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lily ☆ flower

Last Login:
January 28th, 2023

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 14
Country: United States

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January 14, 2023


01/23/2023 04:31 PM 

History Fact Update 2
Current mood:  crappy

Oh, poo! Forget it! I'm so busy nowadays that I can only check FriendProject rather than update my blog...

01/18/2023 01:11 PM 

History Fact Update
Current mood:  disappointed

Hey y'all, my history facts will not be daily, but twice a week. I'm kinda busy.

01/16/2023 09:27 AM 

Garfield History Fact of the Day
Current mood:  fascinated

Napoleon carried a vial of poison around his neck. This was so that if he was captured/defeated, he would commit suicide. He did end up drinking it but at the time it lost its strength and made him very ill instead.

01/15/2023 12:39 PM 

Garfield History Fact of the Day
Current mood:  talkative

Napoleon Bonaparte wasn't afraid of cats, as widely believed, but Napoleon III was the one who was afraid of cats!

01/14/2023 04:48 PM 

Garfield History Fact of the Day
Current mood:  refreshed

Napoleon wasn't actually short. His recorded height at the time of his death might've been 5'2, but this was in French units. In modern units, he was about 5'7. Keep in mind the average height at the time was 5'5.

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