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10/07/2022 11:08 PM 

7 nuclear plants arsenals in the USA 11 was said not there are 7 dismantle

The United States Government needs to close down and ORDER THE DISARMENMENTS of nuclear weapons. Russia cannot reach the usa there is no right for a false flag. these govofco, also handles, handle jaredpolis  my life is mine if you're liberal close down dismantle order dismantling of Warren Air Force Base Colorado and Wyoming.
They are old but even if they could be seen in our air the energy could still be dangerous DISMANTLE.... 7 plants google or wikipedia said there was 11
Naval Base Kitsap (Washington)
Malstrom Air Force Base (Montana)
Nellis Air Force Base (Nevada)
Warren Air Force Base (Colorado and Wyoming)
Minot Air Force Base (North Dakota)
Pantex plant (Texas)
Whiteman Air Force Base (Missouri)


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