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01/21/2022 01:59 PM 

the original name i had for this blog post was too long by a couple letters Dx by fall out boy
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ey hey~! First post of the year xP The original title I had was If its not too late to make a new years post on the 2nd its def not too late to post one on the 21st. I'm doing a bit better than the last time I posted, which is nice. Stuff's finally leveling out I think, so here's hoping it stays that way. I couldn't post/be on fp a whole lot for a while bc I was at my friend-who-likes-mh's house for like, ever xD (I should really give him a name lol) I was only supposed to be over there for the weekend but I ended up staying for like, 4 weeks...? ^-^; he was happy to have me ofc but like... omg lmao solid plan
o! Gift exchange was rly cool! :D My recipient-person appreciated my gift wrapping skills™ and rly liked what I got him ^^ and I got a cool Sakura Miku figure :D It's my first anime figure somehow lol. She might be a bootleg but hey lmao she's pink thats enough for me xD And yes, I finally got to wear that Powder Rose coord I've been working towards since... forever!  I'm so glad I got to wear that jacket, I can finally stop being so annoying about it XD I think it's too cold for me to wear any coords for a long time oof but hey :P 
or actual xmas, my friendo got me the Halo Infinite campaign! And this great Master Chief helmet mug, I drank so much hot chocolate out of it omg xD (I didnt know he was gonna get me anything, so now I gotta scheme super hard to get him something cool >o<) Despite me being super excited to play it tho I havent yet D: procrastinating (executive dysfunction?) is real but when I do I'll be sure to make a post abt it :P also can I just say, I rly cant believe I had a major misconception abt the entire story for so long and no one corrected me? xD i mean maybe no one plays halo out here but omg lmao
peaking of executive dysfunction, I think that's gonna be my reasonable resolution for this year? I said I wouldn't make any pandemic resolutions bc who knows whats gonna happen but maintaining and actually partaking in my interests has been especially hard the past two years and thats something I gotta change. Even simple things like reading a book seem like a task™ to approach and that rly sucks. if anyone else has felt like that i'd love to know bc i'm not really sure where it comes from, unless it's just pandemic stress. :/ It also doesn't help that stuff like wearing coords/going to the library/skating I can't do rn bc winter is disastrous Dx here's hoping it wont take five months this year lol
ood to see I can write shorter posts sometimes xP im def trying to work on not being so long winded bc like... being succinct is good sometimes lmao even on here xD and lmk what ur resolutions are if u have any. As always thx for reading~! ^^


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✟ st. abby ✟


Jul 2nd 2022 - 11:09 PM

thats good!!
same!! even though its not laziness i still feel like i look lazy sometimes x__x



Jul 2nd 2022 - 9:54 PM

thank u! :D
and it's been... manageable? thankfully it hasnt been as bad as when i wrote this! not doing as much as i'd ideally like to be but i'll take it xD i'm glad other ppl get it™ bc i feels like it looks like laziness sometimes... ^_^|||

✟ st. abby ✟


Jul 2nd 2022 - 3:15 PM

ahhh your outfit is so cute!! 
i'm finally catching up with blog posts so this might be belated but i also struggle with executive dysfunction ! i always have like three creative projects brewing in my head but i can never seem to start them :( it's like the real me is in my head banging on the window & begging to Please Do Something but my body is like No. Scroll The Internet.  BUT i also have adhd so that explains It
how has your executive dysfunction been?? 



Jan 29th 2022 - 10:05 PM

 thank u for the advice ^_^ im def gonna try to do it and stick with it! i feel like executive dysfunction is especially bad bc its rly easy to dismiss it as 'just being lazy', esp from the outside. so its nice to know im not alone and that im not actually lazy and just dont know it lol



Jan 29th 2022 - 3:30 AM

I forgot to comment when you posted this omg!! Just wanted to say I def feel the extreme exec dysfunction thing. I've got some advice if you want it but it can be hard to walk the talk (haha :[ ), so YMMV. OH and there's this awesome lil advice series somebody did on Tumblr that works really well, the author has depression and had a difficult time motivating themself to exercise, but when they approached it in a "one thing at a time" manner (+ with plenty of positive reinforcement) they were able to make it much easier for themself. Breaking things down into tiny steps (which is in itself a task) helps enormously as well. A lot of the time the issue comes from not being able to formulate the steps in your head, so it seems like one insurmountable item instead of a collection of smaller tasks.
For example: reading a book.
Your first step is to find the book, pick it up, and open it. You can then set a timer for 5 minutes (or just tell yourself it's only going to be 5 minutes) and sit down to read. If you end up reading past that 5 min, great! If not, put it down and try again later. This is a point the tumblr post author stressed bc you need to really believe that you can put it down if it's a struggle. Which is not to say that you should quit just because it feels too hard.
Umm anyway, hopefully this big ramble makes sense?? <:D



Jan 22nd 2022 - 6:08 PM

thanks, I did! ^^ and same omg XD i legit cant believe its already the 22nd lol what is time xP



Jan 22nd 2022 - 5:15 PM

omg that jacket is so adorable hope u had a good ny !!  ^___^ probs a bit late for that now but honestly today i got a real shock when i looked at my calender and realised january is almost over lol

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