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03/24/2019 09:44 PM 


oblio - batting cages


03/24/2019 06:08 PM 

2000's Playlist
Current mood:  headphones

Hey guys ! 
So, I have decide to show you my playlist of 2000's music, it'll be probably shorter than it really is because, I have a lot of songs in. Maybe I'll do a second part, i don't know
It'll not be the order that I prefer, iIwrite them in the order that it come in my mind
So, here we go !

Situations by Escape The Fate
Helena by My Chemical Romance
Until The Day I Die by Story Of The Year
Hit Or Miss by New Found Glory
Misery Business by Paramore
Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade
Miss You by Blink 182
I'm Not Okay by My Chemical romance
This War Is Ours by Escape The Fate
Scars by Papa Roach
Higinia by BlessTheFall
Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings
Keep The Party Alive by Family Force 5
Cute Without The "E" by Taking Back Sunday
Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy
I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan
1985 by Bowling For Soup
American Idiot by Green Day
If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember
Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low
Hollywood Whore by Papa Roach
The Anthem by Good Charlotte
Pieces by Sum 41
Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
Savior by Rise Against
I Was A Teenage Anarchist by Against Me
Last Resort by Papa Roach
I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte
Scene Girlz by BrokenCYDE
Pace Yourself by The Higher
I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco
Rooftops by Lost Prophets
The Final Episode by Asking Alexandria
Dirty Little Secrets by All The American Rejects
Not Good Enough For True Cliche by Escape The Fate
Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria
Yeah Boy And Doll Face by Pierce The Veil
Boulevard Of Broken Hearts by Green Day
The Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
Monster by Skillet
Waking The Demon by Bullet For My Valentine

☠ Xx_bloodXpoisoning_xX ☠

03/24/2019 12:43 PM 

pop punk kids.

it's not like anyone cares what i have to say.

but i feel sorry for the pop punk kids
their bands lyrics just inst something the radio would pay
and all their heart and soul's in it
but for some reason they all hate that
the laughs in their faces
is just something they've learned to combat


03/23/2019 10:59 PM 

Skittlepawz, my main fursona
Current mood:  artistic

my skittlepawz <3 
Hello everyone~! This is my main fursona, Skittlepawz!!! She is a scenecore skitty (as chu can see) and heres some infoz about her!!!

Skittlepawz is a kitten and a smaller than average skitty at about 6 inches high at the shoulders (when on all fourz x3). She is made partially of candy, and although I havent completely figured all the deets about her composition out yet, her tail is cotton candy + skittlez and she bleeds mountain dew! Only ppl really close to her are allowed to nom on her tail and as long as she is fed, her candy will grow back!!!

Skittlez doesn't eat regular pokemon food or anything like that to grow her candy parts back, instead, she feeds on happiness, cuddles, laughs, love, and anything pawsitive!!! 

I hope you guys like this post! I'm super happy to be finalizing my fursona, and I do still have some more ocs to take care of! Also, I did this draw in MS Paint w/ a mouse, so it isn't my best work 4 sure, I did this for the old furrycore aesthetic!! In the future I will also post sum higher quality arts from meeee 

furry, fursona, kitten, cat, scene, scenecore, furrycore, furries, scene, emo, emocore, rainbowcore, pokemon, skitty, skittlpawz


03/23/2019 07:30 PM 

I sound like a crazy lunatic hippy but hey
Current mood:  stressed

I could really rant about this but i'm not going to bother because i'm exhausted, but i'm f***ing sick of people who just don't give a sh*t about anything that's important. Today we had to vote in our state election, and people I know just didn't vote.. but have the audacity to say things they know will get the nod from everyone else around like 'everyone in politics is f***ed anyway' like cool man, maybe do some research and F***ING VOTE or DO NOT complain about the outcome. 
Saying sh*t like 'smaller parties never get anywhere anyway and I wouldn't vote liberal or labour' is just a god damn cop out, if everyone had that attitude, which many do, then there's no wonder they aren't getting seats or representation. But the most important thing here is they just don't give a sh*t about anything but are happy to retort about how f***ed the system is while being a huge part of the problem to begin with. I just don't have time to f*** with people like this anymore you know, i'm tired of it. 
I know that I wear too much of the disgusting things in the world on my shoulders and stress about it more than is healthy, but I just don't understand how people can just sit idly by and live and potentially bring children up in a world they are choosing not only in their votes but their lifestyles they are essentially destroying. 
People need to look at their lifestyles, we have a huge population issue, and a bad attitude toward resources, we are lazy, ignorant and negligent and we need to be more respectful, resourceful, sustainable and smart. We all need to step up, rethink how we are doing things and start working toward a more hopeful future. F*** I just want to take off to the bush and live in a cottage in a fully self sustained home, where I grow fruits and vegetables, and native vegetation, become a haven for wildlife (and hope they don't steal my food) bake my own breads and sweets and make conserves and uuuugh how wonderful, but even then i'd be stressing that the world around me isn't doing very good and my home would probably destroyed for agriculture anyway (cos that's always been a great move for Australia's environment, going sooo well so far.. (sarcasm) )
I think I need to see a professional about dealing with stress lmaoooo


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