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02/21/2018 01:47 PM 

My boss is a piece of sh*t
Current mood:  angry

I would like to tell my boss "f**k you, you piece of sh*t, go f**k yourself with the sharp end of a broken bottle!"

Ungrateful bastard! I work my ass of today for a 10 hour shift, trying to follow his contradictory rules, dealing with customers during our busiest season, so it gets hard to finish every task perfectly considering that customers will constantly interrupt me every 5 minutes.
So due to the distraction, I make one little mistake, nothing in the big picture, I forget about it move on with mu day and go home.
At home my phone rings and I see it's my boss, I ignore it, because I know nothing good comes from an after hour phone call from him. But he immediately rings back, 4 times. So I think it must be something important and I answer it.
Turns out, he rang for the sole purpose of screaming at me for the earlier mistake, spends about fifteen minutes on the phone yelling and asking me questions of how it happened only to interrupt me and yell more when I try to answer. Keep in mind, last night I worked late for him, unpaid overtime. I do this often. But there is no gratitude, just more expectations.
Ungrateful, low life piece of crap. It's no wonder nobody likes the jackass. he is the worst boss I have ever had and I actually like when we lose business, as it takes money out of his pocket.


02/19/2018 02:55 PM 


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02/17/2018 11:22 PM 

Please Get Here Soon
Current mood:  excited

I can't wait for Tuesday...


02/17/2018 07:41 PM 

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02/17/2018 12:45 PM 

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