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05/11/2019 02:03 AM 

feeling sunk and betrayed

it's not really your fault

it's just years of placing rocks one by one on top of each other
and a sudden gust of wind could knock it over.
i'm wondering why you can never be kind to me
maybe i just have one of those faces that makes you want to dangle hope in front of it and snatch it away when i get too close.
next shooting star, please wish for a heart because i can't keep talking to statues.
my therapist says humanising inanimate objects is bad for my health. 
but it's hard to shake a nine-year-old habit.
the tidal waves try to drag me down but my head bobs in the water.
one more crash and i might be sleeping with the fishes.

abby x

04/05/2019 05:29 PM 

Alternative Study

Hello everyone! I conducted a study a few weeks ago about what kind of people make up the alternative scene. I finally completed it, and you can view the results below.

02/27/2019 06:46 PM 

Baby's in Black

my saccharine sweetness gives every tooth in your mouth a cavaity
but that's just the way i like it
i want you to know my affection but if this all you can offer
then i'm sold, sweetheart
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I think Mr. McCartney said it best
"she thinks of him and so she dresses in black"
not out of causality, but of simple coincidence 
quite simply, i think of you
quite simply, i dress in black
quite simply, i love you

and thanks about the hair
i know it's pretty radical

abby x

02/18/2019 06:56 PM 

Don't You Get It? It's You. It's Always Been You.

i have never been more envious of someone in my whole life

nor have i ever been so enraged
she had the chance to stroke your hair, touch your cheeks, and kiss your hands
but she took what was golden and pulled it to pieces
humans are such wasteful creatures.
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maybe i’m wishing i could break the heart that broke mine
no, i would never
because that would be a crime against humanity
i could never hurt you
but i’ll gladly let you hurt me

02/16/2019 02:03 PM 

I Was Just a Passing Trend

a good little catholic boy like you

swayed by the temptations of sacrilege?
you see everything in nothing
which makes me wonder why you couldn't see something in me.
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everyone has moved on but me
and i am stuck in this empty limbo, 
a shell of what it used to be.
i swim against the current to the green light
while everybody else is climbing out of the water.

mr. fitzgerald predicted me seven decades early.


02/15/2019 10:45 AM 

Past the Point of No Return

happy post-valentines day

my chest is empty because my heart is still in your hands
i'd ask for it back but i know you'll leave prints
and you're never nice
you're sharp and sarcastic and cynical
yet i still want to introduce your hips to mine and to press my arms against your neck
i'm searching and scanning for you in every picture
trying to find the only face without a smile
maybe one day i'll see it


02/04/2019 07:04 PM 

Guess Who Is Lonely and Pathetic

i imagine you doing the most sinful things

like giving me your heart, or placing your hand on my cheek.
i am sure that the greatest symbol for love in the entire world is the ocean.
it is wrathful and all-encompassing.
and so easily can you drown in both.

x abby x

01/29/2019 05:59 PM 

No Flowery Language; I Am Very Sad

i've said it before and i'll say it again

i am too soft for this world
and i am better underground 
below the earth
and that is the place meant for me
i breathe air and it hurts my lungs
i wonder if it would be better to breathe nothing at all


01/24/2019 10:33 PM 

Born Too Late

oh how desperately i wish i wrote sins

but there are no sins to speak of.
never have i said this so truly.
but i'm in love with you, very dearly.
every hour of every day you cross my mind.
and it's not fair because i never cross yours.
no matter how many boys i kiss
your name is the one that will always be on my lips.
oh mr. masterpiece you hang in a hall full of paintings but i only have eyes for you.
these eyes were made for you, and only you.

i am lovestruck and heartbroken

01/23/2019 07:37 PM 

You'll Never Get It If You Only Read It Once

we were like tornadoes.

leaving a wreckage in our wake.
loving and killing thousands.
we were an unstoppable force, only perishing by our own hand,
the only force strong enough to strangle us.
but there is no love lost for this bygone era.
with every raindrop there was a thunderstorm. 
summer's warm winds fueled our flames.
winter's cold chill blew us out.
it is winter, i am blooming. 
i do not need the tornado. 
it was not a good look for me.

lovelost, abby


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