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December 19th, 2018

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 18
Country: United States

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July 28, 2017


09/13/2018 11:50 AM 

I Don't Think Anymore I Just Feel

tonight is about pretending that they're someone else

maybe they have the same eyes but a closer look will tell you that they don't hold the same mirth
please melt away my love and affections because even the summer heat couldn't dispose of what was left
i'm your favourite haunt and you don't even know it
i wish you did so you could send your ghost away
postcards from new york
i hope you send me letters sealed with a kiss
but i know you won't write let alone spare me what i've wanted for so long
this is for you and him because i can't make up my mind
you have the same blood anyway



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