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03/08/2023 06:37 PM 

Tumblr OC ask game, but FP blog survey :D

This survey is by a-crumb-of-whump on tumblr! It's the Flower OC Asks, and I'm going to do it with my ocs. I may leave some blank but I'll leave them in in case you want to do it yourself!
I'm going to be doing this for Tchaly (she/her), Halika (he/him), Pataki (he/him), Leitur (she/her), Omiika (she/her), and Petrus (he/him). If you want to know more about them, just ask!!
Basic info that's kind of important: Tchaly, Halika, Leitur, and Omiika are in a poly-ish relationship, Halika and Leitur are mostly involved with each other, same with Tchaly and Omiika, but Halika and Omiika aren't involved w each other bc Omiika is a lesbian and Halika respects that. Pataki and Petrus are married to each other and have 2 daughters.

1. What name(s) were you originally thinking of calling your OC?
only one I remember is Petrus was originally Peiter >_<

2. What is your OC’s favourite form of self-care?
Tchaly: physical, likes working out and meal prep
Halika: emotional, likes to play music and write
Pataki: social, likes catching up with friends and family
Leitur: mental and emotional, likes making art and reading
Omiika: spiritual
Petrus: emotional and physical, paints and tries to exercise when he can

3. Does your OC have a comfort item? If so, what is it?
Tchaly: a red turtle neck and a toucan stuffed animal from Omiika
Halika: hoodies
Pataki: doesn't have one
Leitur: Halika's hoodies, peac*ck themed stuff from Halika
Omiika: her spiritual items
Petrus: a golden retreiver stuffed animal that his daughter got him (his service dog Molly is a golden)

4. What is your OC’s biggest fear?
Tchaly: not being a good partner
Halika: oooh's a lot. He's had a horrible life and is afraid it'll get that bad again
Pataki: something happening to his family
Leitur: losing her mom or Halika
Omiika: being annoying/not being liked
Petrus: same as Pataki

5. What is your OC’s most used phrase?

6. What inspired you to create your OC?
I wanted to make homestuck troll ocs. so i made homestuck troll ocs.

7. What is your OC’s love language?
Tchaly: quality time
Halika: acts of service (performing act for others)
Pataki: quality time
Leitur: acts of service (performing acts for others)
Omiika: words of affirmation
Petrus: physical touch

8. How is your OC around strangers?
Tchaly: standoff-ish but doesn't mind
Halika: veeeery nervous
Pataki: good, loves meeting new people
Leitur: same as Pataki
Omiika: same as Tchaly but does mind
Petrus: quiet but doesn't mind

9. Do a voice claim for your OC
these might be outdated but theyre what i have on hand atm
Tchaly: Garnet from SU
Halika: Sean Bonnette (AJJ vocalist)
Pataki: he's had a lot but i've never settled on one
Leitur: Entrapta from SPOP
Omiika: 1981 Falsettos's Trina (idk her name)
Petrus: Ethan/crankgameplays

10. If you could say/do one thing to your OC, what would you say/do?
not answering

11. What colour are your OC’s eyes?
Tchaly: brown
Halika: green
Pataki: brown
Leitur: brown
Omiika: hazel
Petrus: hazel

12. If your OC had a tumblr blog, what would their URL be?
not answering bc idk

13. Does your OC get overwhelmed easily?
Tchaly: no
Halika: YES
Pataki: no
Leitur: no
Omiika: depends on her mood
Petrus: yes but it doesn't happen often

14. Describe your OC in three words or less
Tchaly: smug but caring
Halika: traumatized but healing
Pataki: loud proud dad
Leitur: outgoing, sociable artist
Omiika: bitchy yet soft
Petrus: quiet, caring dad

15. Is your OC likeable?
Tchaly: kind of
Halika: lets just say hes the traumatized, sopping wet meow meow of my ocs. do w that what you will
Pataki: yes
Leitur: yes
Omiika: not really
Petrus: yes

16. When was the last time your OC cried?
Tchaly: when Halika came home
Halika: last nightmare or panic attack (has both often)
Pataki: when his adopted daughter told him how she felt
Leitur: sometimes cries when Halika is upset but it's hard to say
Omiika: probably last time she got a moment alone
Petrus: when his youngest said her first word

17. Does your OC have any odd quirks/habits?
tbh im not really sure how to answer this one

18. How does your OC cope with loud noises?
Tchaly: doesn't mind
Halika: uses ear plugs in most places
Pataki: doesn't usually mind
Leitur: complains if it bothers her, but doesn't leave unless whoever she's with needs to
Omiika: tries to calm down, leaves to the bathroom if she can't
Petrus: doesn't mind

19. What is something your OC loves, and what is something they hate?
Tchaly: cooking, doing dishes
Halika: music, being alone
Pataki: family, being alone
Leitur: Tchaly's cooking, not getting a good shower
Omiika: partners, her sister
Petrus: his mom, needing to switch between mobility aids while he's out

20. Use one or more photos that encapsulates your OC’s clothing style.

21. Does your OC have a skill they’d like to learn? What is stopping them?
not sure, may answer this later lol


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