! salut!recently, i've been floating in a place between okay and not, and fluctuating through and through my motions has been something that is tormentiing to go through, mentally. it's like having the feeling of sneezing held up inside of you for days and days. journaling and talking about my feelings has really helped my mental issues and suicidal thoughts. school has gotten no better, however, and i feel myself slipping underneath the cracks of school and homework. i recently acquired a new sketchbook and.. my art has been going well for the most part. not much has changed since august but im really damn excited for fall because of the weather and colors of the trees sick of being used as someone's therapist or diary. i dont want to be texted about your problems or mental health or your sh*t relationships with your parents. there is little room left in my heart for outside sympathy. im simply trying to love and put myself first. but, i think with a little time i can see myself returning back to the happiness i feel like i can have. it's in my nature to want to help others. i want to be able to safely return to that and be able to be someone other's can rely on.anyways.. yeah that's my monthly. i don't fancy writing long posts so take this for september! i actually plan on flling in the "daniel's monthly" space with pictures of my art, my endevours/adventures and the world around me. im excited on for what's to come! - daniel  

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