Ramblings from the living dead girl herself~!

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✮Madame Rosie✮

Last Login:
June 16th, 2024

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 15
Sign: Libra
Country: United States

Signup Date:
February 28, 2024


03/05/2024 01:44 PM 

byi + dni ☆

hai!! before you frq me, please read this :3

      i typically don't accept frqs from people 20+ unless i personally know them, and if we're already friends and you become 20+, i won't unfriend you. i also ramble a lot in my status, so if that annoys you, i don't reccommend friending me. please don't frq me just to flirt (like outright flirting, joke flirting is perfectly fine with me). if you add me on discord, please tell me beforehand!! i don't accept frqs on there unless i'm told. my discord is @bitterred.the.jester btw. and lastly, i'm autistic, so i may have odd speech patterns or be bad at picking up text cues.        

dni: basic dni criteria, people who call others "cringe" for being themselves, people who support autism speaks, and homestuck fans (you guys smell/j)

this will be subject to change!

03/04/2024 11:09 PM 

My Outfits ☆
Current mood:  adored

~>a living dead girl trying to dress her way through life<~
I love dressing in a gothic/y2k/skater aesthetic (yes I actually do skate)
i'll post the date and planning behind the outfit as I update!

|3/2/24| I went out with my family to a ramen shop! I wore my fav v-cut long sleeve shirt, my vintage Indian Star jacket, my cargo pants, and my regular tennis shoes :3
|3/9/24| Went out to a dumpling shop with my family and a few friends! i wore my black tanktop, my ripped jeans, my Indian Star jacket, my new star belt, a hat, and my regular tennis shoes!!

02/29/2024 11:41 AM 

My Crochet Projects ☆
Current mood:  accomplished

i'm gonna post all of my crochet projects here, so i have a mental note of them, and so you all can see them!!

This is a newer one from me, my lovely bunny Ruby!!

heres a shrug i made too!! (its super soft and comfy and i'm so in love with it)

a plushie i made for my aunt! (it's named Doom, like the cat from Ruby Gloom!!)

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