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11/13/2019 08:12 PM 

Tech week!!!!!

tech week for my production of a midsummer nights dream starts today and I am HYPED lol. like am I gonna b exausted yes, but will it be fun,  YES


11/13/2019 07:34 PM 

guitar string snapped xP
Current mood:  angsty

today marks the first time that i snapped a guitar string. idk why i wanted to make a post about this but??unhappy about it but hey i can always replace it  


11/12/2019 05:11 PM 

Current mood:  nostalgic

The year is 2009.It's New Year's Eve.You're sat with your friends in your crush's bedroom, listening to music and painting each other's nails.You laugh about the things that have happened in the 2000s, and question what the new decade will bring.As the clock ticks and the decade draws to a close, your crush pulls you to one side."Let's ring in the new year with style, huh?"Your lips meet as your friends shout "happy new year!", clink their cans together and watch the fireworks on the TV.Away from the stress of your home life, your school, your future,you're happy.Life is simple.

idk, nostalgia

alina nadia♡

11/11/2019 07:08 PM 


if u have an imvu, add me// lleptosome

#butterfly, #imvu, #friends, #emo, #emogirl, #alt, #alternative, #scene, #gothchick, #videogames, #virtualworld


11/11/2019 04:38 PM 

Time is passing by hella fast
Current mood:  anxious

Okay so my friend just turned 17 a few days ago and that was all fun and games until I realized that I turn 18 in exactly 2 months! (January 11th) Like holy sh*t, time goes by really fast and I'm not catching up fast enough. I don't want to become an adult, get a job, pay taxes and get my own place... okay that last part sounds fun to be honest. But Jesus I'm not ready for this. Hell nooo!But there's definetly good things about becoming an adult as well. I'll be able to get any piercings and tattoos I want so that's exciting! I will be able to go on trips on my own without my parents permission and this guy l o v e s travelling so that'll be fun! 

birthday, anxious


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