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08/21/2017 08:21 PM 

days n daze - blue jays
Current mood:  awake

I'm too tired to eat
too tired to breathe
too tired to deal with all of these tragedies
but I'm too scared
I'm too scared
to sleep


Classic M

08/21/2017 07:41 PM 

Hey J dawg...
Current mood:  exotic

and IiiiiiiiiIIIIiiiiIIIIiiiiii.... will...... always.... lub..... yooooooooOOOOoooOOOOOooooo

♥ Smoochies!!!


Lex Talionis

08/21/2017 01:15 PM 

"A total...

...eclipse of the heeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaart." =DDDDD



08/21/2017 12:03 PM 

Spent most of the day watching movies on Youtube
Current mood:  complacent

Today I did my favorite thing ever, stayed home and watched movies on youtube. I know, I am not very interesting, but I don't give a f***, the way i see it, as long as I enjoy myself nothing else matters.

Mostly I just watch low budget horror movies or old black and white film noir. I have watched so many movies on there in the last few years I have forgotten most of them.
I recommend The Screaming Skull, Sleepaway Camp, Slumber Party Massacre 2, Tormented, Fallen Angel, The Prowler, Night of the Demons, and prom Night 1,2 & 3.
These are just some of the films I remember watching on youtube that were decent or didn't totally suck. Enjoy.


Classic M

08/20/2017 07:53 PM 

Unreliable ISP's...
Current mood:  amused

Are there any decent ones in the almighty USA???

Fairpoint = Crap!

TWC = Okay but...

Spectrum took over and they're CRAP too!!

Is fiber optic broadband even a thing in this country?  I really miss it! U.K = Fiber Optic Broadband and it's f***ing ACE!

Also, can "technical support" please stop with the same old predictable script of..wait for it....


and denying any notion that there may be an outage in the area, especially if the caller knows of several other people in the area with the same f***ing problem...can that stop too?! 

Not only that but whilst on the phone they persistently try to talk over the person they are helping and then wonder why they didn't hear it the first damn time and then it's, "Can you repeat that again please Ma'am," over and over again... -.-  

Then I'm asked to open command prompt..LOL...yeah okay, anything for a giggle since you refuse to admit that there is an OUTAGE but sure, let's play with that for a little bit and surprise surprise, nothing happens and why?? Well, first off, she can't even give me the correct command, BUT....wait for it....


Normal service is now resumed...



Lex Talionis

08/19/2017 07:12 PM 




Classic M

08/19/2017 03:53 PM 

Beware of fake news!
Current mood:  amused

So this morning I logged on to see an article claiming that Katie Hopkins has died, after searching for confirmation on her death I found NOTHING! Another fine f***ing example of "don't believe everything you read online," and I do hope Katie is well because we need her to continue to expose the truth and tell it like it is or "red-pill folk in this growing epidemic of butt hurt snowflakes." Only the left hate her and we all know why ;)

As you were...

M -l-


Lex Talionis

08/18/2017 11:46 PM 


With the exceptions of using Brave and DuckDuckGo, I pretty much agree with Black Pigeon.
My alternatives are and but he's right:


Lex Talionis

08/18/2017 12:57 PM 


So, you want to view content on YouTube without being tracked by Google and without giving them any views or ad revenue? Here's a good way to hit them where it hurts the most: their pocket. ;-)


Classic M

08/18/2017 12:05 PM 


So as my friend informed me, tomorrow there shall be a march on Google (as my title suggests,) and if you can be there and you give a sh*t about this cause (which you should) then show up and make some noise, kick Google in the balls and say NO to censorship.



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