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Under The Palm Tree

06/15/2017 06:21 PM 

Need Prayer? Click!


Under The Palm Tree's Prayer Request blog is open to Everyone!

You don't have to be on our friend list or a member of our group to use it.

Everyone who posts will be prayed for!

Just click the purple button:


Lrd Jezze

05/07/2017 12:17 PM 

World might end in 2182 (Don't know which month or day)
Current mood:  confident

Back in the summer or fall of 2014 I was napping on the weekend and woke up to remember a vivid dream in my first person view I was in space darkness was everywhere, stars silently coming towards me like what you would see in some old desktop computer screen when idle, I then saw all the ancient cultural iconic people like ancient kings from Egypt, Buddha, Monks, Aztecs, Mayans, others that I can't quite remember, after that I heard a godly voice say (168 years later) while I heard that the actual number one hundred and sixty eight was in bronze gold color came down like some kind of subtitle then I woke up and calculated it from that year and of course it came out to be 2182 I did some research to find out about that year, the Earth has a 1 in 1000 chance of getting hit by an asteroid which is rare because usually it's something like a 1 in 250.000 or 1 in 556.000 chance wow what are the odds in that dream is it coincidence? In my opinion from here on in whoever is reading this don't listen to these false prophets, cult leader and church leaders that say it might end before my claim date.



05/03/2017 11:32 PM 

Current mood:  blah

I used to love writing stories, whether it's fan fictions, teen fictions or fantasy but now I think I'll stick with blogging for a bit. I used to have best friends who were good at writing too; I compared my work and theirs all the time. It didn't really stop me from writing but one day, we had disagreements and it went to its worst. I stopped writing. 

I hated one of them and she was a good writer so I ended up hating the arts of writing. Months later, I thought it was childish to hate something your enemy is good at, but I loved writing, so I gave it another chance. And here I am writing a blog not much of a story but I like to write about it. Yeah, I bet someone'll read this. Yep! I'll just leave now. It's getting awkward.


writing, blogging, so weird, i dont know what i am saying


05/02/2017 01:40 PM 

Thoughts 1
Current mood:  crazy

Imagine getting hit by a baseball bat to the face.

I woke up with my face planted on the floor. Apparently, i fell off the bed.

"What a nice way to wake up." I thought to myself. My head hurt because I fell off the bed and hit the floor. I didn't want to walk out of my room yet so i went back to bed. I suddenly regretted it because I couldn't go back to sleep because my thoughts were running inside my mind.

Guess what i was thinking about? well.. My ex. *nervous laughter*

Okay, so.. a bunch of you people out there might think that I'm too young or whatever but shoot me for getting myself involved in those teen love sh*t. I am 15 after all. 

Why was i thinking of my ex again? oh yeah.. because I took him seriously and in the end he just doesn't 'love' me anymore because there were no 'sparks'. LOVE ISN'T ALL ABOUT THE SPARKS! DUMBASS! 

Welp! I'm ranting. I best be out of here before I say something regretful.

Peace Out! (Is2g that's weird but the site looks like a 2000's site so I MUST ADD THE 2000's FEEl.)


teen love, i dont know what i am saying, bed, thoughts, diary, humor, i need friends

Lrd Jezze

04/18/2017 12:19 PM 

Is it because it's all an distraction ?
Current mood:  weird

I believe they're levels to consciousness to know that it never ends, there's got to be a reason why all of us humans are like hamsters in a maze or cage being observed by some kind of higher power food chain. I also believe that every country is being governed by a supernatural entity of their own to see who can take the top spot while we are just being distracted by everyday meaningless things like Television,Phones,Music,Drugs,Sex,anything materialistic to keep us all from speaking wondering, questioning why are we truly here if you think very deep about this it might cause some kind of panic because it is very scary reality that some of us at some point stop and think about it.



04/15/2017 06:39 PM 

What to do when you hate your job?
Current mood:  anxious

Boss is a d*ck, demands longer and longer hours which he doesn't pay you for.

Control freak, micromanaging f***tard who screams at you and makes you miserable.

I know I should quit, but what if I wind up in something worse?

That's the fear that holds me back.



03/23/2017 01:50 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

As hard as this is going to be, I'm going to try really hard to push myself to get out more(unless I forget cuz I do that). I want my old life back. I want to be able to find the girl who was super bubbly and outgoing. I'm sick and tired of my anxiety and seasonal depression controlling my life. It's getting to the point that I don't care about anything. Not even myself. That's not good! I need to take charge. If my mom can do it and my best friend can do it, then I can do it. Yea, it's going to be really really hard but I have to do it. If I keep hanging out with people, as time goes on it will get easier. Then when I am done with college and I have a job and money to move, I can move to Florida like I've been wanting to do for years now. By that time my anxiety shouldn't be an issue anymore and it's summer every day there so I won't have to worry about depression. I just need to remember that I can go home at any time, it's not like I have to stay there, esp if I get anxiety I'm sure my friends would understand. If I do it enough, I'll no longer get anxiety. Well, so I was told by a YouTuber who specializes in this stuff. I'm sure he's right on the money though because anxiety is infact a fear. Your afraid of something. What I'm afraid of, is getting anxiety while I'm hanging out with my friends (not my best friends), make a total fool of myself because I'm panicking, they don't know what to do, and I embarrass myself or I'm freaking out so bad that I can't drive home. The worst part about anxiety is that sometimes you don't know why you are scared and/or you are scared of sh*t that isn't logical but you can't seem to convince yourself that even though deep down, your aware it's not a logical fear. I wouldn't wish this disorder on my worst enemy because I've been suffering from it for over a year now. My anxiety medication stopped working and it's a very long process for a doctor to get you off of them. It sucks ass. Yes, I'm suffering from it, but I'm still going to at least try to get out more and be the old me again. The happy me.



03/21/2017 06:39 PM 

The Book of the Week

Welcome to The Book of the Week.

A blog where I read a book and give my opinion on it.

*Previous Books of the Week*

March 20th-26th: Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth



03/21/2017 06:39 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished


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#New #Life #Networking


03/21/2017 05:45 PM 

Current mood:  fascinated

OMG I am TOTALLY obsessed with the show "Intervention" it's so damn interesting! It's really sad at the same time though. People doing hard drugs and stuff is terrible and hard to watch. Yea, I don't know these people but still. I have empathy and its just sad. It's even worse when they don't get better and they decide to leave rehab and go back to their old ways. 


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