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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 18
Sign: Cancer
Country: Philippines

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January 02, 2020


02/10/2024 11:02 PM 

twitter thread - 02-09-24

me and you...setting in a honeymoon –
prettier and younger, but not any better off.

02:39 am
I tweeted this on the day of prom itself, we had just gotten together and we skipped a whole ass ceremony to dance to And Yet It Moves by formerly maryknoll in the lobby by ourselves :)

02:41 am
I'm really gonna miss him and all the music we introduced to each other, i'm gonna miss the banter we used to have about music charts and albums and all these different songs, i'm gonna miss talking about the latest releases with him and teaching each other new genres

02:43 am
I'm gonna miss calling him my feverfew, i'm gonna miss his penchant for giving me flowers, i'm gonna miss how he always remembered the little things – i'm gonna miss how he would give me my favorite sweets and feed me candy

02:44 am
I miss how we would navigate through the entirety of katipunan avenue just to have alone time, i miss how calm everything seemed when we were close to each other, i miss starting the day with hugs and ending it with goodbye kisses, i miss falling asleep on each other in the grass

02:46 am
I miss late night phone calls and super quick book reviews, I miss discussing existentialist philosophers and postmodern art, I miss discussing arthouse cinema and talking about the movies we would see, I miss telling him how much I love filipino culture

I miss having him listen to how much i love fashion, i miss listening to him talk about his favorite designers and styles (opium daw amputa), i miss staying up late and showing him the outfits i wanna wear, i miss critiquing the looks he would send me, i miss ukay together

02:48 am
I miss gigs and shows, i miss listening to him sing me sweet songs on his guitar, i miss his sweet voice and his careful murmurs, i miss silly dancing and gliding across cement floors, i miss talking about the music scene with him and the art he wanted to create

02:49 am
I miss it, i miss everything, from our monkey videos to our nonstop humorous banter that we still had until our last video call (in a while). We had so many plans, when we called we agreed we thought '24 would be our summer

02:50 am
I remember listening to Hotline TNT and he told me this year we would be like the album "Nineteen and In Love" .... we planned to go so many places, see so many things, listen to so much more music, see more movies and more local shows... we had so much in store for us

02:51 am
Everything is so much easier now, cus our relationship was pretty much sinking, but i miss who we were. And i miss being teens that didnt know better crashing into abandoned churches, drinking sh*tty alcohol and listening to car seat headrest as a joke

02:54 am
We planned to visit each other in university and go on dates on our free time, we planned to graduate high school together and go to grad ball together, we really thought we would have had it a little bit longer. I thought i would see his flowers again with my grad cap

02:55 am
We always reassured each other we weren't permanent, cause we wanted to explore our youth. But i guess im kind of sad we got farther than we expected, cause ive grown so attached to him. I really kind of wanted it to be him, malabo man kasi nga sabi nila Im Just A Girl

02:57 am
This thread is so long it reads like a eulogy but i care so deeply about you, jo. and in the depths of my heart i still love you like a devotee loves their saint, but i cant believe im gonna have to live in a world where my love for you is as shallow as the tides on a good day. You made some of my teenage years worthwhile, and i went on so many juvenile adventures with you no one would be able to believe. I am so happy i got to spend a year and three months with someone as amazing as you. I hope we both succeed in life


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