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04/26/2022 09:57 PM 

CD Collection

I have a decent collection of CDs for a bit so I figured it might be cool to make a blog post for them with little blurbs abt them!

No particular order ^-^

ALBUM: May Death Never Stop You
ARTIST: My Chemical Romance
YEAR: 2014
WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2014/2015
FAVORITE SONG: Skylines and Turnstiles (DEMO)
LITTLE BLURB: this was the first or second CD I ever got on my own! My favorite memories from middle school were just me laying in my room, listening to this on the Sony stereo my mom gave to me. The booklet makes me emotional. It has pictures of coffins with each member's names and the dates they were active, along with info about the songs with little blurbs from someone under each song. At the end, it says "THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM".

ALBUM: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
ARTIST: My Chemical Romance
YEAR: 2010
FAVORITE SONG: Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back - S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
LITTLE BLURB: GORGEOUS CD design. I love it so much. No other real comments besides the booklet is really cool and has a picture of Ray I hadn't seen before!

ALBUM: The Black Parade
ARTIST: My Chemical Romance
YEAR: 2006
WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2020/2021 (cant remember)
LITTLE BLURB: Another gorgeous CD! The case is beautiful as well and has beautiful interior artwork. The booklet is actually just a double-sided paper, one side has all the lyrics to each song on one half and this is the other, and the other is this

ALBUM: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
ARTIST: My Cheimical Romance
YEAR: 2004
FAVORITE SONG: It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish
LITTLE BLURB: More beautiful art from Gerard on the interior! The booklet is simple but very fitting. It's another single sheet, one side has all the lyrics, and the other is the album cover, a page of thank yous, and a credits page with mugshot-like pictures of the guys. Simple, but perfect! This CD is one of 6 I keep in my CD changer as CD number 2.

ALBUM: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
ARTIST: My Chemical Romance
YEAR: 2002
FAVORITE SONG: Drowning Lessons - Demolition Lover
LITTLE BLURB: Cool interior, it's an image of a bat with thank yous from each member and credits (cool fact: Pencey Prep is thanked/credited for "starting us"! idk, thought it was neat!). Booklet is.....interesting to say the least. It's all black and white pictures with the same stages of a bat taking off superimposed on every spread. Each picture is unsettling, but fitting, and there's one for every song. In order as they appear: Gerard - Mikey - Ray - Matt - Frank - groupshot - jack o lanterns - ventriloquist dummy - porcelain Virgin Mary (??) - roses and blood in a bathtub/sink (my personal favorite, very fitting for the Demo Lovers page). The back of the booklet also says "MERCI POUR LE VENIN" (thank you for the venom in french). Definatley my favorite booklet! Another I keep in my CD changer, and CD number one.

ALBUM: Brand New Eyes
ARTIST: Paramore
YEAR: 2009
WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2014/2015
LITTLE BLURB: The case for it broke when I moved :( but another gorgeous CD, and a gorgeous booklet to match! The booklet has a very coheasive them and it's just beautiful. I got this CD around the same time I got MDNSY, so this has been with me for a long time. I've kept this in my CD changer ever since I got my car, sitting at CD number 3 of 6

ALBUM: Dookie
ARTIST: Green Day
YEAR: 1994
FAVORITE SONG: Pulling Teeth
LITTLE BLURB: No case, no book! My mom used to have a HUGE CD collection, and when I got my MCR and Paramore CDs, she told me she had a few things I might like and she handed me this and a Smash Mouth CD I'm not sure I have anymore. This is another CD I keep in my CD changer, at CD number 4 of 6

ALBUM: Afterburner
ARTIST: Dance Gavin Dance
YEAR: 2020
LITTLE BLURB: Not much to say. No booklet, but cool case! And it came with an instrumental CD!

ALBUM: Father Of All...
ARTIST: Green Day
YEAR: 2020
FAVORITE SONG: Stab You In The Heart - Graffitia
LITTLE BLURB: Cool case, cool black/white/pink themed booklet with lyrics and pictures of the members included in it. My absoulte FAVORITE CD! I think it's just SO pretty and I love looking at it! Used to be in my CD changer, but I switched it in favor of an MCR CD.

ARTIST: Fall Out Boy
YEAR: 2012
WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2020/2021
FAVORITE SONG: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"
LITTLE BLURB: I got this from VintageStock, and it was unfortunatley the only FOB CD they had, so I got it. I really wanted to start listening to them again but I never did and this seemed like a good solution for. Some reason. But it worked! Kinda, I basically only listen to them in my car with this. Case is simple, and so is the booklet, only one page with credits and what album each song is from. CD changer, number 5 of 6

ALBUM: Twilight Soundtrack
YEAR: 2008
FAVORITE SONG: I Caught Myself (Paramore) - Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park)
LITTLE BLURB: No case, no book, another CD I got from my mom. Pretty sure this soundtrack is the reason I turned out so emo!

ALBUM: From Under The Cork Tree
ARTIST: Fall Out Boy
YEAR: 2005
LITTLE BLURB: 2nd time I went looking for a Fall Out Boy CD at VintageStock, I found this! I do have the case and book, but I'm not sure where it is...>.< haven't listened to this one all the way through yet, so not much else to comment on. Maybe one day I'll get around to

ALBUM: Humanz (deluxe)
ARTIST: Gorillaz
YEAR: 2017
FAVORITE SONG: Andromeda - The Apprentice
LITTLE BLURB: Cool case, folds out with 3 sections. When fully extended, the outside features Noodle and Murdoc, with the middle being a shot of all the members in New York. The inside has 2D and Russel, with the middle saying "Those who fear music are dangerous". Booklet has song titles with their credits, and various candid-like pictures of the members, my favorite of with is of Murdoc and Noodle smoking in a car. One of my all time favorite albums, and the main CD is my final CD in the changer. I also occasionally have the bonus track CD in my extra CD reader.

ALBUM: The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts
ARTIST: My Chemical Romance
YEAR: 2016
FAVORITE SONG: I Don't Love You / Emily
LITTLE BLURB: Pretty case, another fold out. Really cool b/w imagery on the inside. Booklet is basic, just a fold out with each song, and "MCRX" superimposed, one letter on each page. Nothing more to comment on!

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07/04/2021 09:10 PM 

Discussion of January 6th, 2021

NOTE: this was copied from a bulletin posted on July 4th, 2021. I will make further updates to this as needed underneath the original text.

TW: US politics, violence, death mentions, trump/police/extremist (proud boy/oath keeper) mentions

Today is the fourth of July, and I don't want to disparage anyone from celebrating, do whatever you wish, but 2 days from now will mark the 6 month anniversery of the Insurrection and threat of the US Captiol. I think it is INCREDIBLY important to remember this day, especially as Americans, and understand that this is likely to happen again. I know that some people take great pride on this day, and I'm not going to say you're wrong for doing so. I personally have never had very strong opinions about the 4th, I don't give a sh*t, and I especially now do not celebrate. But I really cannot emphasize how f***ing important it is to remember what happened on January 6th.

If you are outside of the US, or just generally don't know what happened, US elections are in November, and 2 months later on January 6th is when they actually certify the results, and presidents are inagurated on January 20th. Well this year, on the day of certification, Trump had a rally and THOUSANDS of his supporters from all 50 states gathered to hear him speak and they marched to the Capitol building after to protest the certification because they believed the election was stolen when it just....wasn't. Which they are allowed to do, even if it is just factually wrong! However, it became violent. Trump's supporters rushed Cap Police and broke their way into the building and had a mission to literally hunt down and murder our politicians, including their own former vice president because they believed he betrayed them. Thankfully, no congress people were harmed, but people did die,most of which were police...which is ironic considering that these people constantly claimed that they loved the police. What was so infuriating was that something could've been done to stop this. There were govt officials who KNEW. people were planning this, and did nothing. They could've deployed more cops with riot gear we KNOW they have (because they used it against BLM protesters), but didn't. Things could've been different but they weren't. And our media and officials have COMPLETELY swept this under the rug. We hardly hear about this anymore, and it's a damn shame because this was a DIRECT threat to our democracy, which is fortunatley pretty f***ing strong, and the biggest in US moddern history. There is no understating how f***ing horrible and life changing this event was.

If you want to learn what happened more in depth, please watch this video by the NY Times. It shows you what happened moment-by-moment, and explains what happened in depth. And for those who aren't familiar with US politics, here's a list of important people and groups mentioned in the video:
Mitt Romney - high profile republican (right wing) Senator
Nancy Pelosi - democratic (left wing) Speaker of the House
Mike Pence - former vice president (right wing)
Proud Boys - accoriding to Wikipedia: a far-right, neo-fascist, chauvinist, and exclusively male organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States.
Oath Keepers - according to Wikipedia: an American far-right anti-government militia organization composed of current and former military and police who claim to be defending the Constitution of the United States. It encourages its members to disobey orders which they believe would violate the U.S. Constitution.

If you have any questions about this, and honestly anything regarding US politics, please feel free to ask me. Comments or dms are both fine. Thank you if you take the time to read this and/or watch the NY Times video. This is something I have VERY strong opinions about. If you're curious, I've been following US politics intensly for the last 6 years. It's something I genuinely care about and I'm always happy to inform people or guide them to learn more if I have a hard time discussing or explaining something.

Have a safe night.

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11/16/2020 07:07 PM 

Kandi Collection - as of 11.16.20!

I've been makin kandi for a little while now, but it rlly kicked up in January of dis year! I've made LOTZ 4 maiself && mai stuffed animalz (who I may make a blog post abt at sum point >:3), but also 4 friendz && now a trading partner!! I've also unfortuantley lost sum && there r sum i 4got 2 take picz of, so dis iznt mai full collection, but most of it!

First, here r mai Killjoy kandi, easily mai most worn kandi, plus Killjoy ship name singlez && raygun perlerz! I wuznt able 2 make Kobra's tho bc i ran out of red beadz && havnt been able 2 get moar DX

LUV deez bad boyez ♥♥♥

Next r jus general MCR thingz, liek mai fav songz from each album (xcept 4 Revenge), a couple Revenge themed singlez, a Lola single, && sum Frank Iero stuff.

&& now sum otha music stuffz, (MSI, Millionaires, PTV, AA)!

Herez 1 of mai cuffz && a double dat i h8, && a double i luv(purple/black!)

&& mai v 1st ufo cuff && mai main/fav single!

rainbow stuffz

randoz idrk y i made

Unus Annus/Memento Mori

original character stuffz

a succesful perler (sailor moon wand), 2 failed perlerz, && a rainbow i 4got 2 include

mai necklacez && da othr mane 6 figurinez i need 2 make necklacez out of

mai cat earz, gogglez, && mask!!!

&& finally, all da kandi mai wonderful trading partner sent me a couple monthz ago ♥♥♥♥......minus a purple 1 && anotha rainbow 1 i 4got 2 grab :(

soooooo yea datz it!! i still hav lottsa kandi makin stuff, && otha thingz liek earringz. if u eva want 2 trade w me, plz feel free 2 dm me abt it! i would LUVLUVLUVLUV L U V !!!! 2 trd w a new person!!

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