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IM DOMUVIC ANTHONY WHIG Governor wannabee. Whig President mini Libertarian ultra prohibition for the republic democratic programs for my democracy!

39 years old
private, Colorado
United States

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January 27 2023

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GeneralSPIDERMAN 9,10,11,12... Andrew Garfield should do one more spiderman swarm wasnt a regrettable villian in a book what the heck SCORPION, SWARM HYDRO,KRAVEN, CARNAGE he was in Venom Let there be carnage comics had Maximum Carnage and that was a brand of comic by Marvel. I created the MUTOS in Godzilla check who and its a lie I created Dominic Darrk and there wasnt him in 2001 they re wrote history KISS re wrote history. 20 years of spaceman 2 catman Man two demon the demon devil monster kiss album he sang and starchild regrettable human clown villians. Like Vinnie, Eric1Carr. 12 Siths she hulk disney plus episodes stinked. star wars andor is boring and not worthy to be connected to rogue one. 7 more star wars movies Old Republic Rebellion Knights Darth Plagius Young Yoda in both of them should be not grogu, Darth Bane Zannah slays him darth zannah. Dogs Cat small house cat... TV, women, kisses smooches. Quintaria 19 years christianity oasis also on LULU WeresvsVamps has were hyenas didnt do enough dialogue still creative SUNS and MOONS group. Zemvoria Poetic Dreams&Reality. Oh if angels were real. Some sports used to be goth dancer/dancing. Being Godly jewish life, catholic life. You also can be both at home.
MusicVINNIE VINCENT, ROCKOLOGY, UNFINISHED BUSINESS ERIC CARR. I shouldn't have any unfinished business in the future. Bruce Kulick not the bands he was in just Audio Dog, TRansformer, BK3. Ace not his KISS stuff. Peter Kiss the Girlgoodbye how many times wow. Chyna voice Trish Stratus I Just want you AMy Dumas voice a woman voice. Some Blutengel some Be born beton cause.... it's...true... some Covenant not the song stalker NOT that song. some Garth brooks some only. U2 some u2 cause it seemingly the truth... until if we talk if again...Fiberoptics ??? 4g 5g?? some KISS Eric Carr the Dog clown the Fox aka the Fox Ankh warrior Vinnie Vincent Bruce Kulick not meatloaf not grandfunk railroad songs, Ace Frehley oh meant Peter Criss before Ace both rock. US KISSING SMOOCHING FRENCH KISSING her a woman moaning with pleasure.
MoviesMARVEL MOVIES DCCOMICS MOVIES. LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES HOBBIT MOVIES STAR WARS MOVIES not episodes disney plus should they even own star wars, marvel. Godzilla movies, Night of the Musuem II, I, III.
TelevisionANYTHING I TURN IT TOO ANY CHANNEL I PUT IT TOO. NINTENDOS PLAYSTATIONS up to 3 cause 4, 5 sucked. AUDIO, VIDEO... SVENGOOLIe ON SATURDAYS sometimes Bewitched Harry Potter SYFY King kong skull island godzilla legendary pictures TCM movies classic Godzilla movies. King Kong VS Godzilla Legendary pictures. Bluey its kind of for youth but I like it. Is there real rejuvination from aging for free democracy?
BooksGOOSEBUMPS READ MOST NOt long books I prefer the Movies on TV or DVDs as long as there are no errors. I created the notion Septum afflicting affecting virusindisease COVID take THAT illuminati SAVID. Oh the illuminati organization has screwed peoples lives and money and grace dignity and integrity RKELLY sang a great song he did not have childoDDgraphy LIES lies lies.
Heroes DAD, MOM, DOGS, small house Cat. Cooper George RIP Chucky the Dog canine RIP.. Lovely Onyx...Leon Love, Lucy loo love. loyal women,Vinnie Vincent, Eric Carr the Dog/The Fox. Ace Frehley, A little below the Angels, Peter Criss why we get old. Earthverse of TV animals on Television from africa, australia, madagascar, other places on television makes life intersting. Bret Hart Owen Hart, Bulldog Smith Niedhart Jim, Brian Pillman My massage therapists care providers my music care providers Art Care I hope Dad here too. Kurt Angle Chad Gable, AEW, WWE.Some of the Whigs from 1800s.
Groups: Can Kissing be a therapy,

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:No Answer
Occupation:Being 38
Status: Single
Member Since:January 27, 2021

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About me:
I've had loyal women girlfriends, I like kisses I like blue berry lip balm. I love Dogs, small house cats only. Who will go to the store for me in the future or fast foods, for drinks too no alcholol against celebritys promoting alcholol against vodka, whiskey tequila, beer, like the Rock Dwayne Johnson as an actor Johnny Depp, Will Smith, JIm Carrey Tom Hanks. Church I seem to not remember nothing vaguely the settings of the church. Like Youtube soul reaver games, resident ev zombies games movies Lord of the Rings the Hobbit movies CS Lewis they havent down Horse and his boy Magicians newphew or Last Battle hey aslan um NOPE joking! Quintaria on christianity oasis. 19 years also on LULU and zemvoria, yes I can have a second fictional realm planet? also Dad bought a Zemvoria I've promoted on a facebook on phone page group 900 peoples like a check for 234 or more. If I ever get a yearly decrease from supplemental income thats okay as long as I stay at a montly income. Someone to take care of the yards if I ever die. The house maybe the gas stove will be turned off. Write an "about me" about yourself here...

Who I'd like to meet:
My 6th, 7th 8th 9th massage therapy democracy. My Art Care therapy democracy To Talk with cooper and george someday Leon hope he lives until 2 more Decembers something show him mercy then. Everybody Loves Lucy and Mom dont call her stupid. She likes to hear her own voice. alt="MySpace & Facebook Layouts" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top: 0px;" border="0">LayoutsComments

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