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June 23rd, 2024

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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 29
Sign: Taurus
Country: United States

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April 12, 2024


04/18/2024 08:47 PM 

My f***ed up life
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  aggravated

I guess its my fault my marriage is falling apart. I didn't know i was marrying a bisexual man and needed to be ok with doing sexual things to him I wouldn't even do myself. I thought this man loved me but i didn't tell him what I meant by love. I want a man who truly loves me who picks up after himself to make my everyday load easier a man who can do his own laundry who doesn't prioritize sexual appetites and video games over bonding with me and our children a man who actually wants to be active in a marriage with their family who is proud of having a clean house someone who would never want another person or to share me just real true love from a man who is selfish who wants me all to himself mind body soul who would get physically sick from the thought of sleeping with anyone outside of our marriage i want an old fashion love that i am afraid does not exist


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