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02/19/2017 11:14 PM 

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02/19/2017 08:47 PM 

The Hunter : Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Eddie had been driving for some time and he was ready for some lunch. Strange how dispatching a couple of low life demons worked up one’s appetite he thought. He glanced down at his watch. It was just before noon. He glanced back up and spotted a little diner up on the right and slowed down, moving over into the right lane and then coasting into the parking lot. He didn’t feel any itching on his chest. That was good. Sometimes it was nice just to have a quick break between demon hunting and killing. He had left the last town far behind him and was now on a stretch of road that had smaller towns that dotted it here and there on his way to the next big town. His inner GPS was just dictating which direction to go, where he might likely find the next batch of demons, which more than likely would be in the next big city on the way. He thought about the road signs he had passed up on the way here. “What did it say?” he pondered it for a moment. “Oh yeah, Sulfur” he thought and his nose twitched. “What a weird name for a town.” He had pulled up into the parking lot now and had found a parking spot. Getting off his bike he walked into the little diner and looked around. There was a long counter towards the back wall with people sitting at it on taller stools. There were tables here and there and under the huge windows that lined the front of the building and some booths over against one wall. On the other wall was a little old jukebox and a TV was sitting on a little metal shelf that shot out from the wall in one corner. The place was filled with older people and they all glared at him as he walked in. He tried to ignore them. Most had shorter hair. There was a younger gal behind the counter in a waitress uniform. Eddie nodded to her. She was the only one in the place who offered up anything resembling a smile. A fat guy at the counter turned and looked over at Eddie and then mumbled something about Eddie being a “god dam hippy”. Eddie ignored it and simply smiled to himself as he made his way over to one of the empty tables that was near the front windows near the corner of the diner. He had his back towards the wall and looked out at the highway outside as an occasional truck, semi or RV would cruse by. He pondered about all those people and what their stories must have been. After a few moments the younger gal behind the counter came up to him and handed him a menu. “That’s a nice bike you got there,” she said. Eddie looked up at her and smiled and then looked out the window at it. “Yeah she’s pretty good. She gets me here and there I guess.” he said and looked back up at the waitress who was looking out at the bike and then let her eyes meet his. She licked her lips for a moment. “I bet. I bet you like to ride huh?” she said. “I’d love to ride you sometime”. Eddie looked up at her again. “Excuse me?” The fat guy over at the counter was yelling for a refill on his coffee. He mumbled something about the whore preferring f***ing hippies to real men. Eddie shot him a look as the waitress was yelling back at the fat guy. “In a minute Hun I’ll be right there” and gave the fat guy a smile. He turned back around and pushed his food around on his plate. The waitress looked back at Eddie. “You’ll have to forgive Ralph there sweetie. He don’t mean nothing by it. He’s just like that. Now what can I get you Hun?” she asked and leaned over a bit so he could see her cleavage and shook her tits in his direction. “You see anything you like?” Eddie smiled politely as he looked back at the menu and then said he’d love the day’s special, which was a chicken fried steak and French-fries. Truth was it was their daily special. “And a coffee” “Anything for you sugar” she said and went off to get him his coffee which only annoyed the fat guy at the counter even more and again he was muttering under his breath about dam hippies who never worked a day in his life blowing through town and how they should go back where they come from and get f***ed up on their hippy weed and some other crap. The guy next to him didn’t say anything but would look back over towards Eddie’s direction and had no problem letting him know he was looking at him. They mumbled among themselves and then would laugh and both would look over at Eddie and mumbled among themselves some more and would look back over at him from time to time, almost aching for a fight. After a few moments the waitress came over with his coffee and sit it down on a nice saucer with a napkin. She had written something on the napkin, which turned out to be a phone number. Eddie looked at it and then up at her, as he was about to take a sip. “I get off at 5. Call me” she said and winked at him. Eddie said nothing but smiled at her as he glanced out the window and then picked up more of the fat guys rant. He tried his best to ignore him. ‘No sense in kicking an idiot’s ass Eddie. Just enjoy the time off’, he was telling himself under his breath. “F***ing hippy band piece of sh*ts” he heard a voice say and for a second he thought Ralph was talking about him. “That aint music. Give me George or Allen any day. They’d kick their Asses. Look at that sh*t” the guy was going on. Eddie glanced over at him and could see that he was going on about some band on the TV. They were doing a special apparently so Eddie went back to his inner thoughts and tried to push the fat guys rant out of his head. “Let go of me Ralph” he suddenly heard a woman saying and he looked up to see the fat guy Ralph grabbing at the waitress. She jerked her arm away from him and then punched him in the arm, pretty hard too. “Nice right” Eddie thought. The fat guy flinched a bit but tried to act like it didn’t hurt. She had a tray of food in her hand and brought it over to Eddies table. “You okay miss?” Eddie asked her. She was silent for a moment as she put her food down on his table. He glanced past her over towards the fat guy who was grumbling to the guy next to him. Seeing her talking to Eddie only made him more upset. “F***ing whore,” he said again where everyone could hear. Eddie started to get up and she blocked his way. “Don’t worry about it. Its just Ralph okay” Eddie gave him a look over her shoulder and the guy was prime for a fight now and looked back at him like “what the f*** are you looking at you sorry hippy mother f***er?” and sort of did his fist like he was gonna punch the air. Eddie just laughed and looked at her. “You make a nice cup of coffee Angie” Eddie said, glancing at her nametag. She suddenly smiled and forgot about Ralph for a moment. “Thanks. You should have my breakfast some time” she said and licked her lips. “Maybe you could come over to my apartment for some breakfast. Or dinner. Or dinner and then just stay the night and have breakfast the next day” she said and smiled broadly at Eddie. “F***ing whore” Ralph was muttering. She squinted her eyes for a second, but kept them on Eddie and smiled again. “What do you say tall dark and handsome?” Angie asked Eddie. “It’s a lovely offer beautiful and some other time I’d probably take you up on that. I’m sure I’d have a great time and such. But as you can see I’m a married man” he said and lifted his left hand and twirled his wedding ring, which he was still wearing. She glanced at it and then back at Eddie. “So!” “You could still come over and I’d show you a real good time. I don’t care that you’re married.” “Yeah but I do” Eddie said and smiled at her. The waitress suddenly looked dejected. “Sh*t. Figures the best-looking thing that walks through that door in a long time and he’s spoken for. Figures” she said sort of disgusted. Eddie felt bad for her because she suddenly had a look of loneliness in her eyes and probably was since her old man had run off with another woman a few months before. “Look what I got here Mister. That” and she nodded over towards the counter. Eddie didn’t glance over at them because he knew exactly what she was talking about. “Slim pickings huh?” he said. She sort of spit at the floor and said under her breath so only Eddie would hear her. “Aint nothing slim about Ralph honey” Eddie didn’t say anything at first but smiled at her. She looked deep into his eyes and suddenly she felt better. “Yeah you’re right. I just can’t give up hope.” She said. She poured him another cup of coffee and went off to tend to others in the diner. A couple of old guys pulled up in trucks and they stopped to admire Eddie’s bike as they walked past it. Eddie watched them out of the corner of his eye. They both had off white auras about them. They walked in and zeroed in on Eddie. Unlike the others they nodded approval of his choice of bikes. Eddie nodded back at them politely and started to eat and just tried to shove out the rest of the diner and the rest of the world out of his mind for the moment and just enjoy the food. Who knew when he would get a moment to sit down and just relax, even if he was getting the evil eye from some stranger who took an instant disliking to him simply because he had long hair and drove a motorcycle. That’s when he picked up the sound of the TV again. He was looking out the window and eating but he kept picking up bits and pieces of the current show that was on. “F***ing hippies. I think they all should be hung up” he heard Ralph going on about the bands that were being shown on the show. Eddie thought back to his own days of touring with his band and it stirred up all kinds of fond memories and a few that he didn’t want to think about, like his over dose and the fight with his soon to be ex wife. He looked out the window and continued to eat his food as parts of the show drifted in and out of his hearing and thoughts. After a bit the coffee was doing its job and Eddie needed to go to the restroom. He looked up and could see a sign at the far wall letting him know the restrooms were over there. He got up and had to walk past Ralph and the others at the counter. Inside the restroom Eddie took care of his business at one of the stalls and walked over to the sinks to wash his hands when he could see the door to the restroom open and it was Ralph who decided to follow Eddie. Eddie kept his head down and Ralph walked over to the sink next to him and washed his hands. “I bet you think you’re some kind of f***ing cool dude driving in here on your little scooter huh?” Ralph said. Eddie did his best to ignore him for a moment as he turned off the water and reached for some brown paper towels. ”What’s wrong mother f***er? You suddenly gone deaf or something?” “Angie don’t need your type so why don’t you just get on your little scooter and drive back to what ever mother f***ing rock you slid out from underneath” Ralph continued. Eddie finally looked over at him. “Look Mister. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I’m just passing through this town and I’m about to head on down the road okay” “Well then hurry up mother f***er,” Ralph said. Eddie bit his lip. “Dam, some people just don’t know when to stop” Eddie was mumbling to him self. “What’s that?” Ralph said. Eddie started to walk off and Ralph tried to grab his arm to pull him back and like a flash Eddie suddenly had him pushed up, face first, into the nearest wall, his arm twisted behind his back. “Like I said, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I’m not here for trouble. I was just hungry. Now I’m gonna go back out there and finish up my meal and then I’ll be on my way. I would strongly suggest you leave me alone” Eddie said and pulled up on his arm a little more to make a point. “Sh*t dude you’re hurting my arm. Come on man, it was just a joke” Ralph grunted and grimaced as Eddie put a little more force on his hand. “I got it, I got it. Go eat. I’ll leave you alone.” He pleaded. “That’s not all. I could care less what you think about me. I don’t care if you hate me because I choose to have long hair and that to you I’m nothing but a worthless hippy or not. It’s no matter to me because I choose to ignore it. It’s my life and you don’t pay my bills. But Angie’s a nice gal. From what I can see she’s not a whore and deserves a little bit more respect don’t you think?” Eddie continued as he leaned into the guys arm. Ralph squirmed a bit more. “Sh*t man you’re gonna break my arm” he said. “Angie?” Eddie said. “Are you still going to be rude to her or not?” “No dude, what ever you want. Just let go of my arm. Sh*t” he moaned now, almost in tears. Eddie let go of his arm and the guy was leaning over now grabbing his arm and rubbing his elbow. Eddie washed his hands again and then went over to Ralph who was leaning against the wall and still grabbing his arm in pain. Eddie started to reach up for him and the guy flinched. “Dude, I told you I would treat her nice. Don’t hurt me any more man” Eddie laughed. “Calm down” he said and took his arm and rubbed his knuckle into a muscle in Ralph’s arm and the cramp in the muscle suddenly went away. Ralph looked over at him incredulously. “How the f*** you do that?” he asked Eddie. Eddie didn’t say answer him but asked Ralph instead “Better?” “Yeah, f*** man, that’s some sort of trick” Ralph said as he rubbed his elbow for a moment and wondered what just happened. “What are you? Some kind of super hero or something?” Eddie looked back at the guy “ No man. I’m just a guy trying to set things right” Ralph looked at him “I guess” he said as Eddie stepped out into the diner and walked past the other guy who looked at him and wondered how he survived the beating that Ralph said he was going to give him. He turned and looked over at the restroom door as Ralph finally came out a moment later and went straight to his stool and sat down. The guy looked over at him. Ralph shot him a look “Don’t ask” he said and leaned over his coffee. Angie had been nervously watching the restroom door as well, knowing that a storm was brewing and wondering what happened. She walked to Eddies table where he had sat down to finish his coffee. He looked up at her and smiled. “Everything okay sugar?” she asked him. “Yep. Everything is great” Eddie said as he smiled at her and then took a sip of his coffee. “If you say so Hun” the waitress said and slipped him the bill and then walked off, still wondering what happened in the restroom between him and Ralph. Ralph was nudging the guy next to him with his elbow and telling him to just shut the f*** up. Eddie laughed to himself and looked out the window and then to his watch. It was time to head on. Eddie finished his coffee and then reached into his pocket and slipped some money under the napkin with her cell phone number written on it and then got up with his bill and went over to the counter to pay for his meal. Ralph was telling Angie that she made a good cup of coffee at that point and was actually being nice which made her really wonder what the stranger had said to him while they were both in the restroom alone. She went over to the register to ring out Eddie and looked up at him longingly. “So, you about to head out then?” “Yep” Eddie said as he gave her some money to pay for the meal. “Any chance you’ll be through this way again sometime?” she asked as she put the money into the register and closed the drawer. “Maybe” Eddie shrugged his shoulders. ”Who knows what the future holds right. I just take things day by day.” Eddie said. “Yeah I know what you mean,” she said as she looked up at him and then glanced over at Ralph who was keeping his nose down and minding his own business now. He glanced up briefly and smiled over at Angie meekly and then picked up his cup of coffee and sort of motioned it was a mighty fine cup of coffee. The guy next to him rolled his eyes and then looked away. Eddie kept his focus on the waitress and then he noticed the TV in the corner again. They were playing a snippet of one of his bands old hits. They were showing a commercial for a touring act. He studied the TV for a moment and recognized one of his former band mates, Jason Riggs, who was the rhythm guitar player for his former band. He was now touring with his new band. “Good for Jason” Eddie said and smiled proudly at the TV and then his smile suddenly disappeared when he caught a flash of a crimson figure in the background that moved out of the camera shot. The waitress was watching the TV for a moment and then watched Eddie and noticed the sudden change in Eddies face. “You okay Hun?” she asked. He shifted his focus to her for a moment. “Yeah” he said and smiled again. “You make a wonderful cup of coffee Angie” “Thanks for the meal, it was great”. He looked back up at the TV set as his former band mate was being interviewed and was telling people to come see their show. They were playing in the next town that weekend. Eddie studied the screen again and then the crimson figure moved up next to Jason and put his arm around Jason’s shoulder. To the rest of the world he just looked like a normal guy with long hair and such but to Eddie, he appeared to have a dark red aura about him, meaning he was a demon. Jason was telling the interviewer that he had just signed a lucrative deal with a new manager, Marcus Reynolds, who apparently was the next big thing when it came to managers and promoters and such. The crimson figure then began to talk and tout the new band and the tour and such. Marcus had a bit of a British accent. After a few moments he walked off the stage with Jason under his arm. The interviewer then went on to talk about that venue and the three bands that would be there and such. Eddie thought about his early days with his band. The one he and Jason were once in, and how their first manager turned out to be a not so great so and so, and was ripping them off and making a ton of money for himself but not much for them. The boys eventually figured things out and fired their old manager on the spot and agreed they’d take over things and would equally manage the band, but as time went on somehow Eddie ended up with more and more responsibility of running the day-to-day operations. Part of it was his own doing, seeing how he was the front man and most studio executives, arena owners and so forth wanted to talk to him any ways. The rest of the band didn’t mind. They all trusted one another and knew Eddie really would never do anything to hurt his little baby, seeing how he and Jason had created it long ago and it freed them up to do other things. So when Eddie had come out of his overdose and the doctors suggested he take some time off and re-cooperate, for health reasons, the band decided that was a good time for them to pursue solo projects, which most of them wanted to do anyways. Jason, Eddie figured, was no different. And since Eddie had been the acting manager of their old band after all this time, it was only natural Jason would want someone else to step into that position as his new manager for his new band. Eddie was pondering Jason’s new manager when his attention was drawn somewhere else. Eddie felt his cell go off in his pocket meaning he had another assignment. He pulled it out and read the message and then put the cell quickly back into his pocket. “Dam” Eddie said under his breath. Angie shot him a look. “I gotta go” “Have a good one Angie” Eddie said and he made a beeline for the door. He never even looked back. Angie walked over to his table and watched him get on his motorcycle. She smiled as he put on his sunglasses and started it up. She waved at him but he never looked up at her. She sighed to herself as he drove off down the road. As she was cleaning up his dishes she noticed a crisp hundred-dollar bill folded neatly under the napkin. She gasped. It was the biggest tip that any one had ever given her in the 4 years she had been doing the thankless job and the money would come in handy. She looked out the window again as she tucked the money in her bra and wondered who that guy was. Walking to the back she put away the dirty dishes and came back up into the front. Ralph was being extra nice to her and smiling now. He even apologized for his rude behavior earlier. Angie just looked at him dumb founded because Ralph had never apologized for his behavior in all the time she had known him. “What the hell is going on?” she was asking herself and then a song she used to like began to play on the TV so she looked up at it. The show was talking about Jason’s former band and how the lead singer, one Eddie Roberts was MIA and people were wondering about him. As she watched the video of the band the camera zoomed in on the lead singer. “F*** me” she said and dropped the spoon she had in her hand. Up on the TV screen Eddie Roberts’s a.k.a. Eddie Rocker was blasting away one of his biggest selling hits, “Pay It Forward” She placed one hand on her mouth as she said under her breath “Holy sh*t. He was…”she started to say as she looked out the window and then over at the table that Eddie had been sitting at.



02/17/2017 08:09 PM 

The Hunter : Chapter 1

Chapter 1 “How did I get here?” the middle aged looking man was asking himself as he drove his motorcycle to his next kill. As he drove down the road his long blond hair was flickering in the wind behind his head. He was dressed in a white button down shirt, blue jeans, boots and a leather jacket that was partly zipped up. “What day is it?” he asked as he looked down at his watch and remembered it was Tuesday. He put his hand back on the throttle of his bike and pressed on the gas. “Oh yeah. Tuesday” He looked around at his surroundings that zipped past his vision as he roared on to his next assignment. He remembered this town. It was one of many his band had played at on their last U.S. tour. Of course now he was here on “assignment” and not as his former self. He thought harder about the last time he was in this town. He was at the top of the world then. He was Eddie Roberts, or Eddie Rocker as he was sometimes called, the lead singer of the biggest selling rock band that ruled the airwaves and made him a legend before he had turned 35. ‘God what a ride’ he thought. “How quickly times had changed,” he said to himself as he came to red light. “I knew I should have stayed away from that last line of coke mixed with speed in that hotel room.” Eddie’s thoughts slid back to the moment. He was Eddie Roberts after all, and the king of rock n roll. He lived hard, and he played hard and he partied harder than anyone. That was until he O.D. and found his body in an emergency room of the local hospital and his soul traveling through a lighted tunnel and ended in a bright light. Eddie shook out the thoughts of how he got there and what he was now going after. “Concentrate” He objective was a demon who could be found at a little happening place, a club by the name “Starlight”. “How many more till I’m caught up and I can be done of this?” Eddie wondered to himself as the light turned green and he took off again. “It doesn’t matter I guess. I’m sure Metaphisto would of pulled my contracted if the time had run out before I met the quota” “What the hell was I thinking” He thought about the events leading up to his meeting him, Metaphisto, other wise known as “Death” when he had traveled through the other end of that light tunnel and entered the light”. He shuddered at the thought. “Could be worse I guess.” “I could be a slave to his brother, Mesopolese, who was better known as The Devil” He shook his head at that thought as another shiver went down his spine. “Concentrate,” he told himself. Still he was always wondering about the two brothers in the back of his mind and how no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t remember what Death looked like. Well, not in the face any ways. Was it Death’s way of protecting the fragile mind that humans had or was it to protect the secret identity of Death himself, Eddie was never sure which. “Concentrate dude, you have a job to do”. Eddie’s thoughts went back to the job at hand, out of his own mind and out to the street sign he glanced up at as he past by it. He pulled out the cell phone out of his jacket pocket and brought up the latest text with the name of the club and the address. He turned off the cell phone and put the cell back in his pocket. It was funny how Death had given him the inner GPS in his mind that somehow knew where to go once he got the address. Just another little gift Metaphisto had given him, along with the ability to see the demons walking among humans and the little recipe that would vanquish them once he had found them. Quite a little trick, he thought. He was just glad that so far Mesopolese hadn’t figured out what his brother had done to even the score or who he was. He was sure the Devil wouldn’t be too happy to know that his own brother had sent out a hunter to vanquish demons that were stealing souls meant for Death. Eddie shook his head at the thought. “Sibling rivalry among immortals, who would of guessed”? Eddie wondered how many other hunters there might be out there working for Death like him. As Eddie got closer to the club he could feel the little itching on his chest where his heart was. He reached up for a moment and scratched his chest through his shirt and then zipped up his leather jacket and put his hand back on the gas. Two more lights and he would be at his destination. He thought about that too. It was amazing how he could sense a demon as soon as he got near one. All he had to be was within a mile of it to sense its presence and the inner homing beacon or his heart’s GPS would lead him straight to them. Of course there were those demons he had come across that were by accident. Random chance meetings but Eddie never missed an opportunity to add to his number, the amount of demons he had killed or “dispatched” as he like to call it. After all demons had no souls, or hearts or feelings like humans so to say they were “killed” was really a misnomer. They had no humanity to them, no real “life” so to say they were killed was a lie. They were simply dispatched somewhere else, to an ungodly plain that the mind couldn’t wrap itself around or was worth thinking about too much. Oh they looked like normal people all right. Some looked like men, and the other women, and they could change their appearances from victim to victim to suit the job. And fact was they were all over the place in all walks of life. Mesopolese, or the Devil as most would know him, had sent them out to tempt people into falling head long into their worse sin and giving up their lives and their souls. Some were his for sure but he was a sneaky bastard as was greedy and he had his demons stealing the lives and souls of those who normally wouldn’t otherwise fall victim to their life ending sins as quickly and that was why Eddie was sent out to “dispatch” them as he came upon them. “How long has it been? A year?” Eddie thought to himself about his overdose and the first “kill”. Funny how time was as much a blur to him now as the details of Metaphisto’s face. But then again, time was always a blur to Eddie. Especially back in his party days when he was front man to his band. When he came through the other side of the white light with the new deal he had made with Death and had survived his over dose his band mates had no problem him taking off a year or two to get his life straight. In some ways his soon to be ex wife and his family was glad of it. Eddie was, after all, an accident waiting to happen. Now a year later, he was all but forgotten. He had shaved his beard off and resumed his real name of Edward Raven but he still preferred to be known as Eddie. Another act took the top spot and his band mates were all off doing solo projects so his new life left him room to acquire the numbers he need to fulfill his debt. To the world Eddie looked like a normal guy. Well, one with a lot of mileage under his belt for sure but he could still do the things that others did, like eat, and sleep and make love. His heart would pump blood etc. So unlike vampires he wasn’t a “living dead” being. He was simply a man whose soul and mortality was now being held ransom and that made him less than human and yet somehow more at the same time. “Yeah, times sure have changed” he thought to himself. Now his new gig was demon hunter, bound by a deal he had made with Death in order to get his humanity back and resume a new life among the living. Something he took for granted the first time around. He pulled up into parking lot and found a parking spot on the side lot. He looked at the brick wall of the side of the club and thought about the hunt inside and could see people walking in and out of the club, across the parking lot. The itchy burning sensation on his chest got stronger. He scanned those around him. Eddie had the ability to “see” a demon. To the rest of us they would appear as a man or woman, well hidden in their disguise. But to Eddie he could see their aura. Humans gave off an off white or a grayish hue to yellowish glow. The more evil they had in them their glow would lean more towards the yellow. Sort of like the color of teeth that were clean or stained. But demons gave off an orange to red glow and the more evil they were the darker their color was. Eddie had seen the whole range of colors in his hunts and the darker ones, the ones that were causing Death more issues were the ones that Eddie was always given a “text” about so he knew what ever it was in the club was a nasty one that Death wanted “dispatched” a s a p. He sat on his bike for a moment as he looked around the parking lot. “None of these, but the demons here. I just know it,” he thought to himself. He turned off his bike and swept his long blond hair back. He then checked the pocket of his jacket. “Yep. Got the vials,” he thought. Of course Eddie always had the little vials of the formula or special recipe that Death had given him to “dispatch” the demons. Strangely enough it would never hurt or harm a human being if it came into contact with the liquid. It was a mixture of holy water, common tap water, some herbs and natural ingredients and a few things that weren’t of this earth and it was mostly clear and looked just like normal water. Eddie never asked about the true nature of all the ingredients. He just knew that in the year or so of hunting demons it had never failed him and no matter how many hunts or “kills” he would somehow have more of the little vials at his disposals, no matter what. He was glad about that. Like the “secret ingredients” he never gave that much thought either but just accepted it as part of the job. He unzipped his jacket as he approached the club. The itching on his chest got more intense. He ignored it as he stepped inside. Right away the music hit him as his eyes scanned the club. There was a guy checking I.D.s at the door. He looked at Eddies license and then looked at Eddie. Eddie looked back at him. For a second Eddie thought he might recognize him as the famous rocker he once was. He waited for the guy to say something. The doorman sort of snorted “37!” The doorman said almost under his breath but loud enough for him to still hear him. Eddie shot him a look. “Whoa dude, I thought you were much older. Here…here’s your license”. Eddie just looked at the guy who felt suddenly uneasy and shifted his weight on his feet. “I’ve had an…um… interesting life,” Eddie started to say “rough life” but opt for “interesting” instead as he put the license in his wallet and put that in his back pocket and laughed. “Yeah I guess” the doorman said as he turned his attention to the next patron at the door. “You play, you pay I guess” Eddie mumbled to himself as he walked into the club. Right away he was back to scanning the club for his target. “Where are they?” Eddie could feel the demon’s presence here somewhere but couldn’t yet see them. The room was full of yellows and dark grays and a few off whites but no oranges or reds auras in the room. He decided to go have a drink and wait until he saw them. The club had two bars and a dance floor and tables off to the sides for people to sit. It was full of people drinking, dancing and having a good time. None of them were aware of the danger now in their midst in the form of an agent of the devil himself or the hunter who was there to get rid of it. Walking up to one of the club’s two bars Eddie ordered a coke. Gone were the days of his hard drinking, partying, snorting, tooting, and shooting up life style that had lead him to his present situation. Eddie even gave up cigarettes. Now his favorite vise was caffeine or chewing gum. He found in his present line of endeavors it was best to have a clear head. That always seemed to help his inner GPS tune in to a demon a little easier. The bartender looked at him when he brought him his drink. “Designated driver huh?” the bartender asked as he sat a coaster down and sat his drink on it. Eddie looked at him. “Something like that” Eddie replied as he nodded back to the bartender. The bartender gave off an off white aura. Eddie paid for his drink and took a sip and then went back to scanning the club. “Where are they?” he said to himself as his eyes slowly panned from left to right across the club, picking up everything and everyone in sight. Suddenly the itching, burning sensation of his chest got stronger. “Where are they?” he was thinking. Eddie finally spotted them coming out of the restroom. He raised an eyebrow. “Shut the front door.” Eddies target this night was female with a super blood red aura about her. To everyone else (who wasn’t given the “gift” of “seeing” her for what she truly was) she appeared to be a hot babe out for some fun. She had long brown hair, a very short skirt that showed off her sexy long legs and a top that was open to reveal one amazing cleavage that invited anyone to fall into a sexual temptation, which was her weapon of choice for tonight. Every demon was good at tempting a person into something, whether it was greed or lust or gluttony or one of the other forms of sins. This demon was all about lust. And judging by her aura and her outward appearance Eddie was sure she was extremely good at what she did and was sure she had a long list of “kills” under her belt as a demon of lust. “She’s blood red,” Eddie thought to himself. “She must be a nasty one for sure”. In fact she was one of the darkest Eddie had ever seen. His hand immediately reached for his pocket for the vials again. Some how there was some comfort there if there was anything that amounted to comfort in his line of work. He patted the outside of his pocket for a moment as he sat his glass slowly down and kept his eyes on his target. “Who’s her target?” Eddie asked himself. He looked in the direction of her movement and ahead of that. She seemed to glide past other people in the club and has zeroed in on a man in a business suit. Eddie watched as the middle aged balding man slipped a wedding ring off his finger and put it in his pocket as he approached the other bar there to order a drink. Eddie some how could sense his story in a flash. He was a sales person on a business trip. He had left a wife and some kids back at home and figured he would get “some action” tonight and pick up who ever would have him and take her back to his motel room as his sexual conquest. The demon knew this. She had seen “him” before he had even arrived and knew he was going to be an easy target. As it was, she was “dressed to kill” and he was her intended target. Eddie continued to watch as the demon slid up next to the businessman and make eye contact with him. He immediately smiled as she went into her routine of flirting with him. “Idiot” Eddie said to himself under his breath as he continued to watch the two. Soon she was rubbing her body up on his and playing with his tie. He seemed to be enjoying it as he licked his lips and his own aura went from a off white to a yellowish gray color, meaning he was falling more and more into his own sin. Eddie shook his head. “Stupid…” he said again. Finally after several moments of flirting with the businessman and arousing him she started tugging on his tie and convinced him she couldn’t wait until they got back to his motel room and needed to give him a little surprise “sneak peak” of some of the evenings fun in the clubs rest room. She dragged him through the crowd back towards the hallway, which housed the restrooms. Eddie quickly followed. “Not on my watch your mother sucking succubus” he said under his breath. He kept the two in his visual contact as they slink off down the hallway and pushed into the men’s room. There was no one in there. She knew this. All the businessman could think was that he was about to get lucky. Little did he know, he was but not like he was thinking. Eddie waited at the door for a second and pulled out the little vial of his special little formula he always carried with him when he was out on the hunt. He slowly pushed the door in as he could see the two of them duck into a stall. He crept through the door now and closed it ever slowly behind him and crept over to the stall and he could hear the businessman saying he was ready for some action. Every demon had a weak moment however small when they were about to strike. All their focus is set on their intended victim and they can’t see or hear or sense a hunter when they’re upon them and this was Eddie’s advantage. He could “feel” this demon switch to this weaken state, as she got on her knees ready to give this smuck his pleasure and then take his soul. Eddie waited and heard the businessman’s zipper slowly go down. He could hear the guy make a big sigh and make some sleazy sounds of “oh yeah baby, give it to daddy” and kept his focus on the job at hand. Eddie could hear her take a deep breath and knew she was about to strike and that’s when he flung the door open and pulled her back ward in one motion and splash his little formula on her face. Immediately she flew up past him and slam into the far wall, her face melting as her body began to flail about wildly. The guy in the stall stood up suddenly totally freaked from everything and made a mess on himself as he back up now as far as he could, his pants still unzipped and falling to the floor around his knees. He had a total look of shock and fear. Eddie couldn’t be concerned with him. He had another vile with a follow up formula that he threw on the demon that screeched an inhuman like sound, almost like a cat that was in a barbwire and then her body flew up the wall and burst into a green flame as it shot across the ceiling and disappeared with a poof. There was the distinct smell of sulfur. It almost made Eddie want to gag just a bit. “Yuck… they always stink” Eddie said as he shook his head for a moment from the smell. He held his nose as he looked and there was nothing left of the demon except for a tiny little burnt spot on the ceiling at the green vapor soon disappeared. Eddie never knew for sure if they were completely vanquished or just pissed off enough to leave the mortal realm for a while but they always left in a big dam hurry and he had never failed. He turned his attention now back to the businessman who was trying to grab his pants up and put them back on but his hands shook so bad he could hardly zip them up. He immediately wanted to throw up and he did so as he bent over the toilet for a moment and then finally composed himself as he slowly came out of the stall. Eddie grabbed some brown paper towels out of the dispenser and gave it to the guy as he slowly came closer, still not knowing what to think. “Clean yourself up and go home to your wife and kids and don’t mess around with strange women in a bar okay buddy. You just might get more than you bargained for,” Eddie said. The guy couldn’t even say anything but nodded at Eddies as he took the towels and went to the sink. He was still shaking and had trouble composing himself. Eddie left the restroom, undetected and slinked back through the crowd. He scanned the club once more to make sure no other demons had shown up while he was busy in the restroom but the place looked “clean”. The itching on his chest had stopped as soon as the demon in the restroom went up in the green cloud and he no longer felt that so he knew it was safe to move on. Eddie casually walked through the club and out the front door. He walked around the building to the parking lot on the side, still scanning everyone that was in eyesight and again the area seemed cleaned. He went over to his bike and got on. He started it up as it came to life under him and off he went down the road, on to the next hunt. When he got to the first red light he checked his phone for any new texts. “Nothing. That’s good I guess”, he said to himself. He turned off his cell and put it back into his pocket. Reaching into the other pocket he pulled out a pack of gum, unwrapped one stick and put it in his mouth and began to chew the gum, sticking the pack back into his pocket. “What day is it?” he asked himself absentmindedly again. He glanced at his watch. “Oh yeah, Tuesday. No wait, it’s Wednesday. It’s after midnight now. Man times have changed”, he said as the light turn green again and he was off again. “I guess I’ll head back to the motel and try to get some sleep before the next assignment,” Eddie told himself.

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02/17/2017 06:26 PM 

Just a poem I wrote
Current mood:  blah

I met ye by the gallows tree,  
'Twas dark and oh so late.  
The town had had its fun with ye, 
And vented forth its hate.  
I could not bear to leave ye there, 
Despondent and alone.  
Impulsively I cut the rope,  
And took ye to my home.  
I let ye share my bed that night,  
And Kissed yer cold dead skin.  
I finally felt Id found true love,  
Don't care if its a sin.  
Yer beauty soon began to fade,  
Yer skin began to rot.  
But still my love for ye remained,  
Forsake ye, I would not.    
Yer bones are all that I have left,  
Yer skull adorns my bed.  
I think of ye obsessively, 
My princess of the dead. 



02/17/2017 04:17 PM 

I guess it's...
Current mood:  amused

...really necessary for some baboon to make 10,000 fvckin' profiles with stupid gifs, huh? Fuel injected autism of the highest order - 10/10, would castrate with a very dull knife. =DDDDDDD



02/15/2017 06:11 PM 

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...yup, at least this dam made itself pretty clear: =D



02/15/2017 05:25 PM 

"Painter," you...
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...feel okay mate? Meds not working?

Allow me to gift you the chronological order of events:
A) YOU sent me a friend request which I refused to accept.
B) I left a few of my poignant observations on your e-diarrhea because, well, I'm nice like that. ♥
C) Then, you got your panties in a bunch because the dude YOU wanted to befriend (me) did B?

Does not compute, lad. The next time you want to befriend somebody, don't act like a little girl when that other person shares his or her views. One more thing, Jimbo - I don't accept friend requests from meme accounts. Personal accounts, maybe - meme account requests go straight in the fvckin' toilet.




02/15/2017 02:08 PM 

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...fest! =D

Steve Vai:

Joe Satriani:

Yngwie Malmsteen:

Katsu Ohta:

Joe Stump:

...what, you want more?! Okay: =D

Michael Angelo Batio:


Donald L. Taylor

02/14/2017 07:08 PM 

My poetry and short stories (Mature content for adults only)
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02/13/2017 10:41 PM 

Man, those...
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...Slayer fans are savage! LOFL: =DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Fvck, I nearly sh!t myself laughing hahaha...


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