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July 30th, 2022

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Age: 15
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July 28, 2022


07/28/2022 01:57 PM 

Story Time
Current mood:  bored

This one time when I was 12, I joined a minecraft server called Mercia that was built around community and being friendly and stuff. Fast forward a year of being on this server and it's really cool and i meet this shady person named sam, a cool teen rn. And we become close and flash forward a month we let's me know how to dox people and how to commit credit fraud. I help him steal a credit card and he gives me 2k. Then we split ways. To this day I keep in touch with him. He got paranoid so he doesn't steal or do drugs anymore but there was a period in my life where i legitimately committed credit fraud and I think that means SOMETHING to me but I genuinely don't know what. Comment if you want other true stories.

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