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King Zil

05/22/2018 10:14 PM 

She Goes Away

Tired, nickel-coloured night
You can take my blood and keep it,
I ain't needin it no more.

She goes away, and don't you know, it's been ashes.
Send her away,
and don't you know it ache
Since we first speak, it's been hell opened up!

use my broken teeth to pave your street,
my splintered bones stomped for sand,
If the lead-footed man should once again leave me dead,
My body broken, 
my soul would find a way,
Oh, night, to hear her songs again.


05/22/2018 08:52 PM 

If You We're A Triangle, You'd Be Acute One

Oh not again,

The lies still burn a vision we so desperately needed!
Oh, sweet depravity!
(Carved into my throat!)
Pray for a new day worth living to see.

Holding on to the truth,
While others burn it away,
Life is all but paradise,
For the awakened.
But yet I stand in the rain,
Ready for the storm. 

(Even if the tides wash away the pain,
Who can say they were here at all?
Eyes witness occurrences,
But who would ever listen to a broken spirit?)


05/21/2018 10:22 PM 

Myspace Survey
Current mood:  headphones

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF (Stole this from Rebecca!)

name: Dmitri

nickname: Dee, Mitri

how old are you: 19!

zodiac sign: Aries

current location: My beddd

eye color: Brown

hair color: Black&Blue

hair type: Short

height: 5'3"!

your heritage: French?

what's your middle name: Orpheus

shoe's you wore today: None!

your weakness: Please don't touch my belly button >.>

your fear: Knives

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:  Yes

do you want to: Never again

goal you would like to achieve this year: Get a car

first thought when you wake up: Mai bf

best physical feature: Eyes

who is your bestest friend: My BFFFL (boy friend forever for life), Meko!

when is your bedtime: LOL

your most cherished memory: I went to the movies w. my bf!! It was our first date.I bought him sum squishies.

pepsi or coke: Coke

mc donalds or burgerking: Macdonal

single or group dates: Single

what is the last song you sang: Feel Good Inc.

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: Depends

what is your biggest pet peeve: Ppl who judge you but then u cant judge them cuz they get mad =_=

do you drink: Nope

ever been drunk: Yes...

do you smoke: Sometimes

do you "SMOKE": JKLDELKFAEJRGKG... weed kills

do you sing: A lot

what color underwear do you have on: uh. none....

do you want to go to college: Not rlly but I have to soon

have you ever been in love: YES!!!!

do you want to get married: YEAH!!!!!!!!!

do you believe in yourself: Hell no

do you believe in others: Sometimes

do you like thunderstorms: Yes but sometimes they scare me

do you play an instrument: Trompet

what do you want to be when you grow up: I wanna be an art teacher

what country would you like to visit: Japan or France

how many CD's do you own: Oof.... Over 40!!

how many DVD's do you own: Like 9

how many tattoo's do you have: Zero! But I want one

how many piercings do yo have: My ears only

how many things in the past do you regret: A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT AL OT


shoes: Boots

radio station: I dont listen to the radio! My fav. CD is OK COMPUTER

drink: Milkkkk

car: God any that I could own tbh ;(

place: My bf's room

song: Sugar Boats by Modest Mouse

movie: Scott Pilgrim

moment: I said "Hey Siri" when me n my bf were goin to bed n my phone heard me from across the room and me and my bf got scared a little

color: Green

meal: Chicken Alfredo bby


favorite eye color: Blue or Green

favorite hair color: Brown

short or long hair: Short

height: Shorter than me

body type: Doesnt matter!

does ethnicity matter: HELL NO MAN

piercings: Awwww yeah



do you think you are attractive: NOPE

are you attracted to someone who does not know it: No

would you like to be someones fantasy: ;) Meko

hunter or hunted: The what? Top or bottle.

do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: Closed but sometimes I keep them open bc I like lookin @ Meko

a little or a lot of tongue: Not a fan

older or younger: No preference just... no gap larger than 3 years?

lights on/lights off or candle light: CANDLE! LIGHT!

do you like to cuddle after: Ya.

do you like to cuddle in general: Yis


what is todays date: May 21 2018

what time is it: 10:22 PM

who are you thinking of: Meko

what are you listening to: Step by Vampire Weekend

do you love someone: YESSS I LOVE MEKO I LOVE MEKO!!!!

do you know where your mechanical bull is: What the f*** is this question

does someone love you: Meko!

is it raining: I wish it was like... pouring Id go stand out in tha rain n run around

how many myspace friends do you have: 14

are you happy: Not really. Lifes like tht tho!

About Me, Survey


05/21/2018 08:40 PM 

Current mood:  thirsty

man oh man have things been f***ed or what.

so like. family life is pretty awful right now. my dads a colossal f***ing pissbaby. and my mom feels like she needs to apologize for his crappy attitude.

and im...i dunno. still bent up about being single i guess? very dumb.

this probably all sounds like nonsensical teen angst (which it is. Hah.) but sometimes a dudes gotta say what they're feelin. even if it just sounds like depressed drivel.

in good news i started remaking something very sentimental to me, so thats been fun. i also want to get back into working out but...even spring over here is too much. almost 100 degrees in may? f*** offfff

ok im done now :3

May Skelly

05/21/2006 11:56 PM 

☆ The Stars Peek Through And Between The Clouds ☆
Current mood:  imaginative

We're on the roof of that abandoned asylum tonight. We decided to go there because we love abandoned places and it's pretty creepy, and that sure does suit our aesthetic.
Despite the chilly weather and slight wind, we aren't wearing jackets. A blessing for me since your muscular arms are quite a nice show. Ofcourse I've never told you, but although your tattoos are beautiful and make you hotter than the average guy, they aren't the only interesting thing about your body. As you give me your hand for me to hold while stepping over water and slippy grounds, I almost trip. You laugh and it resonates in the wind and slightly in my head. Your long black hair looks majestic in the wind and I can't help but laugh too while I reach for your hair. It looks soft, and knowing already what I want, you move your hair out of your face to one side so I could reach it easily. Your teeth don't show anymore but you still have a slight smile on your lips. You seem content as I play with your hair. Our hands are still holding and you don't seem to notice, but my heart beats faster by the minute. And I catch a glimpse of your blue eyes, that shine slightly, even in the dark like now. I've taken pictures of them before but nothing could make me as crazy for you as seeing them looking back at me. A gentle breeze roams through the sky and hides the moon behind clouds as I shiver. You notice my shaking and in a gentle gesture you detach your hand from mine to take me in your arms. Maybe you did notice our hands were holding but didn't want to let go? "Are you cold? Is this better, is it alright?" You softly ask me and I whisper that it is much better while your arms hold tighter onto me and I feel your warmth against my body. You're a little taller than me though, so I rest my head against your chest. Your heart seems to beat fast too? You rub my back and I hold you tighter too now, enjoying the moment and completely forgetting about the wind as I only think about you and how much I love you. Truly I don't know if you love me too, but if you do, neither of us has said anything yet. You pull slightly back and I look up to you. Our eyes lock and I admire what I can see of them, oh how I wish I could see them clearly now. But I wouldn't give up this moment for anything in the world. You smile softly at me and I smile too. Your small grin transforms into a sly smile and you keep get closer to me until your eyes drift from mine to my lips a second before our lips touch. I move my hand from your back to your neck and the kiss deepens. Everything around me disappears for a few seconds although I'm sure my brain paints the picture of us kissing on the roof of this abandoned creepy asylum. Nothing has ever felt this real before, and it seems I'm tasting my favorite dessert again after being restricted any sugar for 2 months. Soon enough - too soon - you pull back and we admire each - other's faces. Your eyes sparkle with excitment, joy and surprise. Why are you surprised, was it not obvious I am obsessed with you? You smile brightly and I smile too, and as you pull me back in a hug and kiss my forehead, I feel your heartbeat going just as fast as mine. Shortly after this we sit on the edge of the building looking at the stars, you take my hand and look at me. I look back and hear you whisper just loud enough for me to hear: "I love you." My heart seems to be exploding now, and I don't hesitate a minute to answer that I feel the same as we go in for another kiss under the cloudy sky. The stars peek through and between the clouds jsut to watch us live our teenage romance.

Emo, romance, metalhead, love, cute, teenager, dark, abandoned, fantasy, boyfriend, girlfriend


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