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jerbear 。𖦹 °✩

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April 24th, 2024

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Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sign: Leo
Country: United States

Signup Date:
December 14, 2020


04/22/2024 01:58 PM 

k-pop groups ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚

this is a proper intro of the groups i listen to/stan and how long i been liking them baaaasssiiicallllyyyy

stray kids (ULT !!!!) : been stanning for four years (back door era stay) my bias is lee know my sweet lovely babygirl ,,,, fav song ummm .... ttath/mixtape #4/blueprint/easy/pacemaker IDK I LOVE A LOT
twice : five years (fancy era stan) my bias is jihyo !!! fav song is hell in heaven OR up no more (the whole eyes wide open album is my fav tbh)
loona/loossemble/oec/yk all that stuff : started stanning loona in late '19 but didn't realllyyy get into them until summer '20 , the rest is history tbh i got OBSESSED .... fav song love cherry motion/hide & seek , gowon biased :3
ateez : four years (idek what era) san n hongjoong biased !! fav song uhhhhhh idk i don't listen to them a lot anymore :/
seventeen : four years-ish ?? s.coups my man so finenehdhfnngnghnfn  fav song uhhh home;run ? that intro be having me MOVINGGGG
got7 : three-ish going on four years stanning , don't really have a bias tbh , fav song GAWDDDD uh girl girls girls/last piece (last piece be having me going crazy like that's my SONGGGGG)
niziu : my sweet lovely girls i been stanning them since nizi project (four years) !!!! my bias is mayuka :333 fav song CHOPSTICK AYYYY
itzy : stanning since not shy (ITZAYYYYYY) era , i say i'm yuna biased but i'm really a liar i love ryujin , fav song shoot!/iD
blackpink : been stanning for six-ish years ?? smth like that ... listened to playing with fire once and fell in LOVE , lisa/jisoo biased !!
tomorrow x together : been stanning since debut !!! hyukai and beomgyu biased , fav song uhhh ..  drama ?? fairy of shampoo ??? our summer ???? good boy gone bad ????? idk
aespa : been stanning since debut even tho i stopped liking them for a lil bit , ning2 and winter biased , fav song ... YEPPI YEPPI 3
red velvet : uhhh 4 years stanning i think , SEULGI BIASED , fav song rbb or look
neo culture technology : mostly a 127 and dreamies stan ngl , been stanning since like late 2020 idk , johnny/jaemin/jaehyun biased
other groups/soloists i stan but don't know a lot about : shinee , dreamcatcher , g-(idle) , gfriend , iu , exo , xg , newjeans , enhypen , prolly more but i fg !!


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