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07/26/2022 01:15 PM 

(TRYING) to make the move to Yuma AZ
Current mood:  impatient

It was a while ago that I decided I was going to move to Yuma Arizona after I finished school. Well, after my school screwed me over by only offering one class that would go towards my degree this semester, it would've been nice if I knew that before renting my current apartment.

Not only am I wasting money here, but I just came off a huge birthday month essentially, no not like how Trina from Victorious celebrates her birthday all month, well, kinda... just a lot in a row, a trip out there to Quechan Casino to look for places, my actual birthday, and then Comic-Con. It's all calmed down now though. Plus my hours at work finally went up again.

I know, surprise surpise, me, an adult, find moving is difficult. The only reason why it's difficult is that I'm waiting it out for the perfect job, like quite literally one specific position at one specific company that I know I can snatch as soon as it becomes avalible. I'm not going to say you never have to settle in life, but you never have to settle when you KNOW you're worth something.

As a cherry on top, some old demons came back to haunt but it's only making my theoretically bullet-proof coping skills better

04/24/2022 04:15 PM 

Going to Vegas to do an Adult Film for Gamma
Current mood:  weird

So for starters I stayed at the Excaliber because I saw it had the highest slot win in history at this slot called Megabucks for $30 million. While I didn't win the jackpot on max bet there (shocking), and it probably lost me the most money second to poker, I did get to walk out at the end of my trip with a bigger bankroll than I came in with. I won $300 on the I Heart Triple Diamonds Free Games slot on a second tier spin.

So, the more interesting part of my trip. I got cast by the company Aziani as male talent, they are owned by Gamma Entertainment which also owns Vivid and Wicked. I walk in and meet the director and the compliance/legal agent for Gamma, they were both very nice and very cool. When it comes time to filming, I'm shocked at my performance issues. It had nothing to do with the girl she was cute and more forgiving than the director. At one point he holds his phone notes up to me that says "you have 3 minutes."

Miraculously I "finish my job" and try not to ask the director how I did. Once again, the girl I worked with was very nice and so was the compliance girl for Gamma who gave me my $50 and I got out of there. Kinda feel bad that I was invited back for another scene but blew it off.

What was great though was that I actually got to enjoy the rest of my trip as a vacation. Seriously Vegas flights and rooms have really affordable options and it's really like Disneyland for adults. I love how the Excaliber had a bridge to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay, and then I walked across the street to the MGM Grand.

MGM Rewards has a new member. Finally back to normal life now.

01/16/2022 01:26 PM 

Let's get this sh*t started
Current mood:  blah

So here I am in El Cajon, California at my dad's place. After XBIZ I had a terrible falling out with my mom and sister and it was very abundant to me that I'm not welcome there anymore. We did pretty much made up but it really set the tone for this transitional period of me moving down here now that I left Nordstrom and am going to start City College.

It was only on the train down that I realize that the sh*tty week I had, it doesn't change the fact that I shouldn't have anything to worry about and that this should be a fun experience. By surprise, my dad's friend and his girlfriend pick me up from the trolley station, we smoke menthol cigarettes and pickup Chinese takeout to bring back to the house and have a party.

I learn from Margee that there are some apartment complexes with 1 BEDROOMs avalible in a not too bad part of town for a simular price as renting a room. I sent a request to view one walking distance away... lets get this sh*t started

10/01/2021 10:05 PM 

Bombay Beach Trip and Meeting a Miracle
Current mood:  determined

So my Bombay Beach trip went absolutley amazing! I met this wonderful woman Sonja and her boyfriend Eddie (I belive was his name) who own the Ski Inn Bar that was actually parodied in GTA V's version of Bombay Beach! They had no idea and it was charming haha, they were soo sweet. The airbnb exceeded my expectations, the property was huge, had a great morning smoke by the water just a few blocks away.

Stopped at the Imperial Valley Mall (reffered to as "The Valley" via a friend I know there) in El Centro on the way back and got some great Chinese food from the food court

After staying at my friends' house, I took the train from Old Town to Oceanside and then had to get in a "Sun Diego" shuttle with a "Cal Apportioned" license plate whatever that means, to get me to the Irvine station. I met this amazing woman named Robin, she's a retired Big Lots manager and is embarking on a cross counrty trip to the Detroit area to visit her family, why? Because she was just about to have open heart surgery that would have taken 6 months to recover from, but right as she was on the operating table about to go under she was informed via an X-Ray they took that the tumor dicinegrated and she is good to go home. She said I can say that I sat next to someone who's had a miracle happen to them, and to think I almost went on the other shuttle they had to find a seat where I can have the full row to myslef. We talked about life and getting through college and career and it's one reason why I love train tavel

Now my mom had that idea that I buy a home in adjacent Yuma, not only are the home prices lower than I thought, but making a down payment was less expensive, at first I'll have it be a rental property at first because I need to finish City College in San Diego, which I just made another appointment to get going with it and maybe finally register me in some classes

08/12/2021 10:11 PM 

Plans change, life changes, what else can I say
Current mood:  hopeful

So I haven't even made one of these since coronavirus started, and now that year and a half (I know right) is finally winding down, I guess. So that starts off the explanation for that title.

You see the thing that it taught me was even when you think you have everything planned out, financially, emotionally, logitistically, it seems like more likely than not your life will not go down that pathaway after all, and that's just fine.

If I went by my pre-covid plan, right now I would've been in Long Beach instead of Newport Beach, I would've been closer to gratuating, I wouldn't have found a side-career from my aunt's store liquidating, that can be really hard (I got chewed out at 4am today), but really rewarding, and through that I would've never found Kelly's Pub (miss you guys), and if it wasn't for my career fiasco right before covid I would've been still chasing a career I'm really unfit for.

So my plan as of now, finish school in Long Beach by 2023, while being a background actor on the side, and move to Yuma, Arizona working either/or a job in radio, my carrer, or warehouse work

Is that plan going to change? 2 years ago I would've said not a chance... now? More likely than not... and that's the spice of life

01/24/2020 11:48 PM 

BBQ & Foot Massage Saga




01/24/2020 10:53 PM 

Last weekend after online school
Current mood:  awake

Been over a month since I stepped out of my old school for the last time, said goodbye to friends, some I only newly made. It was just too far of a commute, and I just got over internal conflicts within the building

 Now I get to walk to school, meet new friends, and have a lighter schedule. I really hope to not only enjoy my time and soak it up, but find myself before I leave to the Los Angeles area. Boy this break has been long but relaxing, this Wednesday

I also get to go out for sushi in Clairemont with friends since middle school. Thanks to the internet for keeping us connected. Starting Monday, getting up at 5:44 AM yikes .

Song of our downtown party that ended it!:

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