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Dominic Homan looking for a trish stratus for a amy dumas that will be loyal to me I love me a woman though I cant be loyal to you only in romance only in not cheating.

41 years old
Aurora, Colorado
United States

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May 30 2024

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GeneralPoetic Dreams and Reality Quintaria 20 years 100K600 readers christianity oasis Purity Publications Also Chronicles of Narnia mine is different, more creative. Lord of the Rings. Fiction for Jesus Christ Fantasy for Jesus Christ. Woman. Kissing. Smooching no lipstick don't wear any please.
MusicVINNIE VINCENT, ROCKOLOGY, UNFINISHED BUSINESS ERIC CARR. I shouldn't have any unfinished business in the future. Bruce Kulick not the bands he was in just Audio Dog, TRansformer, BK3. Ace not his KISS stuff. Peter Kiss the Girlgoodbye how many times wow. Chyna voice Trish Stratus I Just want you some Garth brooks some only. U2 some u2 cause it seemingly the truth... until if we talk if again...Fiberoptics ??? 4g 5g?? some KISS Eric Carr the Dog clown the Fox aka the Fox Vinnie Vincent Invasion All Systems Go. Trish Stratus I just want you You when we kiss. MusicCare4. CHristian Music some Creed With Arms Wide Open, My Sacrifice which was Quintaria the sword should be a folded sword or a decrative sword, cgi scene. Dog barking, or Cat meow or purr a small cat domestic cat. A Dog can say ruff words sometimes its cute.
MoviesMARVEL MOVIES DCCOMICS MOVIES. LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES HOBBIT MOVIES STAR WARS MOVIES not episodes disney plus should they even own star wars, marvel. Godzilla movies, Night of the Musuem II, I, III. My Quintaria on Christianity Oasis 20 years 100K600 readers should be movies.
TelevisionMovies or Sports. The Chosen series.
BooksQuintaria, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit Series, Chronicles of Narnia, Goosebumps when I was a kid teen and for awhile at my house they're easy reads. Bible. I'm Catholic and founded the name Catholicotti it was inspired because of the devilish illuminati orgnization. They have screwed many celebrities that were in it. I've done my research.
Heroes My Dad, Global Originator Divine, Jesus, My Mom, My Sister My Sis, the United States America, Colorado the State. Democracy. Programs. George, Cooper, Leon, Scott Collins this one time. Sabrina this one time Ericka this one time. Sandra, Christine they cared as well.
Groups: Goths of 2020,

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Status: Single
Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Body type:Slim / Slender
Occupation:Quintaria, On Supplemental pays monthly bills, Getting Massages, Musiccare3 therapy, Dance at Home, ex poet ex artist
Member Since:January 27, 2021

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About me:
I've had loyal women girlfriends, I like kisses I like blue berry lip balm. I love Dogs, small house cats only. Who will go to the store for me in the future or fast foods, for drinks too no alcholol against celebritys promoting alcholol against vodka, whiskey tequila, beer, like the Rock Dwayne Johnson as an actor Johnny Depp, Will Smith, JIm Carrey Tom Hanks. Church I seem to not remember nothing vaguely the settings of the church. Like Youtube soul reaver games, resident ev zombies games movies Lord of the Rings the Hobbit movies CS Lewis they havent down Horse and his boy Magicians newphew or Last Battle hey aslan um NOPE joking! Quintaria on Christianity Oasis Purity Publications twenty years. 20 years free ebook 100K600 readers also on LULU and zemvoria, yes I can have a second fictional realm planet? Write an "about me" about yourself here...

Who I'd like to meet:
My 6th, 7th massage therapy democracy. Massage care from The State. 6 massage care workers all professional. Talking to Leon his ashes should stay inside house. Talking to George, Cooper stars faces you wouldnt understand on my ceiling I've seen particle specs stars we all came from outerspace space we were stars that came from the celestial sky. Vanessa not her grown kids or Torrie Wilson Trish Stratus Bayley maybe not Kathryn Try a carrot and caprisun wild cherry. Smart water oh its good for you not the normal kind not the plai none. alt="MySpace & Facebook Layouts" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top: 0px;" border="0">LayoutsComments

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