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June 9th, 2019

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September 07, 2017


01/04/2019 12:44 PM 

happy new year~
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  bored

i might go back to using this as a pseudo-diary (like the other 5 i have including my twitter) for more off-the-cuff kind of stuff. if i just really need to RAMBLE. the kind of thing that twitter doesn't let you do. like twitter lets you just stream whatever you are currently thinking but you can't really write out whole paragraphs or a complete thought, just tiny summaries.

*hops from that train of thought to a completely different one* my physical therapist says i have been getting stronger which really makes me happy to hear. just sucks that we can't continue because we're worried what the strain of standing could do to my hips and legs and we can't get into a freaking orthopedist because they want my entire medical record from my old doctors. my entire record spanning 16 years, everything. doesn't matter that sometimes i went there every week, they want all those notes, surgery records, everything!! so thats been the only thing holding us back from actually getting in to see one. bleh

also i've been getting back into wicca/witchcraft  "new year new me" as the saying goes...


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