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Generalanime, obscure youtube videos, video games , the "golden" age of the internet, not doing my hw
Musicanime openings and endings , other japanese music(80s pop, Eve, mafumafu etc.). Vocaloid is a regular too (kikuo is my favourite producer :3). i also listen to mother mother, mcr, queen , sex pistols , gorrilaz , aerosmith , bo burnham , mitski , megadeth guns and roses, slipknot , death cup , the undertale soundtrack, the friday night funkin soundtrack (loser behaviour) , the sally face soundrtrack , pokemon diamond and pearl soundtrack the fran bow soundtrack also fnaf songs lol.
Movies anime and ghibli movies , some of them: I want to eat your pancreas, Tokyo Godfathers, 5 centimetres per second, One whisker away, Perfect Blue, The girl who leapt through time, Wolf children and A silent voice. also lady bird was very nice.
Televisionalmost only anime. some i have watched are mainstream ones like jujutsu kaisen ,AOT, Death Note, BSD, BNHA, Demon slayer and Toradora. Then some other ones are Beastars, Clannad AND Clannad After Story, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Doukyuusei:The movie, Anohana, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, No.6, Rascal does not dream of Bunny girl Senpai and Racsal does not dream of dreaming girl, Erased, Angel Beats!, Fruits Basket, Umaru-chan, Say i lobe you, Violet Evergarden, Relife, Given, Yuri on Ice, Ao haru ride, Orange, Honeywokrks, Banana fish, Kono oto tomare, Peach girl, Special A class, Ouran koukou host club, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Kakegurui, Lucky Star, Yona of the Dawn, Snow white with the red hair, Devilman Crybaby, Rezero, Gakuen Babysitters, Kotoura-san, Itazura na Kiss, My little monster,Darling in the Franxx, BNA, One week friends, No game no life, The promised Neverland, Lovely Complex, Kiss him not me!, Shounen maid, Stars align , Nana , poputepipikku , hotarubi no mori e ,the way of the househusband and many more if you'd like to talk about them!
Booksi got nothing my guy....
Heroes idk what to put here so i'll just say some of my favourite video games! Undertale will forever have a special place in my heart. It is my favourite game ever and i cant imagine myself if i hadn't discovered it.It is also the game that introduced me to jacksepticeye. Same goes for Minecraft. It's what got me into gaming channels on youtube and introduced me to youtubers like pewdiepie, ihascupquake, popularmmos,gamingwithjen, the pink sheep, aphmau, LDshadowlady and many more. Then deltarune of course and FranBow! For some reason FranBow is the game I always go back to omg! I love it with all my heart. A night in the woods is also one that had great inpact on me both visually and with its story. Yandere simulator brings back a ton of nostalgia since i found it when it first started in 2014 and i really like it even though the developement is a liiiiiittle slow. The pokemon games Diamond and Pearl make me cry every time i hear their music i don't know why.... Most mario games i have played bring back so many memories since i used to play them with my brother but especially Super Mario 64 on DS and Mario Kart on DS. Doki doki literature club is also one high up there because it just reminds me of 2016-2017. Sally face and little misfortune are also included and lastly the walking dead. Bendy and the ink machine and Animal Crossing even though it has put me in so much debt OOF.Catherine also weirdly is one that has stuck with me for no reason and lastly street fighter and tekken 7 purely because i play it with my brother but not because i'm good at it...Em all the Danganronpa games , mostly the 3rd one doe :3. Lastly Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered because memories again... the only heroes i like are spiderman and deadpool-

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