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March 20th, 2018

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Gender: Male
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Age: 18
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November 21, 2017


03/02/2018 09:16 PM 

As Pen Meets The Page
Category: Poems

I held the unmarked papers,
With the intent of telling a story.
Here I am,
With this pen I'd put my thoughts to words.

Their eyes won't see what I have seen, 
The page has burned before me, 
No new chapters to be written, 
My life becomes an endless cycle. 

I'll replace the directions I lost. 
Because I can't see the map I had,
My tears have kissed the ink. 
Where do I go from here?

With every breath my lungs grow tired,
My heart is pierced with a knife of regret,
What have I become?
Is this what life is meant to be?


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