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01/21/2020 08:30 PM 

sweet and pure ask meme :)

🐰- do you believe in soul mates?lol not really tbhπŸ’Œ- diary or journal?i dont have either :P  βœ¨- which fictional character (book, show, or movie) do you relate to most? lol idkπŸ’•- are you crushing on someone? no  πŸ’‹- kissing in the dark or kissing in the rain? neither  πŸ- describe your aesthetic in emojis (❁´◑`❁)🎢✨ πŸΌ- what is your favorite memory? going to marine land with my cousins πŸŒΈ- what is your favorite flower? hyacinths and lavenders  πŸ’–- have you ever been in love? no  πŸ°- strawberry or vanilla? vanilla  πŸ―- describe your favorite smell maple syrupπŸŽ‚- if you had 3 wishes, what would they be? 1: world peace 2: donald trump f***ing dies 3: the ability to lucid dream whenever i wantπŸͺ- cookie dough or cookies? cookies :D β˜•- coffee or tea?  teaπŸƒ- would you rather live in a sea with mermaids or a forest with fairies?neither tbh πŸ‚- what’s your middle name?  its raymond πŸ’«- what is your sun, moon, and rising sign?  my sun is aries, my rising is leo, and my moon is capricorn πŸŒ§οΈ- favorite thing to do on rainy days? read or play video games πŸ­- how tall are you?  like 5'8 idk  πŸ’’- which show would you want to live in?  idk Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―  πŸŽ„- what is your favorite holiday? christmas and halloween  πŸ¦- what scented candle is your favorite? probably pineapple πŸŽΆ- favorite song right now? probably feel good inc πŸ’˜- 3 ways to win your heart? - be nice - like cats - like cooking  πŸ©- current mood?  yeet  β„️- what is your favorite season?  πŸŒΈπŸŒ·spring🌷🌸  πŸ’- your current relationship status? single  πŸ“·- a photo of yourself  no  πŸ’…πŸ»- do you like being spoiled?  not really tbh  πŸ•ŠοΈ- 3 habits you have?  - constantly flipping between tabs - never logging off on friendproject - misspelling half of the words i type πŸ¦„- how do you perceive yourself?  pretty nice i guess  πŸ¦‹- how do you think others perceive you? as a pretty nice person  πŸŒˆ- things I find attractive in girls/guys  lol idk  πŸ“- one secret about yourself  im just gonna skip this because i dont want to just leave my sh*t out on the internet  πŸ’- how do you act when you have a crush?  ive never really had a crush  πŸ’”- the reason behind your last breakup?  ive never had a breakup before tbh  πŸ’¬- what your last text message says?  "im on andriod"  πŸŽ₯- what show are you currently binging on?  supernanny  β›…- what is your morning routine?  wake up, get out of bed, and eat something before going to school  πŸ’—- who do you miss?  my uncle who died when i was young :,(  πŸ₯€- last time you cried? lol idk  πŸŽ- when is your birthday?  april second  πŸ”ͺ- scariest/creepiest experience?  one time when i was younger i went into this haunted house thing and was sister shook when i left  πŸ’€- date someone younger, older, or same age as you?  probably the same age as me  πŸŽ€- any question you want  β°- why did this take you so long to write?  i got distracted

ask meme

I. M. Meen

01/21/2020 05:02 PM 


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01/21/2020 02:39 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

I farted on a kid to make him stop being annoying LMAO


01/21/2020 11:19 PM 

Wandering Vapor: 0
Current mood:  geeky

So I'll be brutally honest, I haven't listened to everything vaporwave has to offer. Go look on Youtube, Spotify, or Bandcamp; there's so many albums and singles in vaporwave. So I've decided that every two weeks, I'll wander the vapor to find albums, and share them with all you wonderful people!For those of you who don't know what vaporwave is, it's a sub genre of electronic music that emerged in the 2010s, often sampling music from the 1980s and 90s as a meme. The subculture takes a satirical look at consumer capitalism and pop culture, and is often characterized as nostalgic and surreal. It also takes stuff from the early era of the internet, like late 1990s web design, anime, and 3D rendered objects.So now that we have the intro out of the way, come with me, and see all that the otherworldly trip called vaporwave has to offer.-AlienNote: I have never done professional blogging before, so I'll definitely get better with time!

vaporwave, aesthetic, music, electronic music, blog, my blog, blogging, retro

Aradana Κšβ™‘Ιž

01/22/2020 12:13 AM 

mayb shes born with et,,, or mayb its mental illness innit
Current mood:  depressed

feel like ABSOLUTE sh*t today, planned to do some much stuff like catch up on school work but ended up sleeping the moment i got home, felt dizzy n disoriented after i woke up for hours. i can feel a depressive episode hitting me !! my family literally does not want to interact with me. i bet they dont even care about what i have to say. my mom told me im never feminine and she hates the way i present myself, so i guess self expression really is that bad huh. talked to my ex today, he was very very nice and familiar honestly, just what i needed. it was comfortable you know???ugh. im a mess...been listening to old waterparks, like double dare and entertainment because it reminds me of a year ago when all i would listen to was that, and life was so good. im really grasping on feeling comfortable. i wish i didnt feel so bad all the time, god thanks for listening xxx- ara Κšβ™‘ɞ p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} span.s1 {font: 12.0px '.SF NS Symbols'}

blog, mental health, life update


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