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02/03/2022 07:27 PM 

l ron hubbard lol
Current mood:  drunk

drunk ... or trying to get there...

I stopped working with my old "boss" LMAO. kinda a while ago. I actually realized I don't think about him as often. My last day was unceremonious. 

Whatever. Also, I have been trying to write a good book. I hope it's good. I'm having such bad writer's block.

I was reading my older posts. I thought in my last post I was talking about my boss, Peter, from my old job...I realized I was not...I also realized a ton of my posts involve me getting drunk or tipsy. oops. I wish I was 21. Cooking wine is so gross and annoying. angry

Let's see...updates....I kissed a girl!!!! Jen  We've been on like three "dates" and I finally f***ing asked to kiss her. I thought maybe she just said yes because she was was nervous. Then, she said, "wait!" and beckoned me to kiss her more. I hope I see her this weekend, I'd love to kiss her more.

Going out with my friend, Jana, tomorrow. Might see  Ant's show in montclair....hopefully, the weather holds out.

Alright, the subject....

I've been reading the Mission Earth series from L Ron Hubbard and I'm grossly obsessed. I've read like 4 (almost 5) books in one week from him. I started the series on Jan 18 and I'm prob gonna finish book 6 tonight. Book 6 is kinda...not as good. I feel weird about liking it. Supposedly some of his books aren't written by him...I don't care. It's so f***ing good. And the same person must have written it. But, because of the content, I feel like Hubbard wrote it himself. Ordered some more sci-fi...Campbell, Bradbury, Hubbard...gonna make a serious effort to read sci-fi since I say I love it.

Alright....time to watch videos about dangan ronpa, get more drunk (or drunk instead of tipsy lol), and then read.



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