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koala harris

Last Login:
January 21st, 2023

Gender: Other
Status: Single
Age: 17
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 21, 2020


01/21/2023 09:31 PM 

Current mood:  awake


yes. I know its been a while. 
but honestly everyone on friend project is way too self-centered. (we get it. you figured out how to embed your song in the background.**) 
It was time to go find myself some new hobbies rather than looking up to the surplus of egoheads.
Im being too harsh, but its true! we all need some humbling... from me!
I'm joking.
** I'm so jealous of the fact that your page is playing a rocking song in the background.. please tell me your secrets.

I couldn't tell you what I did the past 2-3 years... really
I found Bimboland on the way and decided to change course again. (that site is worse than you think...yeuk)
I also been super nostalgic lately so I revisited this site despite the hord email telling me they long gone deleted my account.
YET. I returned. in the flesh.
I don't like to write blogs that much anyways.. don't subscribe.
peace out xx

07/12/2020 02:59 PM 

hey guys
Current mood:  anxious

so i like quit for 3 weeks and um I might die because my stomach is bleeding lol 

06/24/2020 10:21 PM 

came back
Current mood:  disappointed

i havent blogged in 2 days. i came back to let you guys know that I haven't died yet.. :(

06/22/2020 07:34 PM 

good morning
Current mood:  accomplished

why am i writing a blog post? because I'm a celebrity.
  anyways subscribe to my blog

06/22/2020 05:48 PM 

Current mood:  blessed

im actually stupid like i forgot that I HATE meeting new people.
sorry go back to being nice and quiet I'm gonna go smoke a fat blunt
bye ♥

06/22/2020 05:11 PM 

no way
Current mood:  distressed

i look at my sent requests and realize i have been REJECTED </3 you all should just go upstairs your mom is calling for dinnercrying

06/22/2020 05:08 PM 

Current mood:  depressed

am i that ugly that you dont want to friend me back like I know your online

06/22/2020 04:05 PM 

i did it
Current mood:  hyper

i finally mastered the skill of making my own layout
its really nice

06/22/2020 03:01 AM 

what the f***
Current mood:  angry

yeah um my bitchass friends wont make an account on here so I guess I'm left with my only friend.
friendsproject is the only person I can trust now
trust issues ifykyk

06/21/2020 11:04 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

hi guys first post

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