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♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱

03/06/2023 09:45 PM 

Current mood:  blank

everythings been going by so fast, im not even sure how a month has passed already.its been a wild couple of weeks 

friends, alternative, canada, numetal, emo, bored, goth, e, blog, y2k, death note, hangry,


03/06/2023 01:48 AM 

Current mood:  accomplished



03/05/2023 06:31 PM 

Latest Holy intel-info output, & have a nice day;
Current mood:  working

Just because of & with = Luke 9:24 (NONE SELF own NOTHING, NOT (human) breath (coming in & out momentarily of YO - you're dust & ash corpse mouth) NOR eternal energy Soul temporarily powering YO - you're dust & ash corpse like a AAA battery - Hebrews 11:1 (WHAT faith IS) - John 3:16 (Jesus temporarily died 4 ALL) - Luke 12:51 (Jesus temporarily 4 a Time came 2 DIVIDE us humanity, NOT bring (give so called peace on this dying NON human innocent Earth).  & say even just as important Yahweh Jehovah Father God giving 'Free Will' & Luke 17: 21 & 22: "The Kingdom of Yahweh Jehovah Father God is inside YOU (ALL human's individually), & ALL around YOU (if even like separately what those of 'Star Wars' referred to as 'The Force', but NOT in NOR amidst mansion's (meaning - building's ie: so called churches) of wood & stone. Split a piece of wood & I (Jesus) am there, lift a stone & you will find me" (Jesus). NO - DOESN'T give ANY the right 2 stuck on stupid SELF think - deem NOR mean U, me, ANY USA-globally get 2 or - NOR R allowed 2 individually get 2 24 day's a week - 7 day's a week ever tick tock 'Time' passing (as Time flies as they say) momentarily - daily (day &/ or night) 'do' whatever we individually want 2 or feel like doing, misc; Uh, NO! NOT EVER & WRONG! As 2 why I - (me), myself have SELF chosen via my Yahweh Jehovah Father God given 'Free WIll' THAT of internal within behavioral, misc SELF deny & B - remain single & straight (hetrosexual) celibate (NO shacking up NOR breeding - hooking up ie: NO body dance groove & drink-ing trying 2 get a female's 7 digit's ie: her phone number means just toying around with her as if her suppose to B 4 One's own SELF own amusement, uh NOT me) Holy Warrior 2 & 4 Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ. Thus - my point, I've chosen 2 EXCHANGE (via my Yahweh Jehovah Father God given individual human 'Free Will' 1 set of complication's (ALL that U humanity itself past-2 date B-sides having witnessed myself internally within OF 'Behavioral Analysis' profile exhibited externally - outside of myself & all around me locally - USA - globally MUCH 2 last 10 lifetime's 4 another (complication's) 2 daily & relentlessly hard core, Warrior allegiance, Christian Caliphate-Jihadism, wrath of Achilles 2 & 4 HIM WITHOUT or NEVER QUESTIONING HIM! As - & I only-solely alone care about Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 Holy Trinity however like THAT of Heaven's Warrior Angel's who DON'T EVER bow B4 humanity (itself), only - solely alone HIM! I am a (imperfect & NOT perfect) old frail tired, tick tock 'Time' (flies) dying man - adult already dead - walking dead man amidst thereof likewise of a ALL connected (meaning U adult's of 8 billion plus USA-globally who R 'capable' though excluding the truly disabled & Jesus's Little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: babies - kid's - children - teen's as even to say, listen to music song, "When the children cry" from & by music artist, "White Lion"). As a whole FAILED idea NECLEUS species - humanity (via FAILED tested Adam 1st by God & THEN Eve by Devil, though WORTHY of noting that Adam was SUPPOSE 2 had - 'have Eve's back' since coming FROM Adam via amidst God's temporarily surgical operation (so to speak as it's way Holy different than what I share here but I'm just saying) with usage of a rib bone from Adam 2 create Eve, BOTH in less than a day).  And THOUGH, YEAH, sure, 'ME & NO (LITERAL) army' in the word's of Shrek & even MORE SO  in the word's of Yahweh Jehovah Father God: 'NOT 1 right (proper) amongst (amidst) them' (us humanity itself) & additionally like Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God said amidst dying - literally nailed to & upon the - that old rugged wooden Cross: 'They (humanity itself) NO know what they've (past-2 date) done NOR do'. SIGH OH how MORE SO true 2 date when - though literally NOTHING is suppose 2 NOR ever had 2 B like this exhibited everywhere USA-globally, as ALL this exhibited is SO WAY far opposite of what ALL could & should have been that NO matter what ANY 1 SELF chooses 2 tell themselves, NONE USA-global R safe, NOWHERE USA-global & even off Earth 2 run-go & NOTHING past-2 date USA-global is normal & THIS IS FOR (VERY) REAL, MAKE NO MISTAKE! THIS ALL USA - GLOBALLY LITERALLY ONLY ENDS ONE WAY, like centuries past, either THEY (fill in the blank's - name THEM) FALL & ARE literally CEASED onsite OR ALL WILL BE! I mean, HUH, DAMN, 'F' - ing take it from fellow human Bro - Brother, just another Son of Adam & Eve, Christian Charles Philip Bale - "If we stay the (THIS USA - global, TOP - down) course, we're dead! We are ALL (connected as a whole 'NECLEUS') dead!" But FINE, okay, so B it, I nevertheless stand (generally speaking - saying) 4 solely alone Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1-1 in 3 Holy Trinity & WITHOUT or NEVER QUESTIONING HIM! As HE'S ALL I solely alone care about & literally NOTHING is more important than ONLY HIM (humanly) momentarily - temporarily tick tock 'Times' (flies) upon this ever dying momentarily - temporarily tick tock 'Times' (flies) NON human innocent 5 day created (B4 humanity itself via Adam & Eve in LESS than a (on the 6th) day (AFTER 5 day's Earth creation) & amidst a past-2 date ever 'Behavioral Analysis' profile exhibited externally - outside of myself & all around me locally - USA - globally ALL connected as a whole FAILED idea & SELF chosen (individually) 2 24/7 B GONE ROGUE (away-flee away from) HIM. When even 2 note that we (humanity itself) were SUPPOSE 2 past had B HIS defining pride & joy AGAINST Devil who was 86-ed outta Heaven 4 behaviorally acting like a worst of ALL damn fool (s) & (?), sadly STILL deems MORE than ANY of us USA-global humanity realize that we R doing Devil's job 4 it against God & (Devil) sits STILL laughing it up at (NOT with) us ALL FAILED idea humanity. & - while spiting (spite) God with "LOOK AT THEM ALL (us ALL humanity itself STILL past historically-2 date 24/7 momentarily - temporarily tick tock 'Times' flies), YOUR (Yahweh's Jehovah's Father's God's) SO-CALLED PRIDE & JOY (us humanity suppose 2 had been & whom R nevertheless & literally however & MORE SO = MORE dead than alive) THEIR SUPPOSE TO REPRESENT YOU?!" & we humanity R of (above) such MORE than we - any 1 individually cares 2 admit - acknowledge or even have the remote slightest comprehensible (laymen, simple understanding) 'capacity' (in the word's of & from Shrek 2 Donkey: 'lack is the capacity', sigh huh OH we humanity itself SELF lack because of us ALL adult - those of the 'capable' excluding the truly disabled & Jesus's Little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: kid's - children - teen's, LACK VAST - MUCH MORE than just the mere capacity as 2 even why ugh ALL worse than ever is exhibitedly is what - how, misc it is everywhere locally USA-globally & even MORE worse STILL is Coming) humanity itself 2 comprehend or care there of 2 seriously SELF individually - internally within ponder & contemplate. BUT I guess with humanity, just literally NOTHING fazes itself NOR does can 'it' (humanity itself cares 2 SELF internally realize &/or admit - acknowledge) B reasoned with as with 2 expand upon via late Kyle Reese's word's 2 Sarah Jeanette Connor with: (humanity itself) don't feel pity or remorse or fear & absolutely will NOT stop EVER. Until COMING (sooner or later) 'literally ALL' (human - NON human (life on Earth) - (dying non human innocent) Earth (itself) - off Earth (as we NO suppose 2 EVER B off Earth & is a unholy violation by us humanity to & B4 Holy Trinity) IS DEAD ie: the walking dead (humanity itself) STILL after past (Time period's - line's) centuries - 2 date with having been given ALL we'd ever need 2 SELF deny appease HIM like THAT of Heaven's Warrior Angel's), THEIR (us humanity itself) SUPPOSE TO REPRESENT YOU (Yahweh Jehovah Father God)?!" As I however nevertheless SELF internally within am SELF (?), forced 2 ponder, misc periodically, "Sigh huh, (?), HOW can my own species (humanity itself STILL past historically-2 date) literally SELF choose 2 behaviorally 'do' this all (fill in the blank's) 2 Yahweh Jehovah Father God & MORE SO THAT 2 & of Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 Holy Trinity?" & worth noting that & of Holy Spirit (H.S.) is the literally Holy binding (wrap around, misc) force 2 & of 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 H.T. What 'it' (humanity itself) has past (historical centuries) done thru 24/7 2 date (ie: 2023 AD)  however ie: Jeremy Lee Renner: "CAN'T B UNDONE" like humanity itself HASN'T even remotely in ANY REAL, misc (wordage) way changed in (Time period above) in year's - decade's - 20 centuries / 2,000 year's (since Jesus was amidst us all & THAT of HIS 1st SELF individually deny chosen (behavior, attitudes, misc) literally hunted down like human animal's & CEASED from human existence itself. BUT R nevertheless with Jesus in Heaven as 2 say - deem 1 can cease another of their temporary human existence BUT CANNOT cease their eternal Soul, 2 ever back 2 past Time period of & since FAILED tested Adam & Eve thereof amidst the garden of Eden 4 a temporarily Time. & - But like Jesus said upon the Cross HE died upon: "We know NOT what we've (individually & as a ALL connected whole NECLEUS species - humanity) have done as well as God: "There's NOT 1 right (proper) amongst (amidst) them (humanity itself & DON'T sit - stand there (?), SELF deeming 2 point the finger &/or blame some other = WE R ALL GUILTY, PERIOD! & there will B & is Coming human INCOMPREHENSIBLE - INCONCEIVABLE Holy retributionary eternal (4EVER - forever) reaping consequences via 1's WHEN - IN - momentary - temporary NON SELF owned as NONE SELF own NOTHING, NOT breath NOR Soul via Luke 9:24, human LIFE assigned archived & documented own Heaven Life Record as all - everyone individually has got 1 (anyone & all human's since Adam & Eve 2 any individually at the Coming end via Holy Bible's B of R - Book of Rev - Book of Revelations). And seriously KNOW-ponder-contemplate THIS, Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 Holy Trinity is NOT a (clean up) maid NOR janitor 2 &/or 4 us humanity (itself) as ALL has been & is OUR (adult) capable NON voluntary - NON optional responsibility 2 HIM as we're SUPPOSE 2 B, like Heaven's Warrior Angel's representing HIM if we even however claim 2 B in & of HIM. & some of humanity (somehow?) verbally, misc rant & rave off 2 SELF &/or other's that HE permits (anything, misc), uh NO! WRONG! HE'S NOT permitting NOTHING, ugh U literally worthless dust & ash adult corpse (fellow) species humanity, how DARE U have the ugh audacity 2 deem that in any way, this all is because of us humanity itself, NOT HIM! & furthermore, sigh huh DON'T U dare put ANY of this past (history)-2 dare on HIM, nevertheless whether cared about or not (u of me) I don't care I stand (however like that of Heaven's Warrior Angel's) solely alone 4 HIM - AGAINST U adult USA-global humanity like say THAT of Luke 12:51 (Jesus temporarily 4 a Time came 2 DIVIDE us humanity, NOT bring (give so called peace on this dying NON human innocent Earth)! & with the notion of humanity using prayer as some mere usable TOOL until not needed no more Genie's bottle as - though YEA, sure, prayer is worthy as with all that in & of itself but sigh huh, whether prayer & etc else, literally everything has been SO taken out of context, etc (wordage) as 2 deem, there just is no literal dictionary 4 this - U humanity ie: there's just no word's, misc. Like humanity can't B reasoned with, haven't changed in centuries-2 date despite even more so THAT of worse Coming sigh but I guess just nothing fazes humanity in any kind of way though exhibited is the denial, misc of exhibitedly (seen & witnessed) B-ing behaviorally feeble minded, naive, coward's (walking around with tail's between YO leg's & NOT behaviorally ie: SELF deny Warrior growing a pair), pointing finger's in any & all other which way direction's. (like say, THAT of the 1970's "LIFE cereal" TV commercial with the little kid's - children sitting around the breakfast table B4 & with a new box of cereal & not knowing what 'it' is) than 2 SELF (any 1 individually of we ALL connected as a whole NECLEUS species-humanity & just because of FAILED tested Adam 1st THEN Eve NO means 2 just B careless, misc with verbal deemed internally within &/ or externally, "EH" like some careless & senseless assumed & deemed 'SNL - Saturday Night Live comedy - comedic from Hell', uh NO! But know this, a) I'm NOT going 2 eternal Hell - Lake of Fire 4 U humanity (like Hitler, etc else there already screaming) & b) I WON'T B in - amidst spaceless - limitless eternal Hell - Lake of Fire BECAUSE WHEN - IN - LIFE I (have & tick tock Time flying do) SELF chosen & choose 2 B SELF deny (& celibate ie: straight - hetrosexual but remain single via NO shacking - hooking up NOR breeding) Holy Warrior (though - despite me & no army in word's of Shrek) BUT like say a writer with daily do or literal dying - Holy advocacy intel-info output via web - internet - online (ie: delivery boy) like Jesus's 1st Crew 20 centuries - 2,000 year's ago B4 B-ing literally hunted down like human animal's & literally ceased of & from human existence but different. As I'm NOT Jesus's best 'student' BUT nevertheless I am a student of HIS 2 literally B about daily HIS Will, misc, NOT MINE via SELF deny - denied, as NOTHING is about me - I'm (a) NO-body & only momentarily - temporarily (here, just passing through as if - ie: like a foreigner in a strange land) amidst U ugh USA - global humanity 2 daily do a - my given 'touched' job - Order's of daily do or literal dying - Holy advocacy intel-info output via web - internet - online (ie: delivery boy). As like with Heaven's Warrior Angel's DON'T EVER question Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 Holy Trinity via HIS given 'Free Will' un2 me 2 SELF choose likewise I shall & do taketh 2 B thereof THAT of exhibition of Heaven's Warrior Angel's, if even deemed AGAINST U adult USA_global humanity, no matter, I don't care, so B it! I'm momentarily - temporarily (here) amidst U 4 a Time until & B4 I'm gone - out, hence having done & carried out my given job & Order's SELF denyingly 2 & 4 HIM un2 the best of my ability even without any army ie: in the word's of Shrek & sure it can B deemed I fall short, huh, daily I quietly acknowledge, I can't stop this despite ALL past historically-2 date USA-globally, I got no army & - though nevertheless NONE know me better than solely alone HIM better than I know my SELF - thySELF. & though I got literally NO confidence NOT trust in NOR of U USA-global adult humanity, my thereof ie: trust & confidence is of solely alone-only HIM, for better or worse, misc THAT of say the marriage vow's, you know the whole wordage, my point: 4EVER me & Holy, retributionary Eye's of Fire, Holy Majesty-King of Kings Jesus Christ, eternal Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God & Heaven (itself) / 3 in 1 - 1 in 3 Holy Trinity.  

abby the homicidal maniac

03/05/2023 08:12 PM 

heaven knows i'm miserable now

born a catholic, die a catholicthis traitorous heart and these traitorous hands that come together to conspire against my headtoo terribly alone and too blinded by desperation to see anything clearly in front of meif my eyes glance away for just a second, my idle hands start to build cathedralsi have to tie my wrists with thorns just to restrain subconscious movementand every time they dig into my skin it reminds me of what it's like to worship a fallible godborn a catholic, die a catholici fear that devotion may simply be in my naturebaptised to search for the next prophetno matter how much i try to shake it, i cannot resist adorationa horrible, horrible habitand it is a long three days to wait for your resurrection.but i'm outside the tomb with hammer and nails, ready to condemn you again and againi see now it was instilled into me in youth to await a messiah to absolve me of sinsa person to bring salvation and ever-lasting lifethough this time, he collapsed on the way to the crossno simon and no veronicahow very sad, that you could not even be martyred for the, not even half the man of those who came before you—the crucified whose egos seep from their hand woundsbut every poem needs a subject, and every poet needs a least i was able to get some use out of you.abby, the holiest of holies


03/05/2023 04:42 PM 

Current mood:  awake

Idk why im up signing up for this but hey yall



03/04/2023 12:21 PM 

numba 9
Current mood:  amused

if i had superpowers, id wanna read minds. only because I wanna know what people think of me and so i can give them back that energy. n e wayz, i was on Pinterest and now they keep showing me pictures of ice spice, i love her. i also made fried rice for the past 3 days, i cant help it! its just too good. i gotta stop though, sh*t ain healthy! alr thas it lolxoxo, KS

fried rice


03/04/2023 05:01 PM 

first of all
Current mood:  creative

OMG!!! I FOUND THIS WEBSITE, IT'S SOOO GOOD!btw now im listening to music (as always) 

lithium battery

03/03/2023 01:25 PM 

Current mood:  virginal

hi, im so tired and i dont know what virginal means so that is my mood


03/03/2023 03:18 PM 

Current mood:  blah


billie !

03/02/2023 11:48 PM 

Current mood:  overstimulated

soooo i got asked out 2 prom by a guy i rly like !!!! aaaaaaa !!!!!!!!

billie !

03/02/2023 09:28 PM 

Current mood:  groggy

just had a breakdown nd rearranged my room lol...i threw away so much of my stuffi wanna change the aesthetic of my room cuz rn itz very sanrio-themed nd pink but i wanna have a coquette kinda bedroom lolol >.<

billie !

03/02/2023 07:05 PM 

Current mood:  blah

need more so lonely >_<


03/02/2023 12:36 PM 

numba 8
Current mood:  awake

i been gone for a hot minute but I'm baacckk, (sort of), i just been tryna get over the fact that I don't have any friends lol. also have been trying to just feel better mentally. I've been wanting to try meditation as of recent, haven't started though. (lol I started writing this at 12:36 now its2pm) and to be completely 100%, I don't know what I'm feeling rn lol, its odd. i do have some plans for this month though, I wanna scalp my entire room and rearrange it, gain some sort of muscle in my arms, and take care of my hair! ill try to be consistent in whatever I'm doing. ill try to get better mentally aswell, I wanna master the arts of not giving a f*** about those who are toxic, n e wayz,xoxo, KS



03/01/2023 09:58 PM 

Current mood:  dorky

i love haida from aggretsuko,  he is litterly a hyena!! like waoh!!! mwah frfr, like i kinnie him so hard, why cant he be real?? AHHH 


*⌒☆ alani ☆⌒*

03/01/2023 06:47 PM 

Finished a Book
Current mood:  amorous

Listening to: Love Sign / Prince & Nona GayeAhh I just finished The Project by Courtney Summers! Jeez louise it's so good, you have to read itIt's about this girl's sister who's in a cult and the mc's trying to save her from it. Their leader, Lev Warren, is the GREATEST cult leader i have ever seen like when can we get married already (///)

reading, the project, book, music, rap

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