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05/06/2019 11:38 PM 

Current mood:  depressed

according to amazon, autistic adults don't exist! every pair of headphones meant for people with sensory issues are meant for children with sensory issues. i am eighteen, i have the body of an eighteen year old, i am an adult and i have autism! i have extreme problems with noise and more often than not require my headphones when going somewhere.

i am just ranting because i bought a new pair i thought was going to be better than my current pair. it was listed as a pair of noise blocking headphones for adults with autism! they came today. they were toddler sized. 

04/16/2019 10:55 PM 

Current mood:  nerdy

this might be a bit spoiler-y if you haven't read the most recent book, lost stars. :U

i've been reading forum posts from when only the preview was released and for some reason people really wanted shadowpaw to be a villain? i don't understand that. we don't need more evil shadowclan members to make it an interesting story, i'm tired of evil shadowclan cats. but on the flip-side i really think shadowpaw might be something different.

like, he is obviously not getting his visions from starclan, and no other medicine cat (even ones like goosefeather) had seizures accompany their visions. my theory is that his seizures are due to these visions not being from starclan. no other medcat aside from him in lost stars has had any contact with starclan, and i think whoever is contacting shadowpaw chose a medcat apprentice for a reason... an apprentice wouldn't know the difference between starclan and whoever is contacting him now.

i haven't finished AVOS, nor read tigerheart's shadow yet, but based on lost stars and the knowledge he's had these visions since birth... when starclan was able to be regularly contacted, puddleshine probably saw him as a prodigy and took him as his apprentice, but it was never starclan contacting him in the first place. i feel like shadowpaw wants to be the best medcat he can be, but whoever is talking to him in lost stars is actively sabotaging that. 

04/02/2019 11:11 PM 

Current mood:  validated

  • autism speaks it a hate group that has systematically silenced the voices of autistic people for decades. they fearmonger towards uneducated parents with autistic children.
  • The "light it up blue" campaign was created by them. don't use it!
  • while the puzzle piece was NOT created by autism speaks, it was popularized by them. it was MEANT to mean "i am unique and i fit into the greater puzzle of life" but a lot of autistic people see it to mean "i am afflicted by a puzzling condition and have no hope of fitting in"
  • a lot of autistic adults also see it as very childish. autistic adults deal with a lot of infantilization due to the autism awareness movement mainly focusing on young autistic children.
  • autism is a SPECTRUM. it has never been a rigidly defined disorder! although in certain circumstances i am fairly neurotypical-passing, I AM VERY MUCH AUTISTIC! 
  • autism appears very different in girls than boys! autism in girls is heavily overlooked & under-diagnosed
  • if you want to show good allyship for autistic friends/family/etc, use the neurodivergency symbol! many people already use it as such because it's an ACTUAL symbol of hope. not a hatespeech symbol hiding behind a false pretense of hope! people do have their own problems with the neurodivergency symbol, but it's currently a lot better than the puzzle piece or "light it up blue"

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01/04/2019 12:44 PM 

happy new year~
Current mood:  bored

i might go back to using this as a pseudo-diary (like the other 5 i have including my twitter) for more off-the-cuff kind of stuff. if i just really need to RAMBLE. the kind of thing that twitter doesn't let you do. like twitter lets you just stream whatever you are currently thinking but you can't really write out whole paragraphs or a complete thought, just tiny summaries.

*hops from that train of thought to a completely different one* my physical therapist says i have been getting stronger which really makes me happy to hear. just sucks that we can't continue because we're worried what the strain of standing could do to my hips and legs and we can't get into a freaking orthopedist because they want my entire medical record from my old doctors. my entire record spanning 16 years, everything. doesn't matter that sometimes i went there every week, they want all those notes, surgery records, everything!! so thats been the only thing holding us back from actually getting in to see one. bleh

also i've been getting back into wicca/witchcraft  "new year new me" as the saying goes...

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