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03/30/2022 05:23 PM 

thanks for coming to my ted talk abt games
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ey hey~ I think I'm doing a bit better than the last time I posted. I'm back at my friend-who-likes-mh's house :P I'm still having a hard time™ so I rly appreciate the reprieve. Not rly looking forward to going home this weekend but... that's future me's problem lolol xD He's been doing his best to help me out while I'm here and I'm very grateful, as always :P It's been good doing things I enjoy for once, sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery I think. Mainly, I've gotten back to games! I finished the Halo Infinite and it was good! I still can't believe that Cortana is rly dead and that Atriox isnt!?!? Also the fight with the Harbinger at the end was rly hard lol. We also watched the first ep of the Halo series and it was good!! He kept calling me a nerd for noticing all the details but like !!! that's the point XD he's such a hypocrite lol but I'm glad it was good. I'm lowkey waiting for keyes to die lol ngl... also I can't believe Miranda is his and HALSEY'S DAUGHTER??? like what lmao omg get better taste sir she's a war criminal or whatever xD

e also started Mass Effect, it'll be my first time playing through all three games with the same save file. He's trying to romance Kaidan bc ofc he is even tho Kaidan is annoying af and dies every two seconds <_< so I have to resist being nice to ppl and its so hard lol. I accidentally romanced p much everyone when i played oon my own and he thinking thats hilarious said he'd help me not do that again lol. Ashley is rly getting on my nerves tho, I forgot how viciously jealous she is of Liara and she wants to romance me so bad but like guess what? ur lowkey racist sooooo... no ♥ if I could kick her off the normandy I would lmao omg. I also forgot how boring ME1 can be?? Like... idk sometimes it rly drags on uninteresting missions and it's so painful Dx I don't remember ME2 being like that so here's hoping I'm right.

also lowkey tried Morrowind again... It's so hard to make progress in oml Dx I saw that my friend had Skyrim for 360 and he just... never played it??? wtf? after me saying 'omg i wanna play that' he decides to play it first IN FRONT OF ME??? i'm not bitter at all lmao and bc he's absolutely oblivious when it comes to gaming it was p entertaining to watch him figure out basic things such as... fast traveling, and... crouching, and.... not dying? XD I am gonna try to figure out Morrowind tho bc... I wanna like it?? I got it years ago bc some dude on yt made his playthrough look so interesting Sokar Entertainment, if anyone's ever watched him. But actually getting started and not getting stuck in Balmora is so difficult D: I found some guides on steam that r supposed to help, which is reassuring ig.

've also been able to get some old games running on my laptop again! I used to play so many computer games, and thankfully ppl have archived some mostly on lol and with a lot of troubleshooting I can get them to run ok :D Some of the ones I've gotten going are BlasterBall 2 Revolution, Otto's Magic Blocks, Speedy Eggbert and SE2!, and Mahjong Quest. But most importantly, I've been playing Marble Blaster and Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer :D I spent so much time playing those two games specifically, even if Incredibles always made my comp crash back then :/ And Marble Blaster was def my favorite game at the time, and it's just as good now. I found out that there was a whole community of ppl making custom levels! There's a gr8 spiritual successor called Marble It Up, but idk lol Marble Blaster is still the best imo. Other games I def wanna try again are Mall Tycoon and Fate... bro I spent soooo much time descending into that dungeon and looking for rare cheese hats xD If anyone else played games like that lmk! :P

s always, thx for reading! There's def way more I could write about, but I think I'll save it for future posts. It's rly nice having so much to be excited about again. I know that life is still hard rn but it's nice to get back to doing things I love even if it's just for right now. It's a great reminder of like... what all of this is for, y'know? I hope that soon it won't be so special :P

01/21/2022 01:59 PM 

the original name i had for this blog post was too long by a couple letters Dx by fall out boy
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ey hey~! First post of the year xP The original title I had was If its not too late to make a new years post on the 2nd its def not too late to post one on the 21st. I'm doing a bit better than the last time I posted, which is nice. Stuff's finally leveling out I think, so here's hoping it stays that way. I couldn't post/be on fp a whole lot for a while bc I was at my friend-who-likes-mh's house for like, ever xD (I should really give him a name lol) I was only supposed to be over there for the weekend but I ended up staying for like, 4 weeks...? ^-^; he was happy to have me ofc but like... omg lmao solid plan
o! Gift exchange was rly cool! :D My recipient-person appreciated my gift wrapping skills™ and rly liked what I got him ^^ and I got a cool Sakura Miku figure :D It's my first anime figure somehow lol. She might be a bootleg but hey lmao she's pink thats enough for me xD And yes, I finally got to wear that Powder Rose coord I've been working towards since... forever!  I'm so glad I got to wear that jacket, I can finally stop being so annoying about it XD I think it's too cold for me to wear any coords for a long time oof but hey :P 
or actual xmas, my friendo got me the Halo Infinite campaign! And this great Master Chief helmet mug, I drank so much hot chocolate out of it omg xD (I didnt know he was gonna get me anything, so now I gotta scheme super hard to get him something cool >o<) Despite me being super excited to play it tho I havent yet D: procrastinating (executive dysfunction?) is real but when I do I'll be sure to make a post abt it :P also can I just say, I rly cant believe I had a major misconception abt the entire story for so long and no one corrected me? xD i mean maybe no one plays halo out here but omg lmao
peaking of executive dysfunction, I think that's gonna be my reasonable resolution for this year? I said I wouldn't make any pandemic resolutions bc who knows whats gonna happen but maintaining and actually partaking in my interests has been especially hard the past two years and thats something I gotta change. Even simple things like reading a book seem like a task™ to approach and that rly sucks. if anyone else has felt like that i'd love to know bc i'm not really sure where it comes from, unless it's just pandemic stress. :/ It also doesn't help that stuff like wearing coords/going to the library/skating I can't do rn bc winter is disastrous Dx here's hoping it wont take five months this year lol
ood to see I can write shorter posts sometimes xP im def trying to work on not being so long winded bc like... being succinct is good sometimes lmao even on here xD and lmk what ur resolutions are if u have any. As always thx for reading~! ^^

12/15/2021 04:56 PM 

rando thoughts halo thoughts
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ey hey~ December has been very weird? Good and bad stuff has happend, life has been a lot, I won't get into it tho (thats what my bullet journal is for lol but maybe ill make a blog post abt that someday). I had this draft made like, a couple weeks ago... I wanted to post but since there was so much going on I just didn't? But now that things have calmed down and I have stuff to look forward to I figured I'd finally do it :P

o I'll start with something good: I had friendsgiving at the end of last month!  We usually all bring one thing we traditionally eat for thanksgiving, so ofc I had to bring tacos xD my friends think its p cool even tho its kinda weird lol. And I got to wear a coordinate! I wore Wrapping Heart with the cutsew I've been dying to coord ^^ I don't have any good pics lolrip just the instax ones my friend took :P I had a great time and I somehow managed to not spill anything on myself xP

fter this tho, like literally that night, I got some bad news and that sucked. To cheer me up my friend let me stay over longer than we planned and helped me feel better before having to deal with everything. I'm super grateful for him tbh, he did a great job of distracting me and helping me sort out my thoughts. We binged the new Gossip Girl and played a ton of Halo :P (which I have thoughts™ abt but i'll get to that later) Things are still rough but definitely more manageable than they were a couple of weeks ago, which is something! I'm def looking forward to seeing him again this weekend, we're supposed to meet up for our friends' gift exchange so that's exciting ^^ I'm gonna make the most of the weekend and relax. And maybe wear another coordinate! I'm determined to finally wear my royal pretty jacket XDD Maybe I'll actually get to wear the Powder Rose coordinate I planned for it, even, who knowssss~ :P (And I'll try to actually get a pic of it this time lmfao)

lso, spotify wrapped finally came out. ik i'm super late to this but I had this in the draft ok XD idk why but im weirdly excited to see what it is every year even tho ik it's basically gonna be the same as it was last year xD Yeah yeah Fall Out Boy was also #1 last year, but I think it's blasphemous mcr is only #4 (esp considering how much i listened to them this year??? wtf) and that there are no mcr songs in my top 5??? selling all my cds rn bc i am clearly a poser XD I have no idea how The Used beat them out, considering I only like a handful of songs currently? I must have listened to a lot of Pretty Handsome Awkward xD here's more pics below, since everyone's sharing anyway :P


ast but not least, boy do I have things to say abt halo lol omg... I finished the Halo 4 campaign finally and it was good! rip Cortana and rip Master Chief bro like I felt so bad for them the whole time I watched a playthough of Halo 5 bc I don't have an xbox and like... I can see why ppl didn't like it when it came out. I don't like it either tbh Dx The story is confusing and like... nothing happens??? Like literally nothing happens and the ending is so unsatisfying and I am so curious as to how Halo Infinite is gonna fix everything because oh my god lmao it's all over the place.

said in an old blog post that 'i was wondering how Halo 5 was gonna address the Locke vs. Master Chief thing bc afaik he got assigned to kill him by the Arbiter? like what happened so they hate each other now?' And I was super disappointed that that's not how the game went at all. Partially because I was wrong about that part of the story: there's an extra cutscene at the end of Halo 2 that I didn't get on my playthrough for some reason that clarifies what Locke is going after Chief for. So any assumptions you could make like I did are resolved and you know he's just trying to help him and figure out what's going on. The other part is that I know that at the time the game was marketed as like, "Master Chief is the bad guy" and that's true for about like... four seconds lol and it's not even like he's objectively bad he's just ignoring orders to go after Cortana and stop the Reclamation from happening again. And by the middle of the campaign Locke and Osiris team are trying to save him and help him out anyway, so ??? why push the game like that lol. Also Cortana's whole deal and how she got saved from inevitable rampancy death™ was rly dumb and... yeah... and the character of the Warden Eternal was super dumb and unnecessary too? Like his motivations and place in the story overall were very weird and unclear. There's a lot more I could say that would rly warrant its own blog post but I'll stop it here xD

(This is very silly but can I just comment on the like... magical girl-tier names that are ever-present in the Halo series? xD High Charity, Warden Eternal, Exuberant Witness... I could go on lol it's just so funny bc Halo is so serious haha )


ut yeah! Thx for reading this rambly post. Congrats to me for making it a little more consistent than the last one xD also this is the first normal post with the formatting I'm gonna try to use from now on. It was nice in lavender but pink is def the best xP

11/03/2021 11:42 AM 

on all levels except physical i posted this on the 31st
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EY HEY!! Happy Spooktober! And happy MCRib day~!  I hope everyone got lots of calcium and supported their skeltal this month xDD I'm testing a new formatting thing because... idk spooktober is special and I wanna be festive xD and still pink lol. I haven't written all month, so this is gonna be a long one. I split it into sections in case u don't wanna read it all :P
kay so, I have to talk abt this bc it was quite a ride making this very simple™ layout xD I learned a lot here lol. I started working on this in early October bc I knew I wanted to try something cool for this, and i'm very glad I did bc if I had to troubleshoot all of this day-of? I would have hated it xD

originally planned on making this background with a 3x3 table (I use a 3x1 table normally), but I found out that tables have an "invisible" 1px border on all the cells, that happen to be the color of the bg of my blog posts. And since I wanted to make this a diff color bc festive, I had to use divs instead. Which is probably for the best anyway, but they're kinda weird? xD Like I basically made/imported a style sheet to the source section of the blog post editor and... idk that feels too advanced for me xD The downside for this is that I can't use tables here, but ig if I wanna keep this kind of format, I can just have a transparent post bg so the table borders don't show (bc lemme tell you, not being able to use tables for a blog post has been harder than it should be xDD I rely on them too much lol). And honestly, I might do that? Since the background images make these divs 1000px wide, it's bigger than both the main blog page and individual post pages' normal sizes. So I don't have to worry about having to overcompensate so much for formatting breaks between the two.

might make a post abt how I format stuff/put out a template thing, but that sounds like a lot of work xD so maybe not rn haha but if anyone would be interested in that lmk~



ow, has it been kinda wild in a bad way. The start of the month was great, I was coming home from my last blog post. But stuff at home was just a lot™ and I ended up having bad vaccine reactions D: I knew I was kinda predisposed to having reactions due to stuff in the past, but wtf man. It was a scary couple of weeks but I'm still glad I got it, it's def helped my pandemic anxiety a lot ^^; I just hope I won't have to take another vaccine for a while lol omg

ooler life stuff tho, I found an amazing AP cutsew! For anyone who doesnt know, a cutsew ('cut and sewn') is just a fancy jfashion way of saying a tshirt xD I normally wouldn't go afer them bc... they're just overpriced tshirts—for the most part. Sometimes there's some like this one that are def worth it bc... Look at that sailor collar!! :D When I found AP back in 2014-ish I remember seeing stuff like this, and its what got me hooked on them in the first place. Cutsews like this tend to sell p fast secondhand (since like, how could u pass up on this) so I'm glad I found one ^^ This is the Fairy Marine Cutsew in pink, if anyone wants to see more pics.

t's also nice to know that cutsews aren't as intimidating as everyone made them out to be? I always heard abt how unforgivingly small brand cutsews were, but tbh at least from my experience this is way better and less intimidating than blouses so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

lso also, I finally got a skateboard!!! B^D I'm so excited to learn omggg ^o^ I got this  complete Element one since I don't have preferences for anything that would make it worth it to put one together. anditotallywasntinfluencedbyvivalabamiswear—//shot xD I got it sent to my friend's house since I was gonna be there for Halloween anyway, so he tried it out too and we had fun being skrubs xP I probably won't be good enough to get anywhere until next year (bc winter here is wild) but I'll get gud all autumn so I can be prepared for spring :D


INALLY! le spooky times :D I went over to my friend's house on the 29th just to hang out since he lives far from me and he wanted to be festive™ on the 30th and 31st. My costume was Doremi Harukaze (ofc), I'm a huge weeb what can I say >3> idk if I talked abt it last year, but this is def a dream costume for me! afaik in 2019 toei released these mo~tto ojamajo doremi halloween costumes and I had to get one somehow (unsurprisingly they weren't the easiest to find secondhand listings for <_<|||). I didn't get it in time for halloween that year, but I was able to find one when I ordered some stuff through a shopping service in january 2020. So I wore it last year and this year bc why not xD And it's p cool being able to use my sweet pollon/parara tap for the costume too, 12 y/o me would be so proud xD My friend was dark Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer bc ofc he was, and my other friend who came with her bf came as Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd :P We watched spooky movies (Jennifer's Body and The Perfection, omfg is that movie weird) and played games (Project DIVA Mega39s and Resident Evil 0) and kinda just hung out :P It was rly nice after how stressful everything's been. 

n Sunday, actual spooky day, we went out in costume to a comic book shop and they had a copy of Killjoys: California!! I haven't read National Anthem yet (rip major poser moment) but if the original story is connected then ayy I get to read it in order now :P We went to dinner afterwards and that was p cool, and after that we went to walmart bc grocery shopping is very spooky xD There was a claires in the walmart :O so we got cool nail polish while we were there. I basically passed out when we got home, I think that's the first time I've gone to sleep before midnight in a long time xD


But yeah!! Thanks for reading my spooky blog~! >u< I mean half of it  wasn't even spooky but... whatever xD I'm glad I could finally post it after sitting on this formatting draft for a month xD

10/06/2021 02:60 AM 

my annual annoyingly festive blog post™ >:D
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ey hey~!! I was at my friend's house over the weekend to celebrate my birthday! We were gonna do it on my actual bday weekend (it was 9/25 as u prob saw on stream xD) but he had stuff to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tbh it kinda worked out better that way, and it was as good as I was hoping it would be~ ^^
n Friday, my new headset finally came in the mail!! It's been a long two weeks w/o them ToT But after going through three listings and two refunds/cancellations (bc I didnt wanna pay $170 to get them directly oof) I finally have them~ *o* It's my first time having a razer headset that has chroma stuff (despite me having had like, 3 kraken headsets in the past lolrip), and lemme say its been rly fun to mess around with in synapse :D you can have lighting effects layered and specific ones for different games/programs, its rly something~ so ofc I took them with me bc I knew I'd be thinking abt them all weekend if I didn't, and now I think my friend wants a pair for himself xD he doesn't even like headsets lmaoo
she's listening to Young Veins (Die Tonight) lolol

n Saturday, one of our friends invited us to go apple picking! And it was rly cool to see her again since we haven't hung out in forever. (I'm just rly glad we got to go at all, since it almost didnt happen D:) The orchard we went to has great donuts and cider, and tbh that's all I was really there for xD but apples are cool too ig :P we got like a gallon of cider and it was all gone by sunday night xD I also lowkey dressed up to go? I didn't wanna wear a coord or anything since its picking, so I got as close as I could xP (lowkey sidenote but does anyone remember when, at least in the western lolita community, it was kind of illegal™ to use detachable waist bows as anything other than waist bows? I use my powder rose one here for everything, I even use it as a headbow... how scandalous! xD)
idk if i wanna put my face out there so... enjoy my
thematic censoring lmao
n Sunday, we went to the bookstore! He said he'd get me whatever books I wanted ^^ So I got Scott Pilgrim vol2 and Killjoys National Anthem!! I've wanted to read this since it was announced, so I'm glad I finally can omggg  I got the only hardcover copy they had, I had to get it for the cool desert spider on the front :P They also had Kirarich markers, they're these rly cool highlighters that have glitter! I didn't even know that was possible :o I also wore a simple coord bc how could I not?? :P I picked Whip Factory since it has birthday cakes on it xD
e also finally finished watching Buffy! The ending was rly good ^^ Now I have to read all the comics lol, a very long road ahead of me xD Thankfully he has most of the canon ones so I don't have to do too much work haha. And we made more progress in Halo CE, he finally made it far enough to get creeped out by the flood xD he seemed more spooked of the regular ones than the actual infected marines/covenant that can kill him xDD And I finally started Halo 4, I'm already sucked in and I'm only on the second mission lol. (I do think the terminal vids being in the companion app is rly dumb tho :/ ) Dr. Halsey seems like trash so far, She was rude to me in the little bit of reach I played, but I hope she can help cortana >_> and get prosecuted for her legit war crimes bc wtf gave her the idea to CREATE THE SPARTAN PROGRAM??? also wtf did the marines do to piss off the covenant again in the 4 years we've been out of the game like ??? idek what happened yet but I can just feel it was the marines lmfao xD ik it doesnt get resolved by the end of this game bc afaik Halo 5 is abt Locke going after Master Chief? And Arbiter sent him to kill us so... rip our friendship it was good while it lasted 

ut yeah, thats all the notable stuff that happened over the weekend! My bday means a lot to me, so getting to do something fun after being so stressed for so long was really great. The next thing we plan on doing is for halloween, so if I don't post I'll at least write something for that :P As always, thx for reading! 

(okay did anyone know u can set the minutes of the blog post time to X:60? xDD amazing)

08/24/2021 10:31 PM 

if u like rambly blog posts, this one's for you~
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ey hey~ Another life update post ^^ I feel like I haven't written in forever! And I feel like I say that every time! XD It's nice to be back, I've been spending a lot of time trying to enjoy summer after everything that happened with school. Not a whole lot has happened tbh? But I'll take any excuse to write xP

eal quick, fun HTML thing for ppl who care abt that stuff: For the lace borders on this post, I used to have to estimate how long the post was gonna be, and have a bunch of duplicate images on top of each other (which is why some of my posts looked different when u looked at them on the main post feed vs. their individual post pages). Instead I figured out I can add the image as a background for the table boxes, so it'll be the right length no matter what! :D And it'll load faster, hopefully. I'm contemplating going back and updating some posts to be like this, but idk im feeling lazy xD tbh this opens up a ton of customization options for blog posts, I already have a ton of ideas xD I'm glad this works like this tho, I've noticed that sometimes the html editor on here doesn't like certain tag formats/wording, so it can be hard figuring out what you can do.
o! This past weekend I went to my friend's house. It was supposed to be for his birthday (which was actually on 7/30, but he couldn't do anything until now) but we just hung out and forgot to be festive™ xD I gave him his bday gift, and he really liked it!! So my risk paid off. I couldn't do all the ideas I wanted to do when I mentioned it on stream a couple of months ago, but I told him abt them and he appreciated the thought/efforts :P I got him this Sweet 1600 Frankie, and she was not easy to find, let alone get a good deal for. 
shoutout to his cat photobombing lol

 wanted to draw for the birthday card/envelope I had planned, but I just didn't have the energy to finish it tbh. I had the sketches done for Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen's Sweet 1600 outfits, but it was just a lot of work lol. Here's the Frankie style test I did, it's the only thing I had colored (you prob saw the sketches I had on stream tho). Tbh I might finish those drawings one day? I still like them, so idk :P
've also been slowly but surely updating my site on Neocities. The biggest page I've been working on is for my magical girl collection. It's currently still kinda weird, but everything's there so it's ok for now xD And!! I've started using anchors too since it's such a long page, which is p fun. I will have to find a better way to organize it tho, bc as of rn there's a problem with some of the image links breaking since there's just too much to load. :/ But it's been fun keeping up with it and seeing what everyone else is doing on their sites ^^
very random thing, but I've mentioned on stream a few times I wanna learn to skate, and that's still very true. tbh I've always wanted to learn bc it seemed rlly cool, but I was just never in a position to do it? But lately watching viva la bam again has rly brought it out of me and made me realize how much I'm actually invested in trying. I never allowed myself to give it much thought since I realistically couldn't until now, and I didn't wanna get my hopes up for something I wouldn't be able to do at the time. But I've really missed being able to get around town ever since my bike got stolen (I still don't have a new one oof), and idk... it would be fun ^^ I can't wait to destroy my shoes and fall a lot xDD

h also!! I posted this on stream when it happened but I somehow got my hands on a Bullets CD?? It comes with this very cool quicktime player for music videos, and if I can find a way to rip it off the disc I'd love to upload it to, since I had no idea this was a thing you could get and it's a rlly cool thing tbh!! Like, what a cool little piece of software that someone made :P I love that kind of stuff, so here's to hopefully sharing. Something nice abt it is that there's a link to dl quicktime built in (bc who has quicktime these days, and apparently back in 2007), and the link actually works?? And the player is still compatible with the latest version of quicktime!?!? Considering how much I struggled with getting spicetify to run properly again after spotify's really stupid and meaningless update™ it was nice for something to just... work. :)

UPDATE: I uploaded it and forgot to post it. it's
here xD

ut yeah. Thx for reading as always. As lost as I feel about things like school and what to do with my life, fp has been a nice way to slow down and remind me that fun things I like to do are still important and worth participating in, regardless of how 'together' my life may or may not be.  That's an awfully deep note to end on, but I do love this little corner of the internet and the ppl who make it great. I hope we'll always be around ^^

04/13/2021 10:06 PM 

(you already know what this post is about)
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ey hey~! I'm really excited to write this one ^o^ As u guys probably know by now bc I lowkey spammed stream I've set up a Neocities! It's something I've sometimes seen around but after visiting ppl's sites I've found through here I had to try and make one myself. (shoutout to tescocqueen's site for being the one to finally get me to do it xD)
t's been a great outlet for my interest in HTML, tbh. I often found myself making more and more elaborate blog post layouts as a way to do it (which def peaked in my dream dress post oof that was tedious), as I missed making those custom profiles and boxes for sites I was on (when they'd still let you D: rip).  But doing this has been really rewarding, as I haven't made a website layout in forever. I had to unfortunately switch the program I use from NetObjects Fusion Essentials to Microsoft Expressions Web 4 (these names wtf lol), as NetObjects wouldn't install for some reason? It'd get stuck on the WinZip extraction and wouldn't actually get to the installation wizard?? idk I tried everything :/ But hey, I got to make a cool layout in the ends so I can't complain much :P (the backbone of the homepage is a table can u tell lmfaoo)

ere's my site!!! I'm rlly proud of this layout. It's prob not the most efficient but it doesn't break and it loads ok xD I wanted it to be kinda similar to my blog, or how I'd ideally have it. Making that gingham border was... a task xD but it looks p good and doesn't break immersion too much with different page lengths. 

'm gonna keep writing blog posts here (the blog tab redirects to fp), but I decided it'd be easier to put the lolita wardrobe post there instead as a permanent page, since it's gonna be easer to maintain and access that way (if I put it here it'd just get pushed down after a while, which was a concern I had with my dream dress post too). So if u were wondering when I was gonna get around to it since I mention wanting to do it so much now u know xD I still have to take my own pics but it's set up for now. And the dream dress list is up there too, much longer than the one I put here. (that was... the worst table I've ever had to put together Dx) I'm alos thinking abt putting collection posts there instead of here, since it'll be easier to format and won't get lost, idk yet tho :/ I should figure out how to have comments on there for stuff like that... (ig guestbook is comments for now lmao)

lso, if anyone would like to share site stamps/stickers pm me! The idea I had for the friends page at the top nav is to showcase the cool stuff I see mutuals doing on here, since I come across ppl's sites/zines/art sometimes and I'd love to link them on my site to share ^^ Here's mine, you can find the embed code for it on the homepage~ I'll def follow u too, I wanna find more cool sites to keep up with ^^ This aspect of the internet is something I rlly miss, and I'm glad neocities is giving ppl an outlet for it~

ut yeah! That's what I've been working on, I'll try not to spam stream abt it ^^; I'll post abt updates on the site, since they matter there. thx for reading~!


04/09/2021 01:25 PM 

very random update blog

ey hey~ This is gonna be an update post, kinda mixed between fun stuff and more serious stuff. I'm gonna do serious stuff first, bc it's more on my mind rn. Yesterday I read Depresso Espresso's latest bulletin where they talk about the creepy interactions they had with a user on here, and it was really unfortuante to read. And I know that there are creeps everywhere on the internet, but... I dunno it's FriendProject... This fun corner of the internet that you can only really find if you want to. It doesn't have the appeal of a modern social media site, so I kinda figured like... Maybe creeps would be less of a problem? But I guess they always find a way :/ 

nd that kinda reminds me of something I thought about a while ago, how I noticed that minors are so aware that they're minors online nowadays and how I've seen a good portion of profiles saying things like "i'm a minor so dni if ur over a certain age" and stuff like that, which is kinda depressing? I will say, I was very lucky in my online experience. I've been on websites since I was 10/11 and I thankfully never had to deal with any creeps. But even amongst my friends and just hearing about things in the circles I was in, this wasn't as much of an issue? Or maybe you just didn't hear about it as much. I'm not sure, but I just think it sucks that this is something minors have to be so aware abt now. I'm kinda curious about what that new perspective is like, so if anyone wants to comment abt it I'd be happy to read. 

nd on a less serious tangent, having to be so aware of this stuff, at any age, kinda takes the fun out of the old internet feel that fp is going for? I know that we're modern people on a relic of a site, but back in ye olden times™ adding everyone and having the most friends was a part of the fun. And when I started my fp account I added everyone in the spirit of that, but I've become really selective over time because I wanna avoid potential weirdos on here. Which sucks, but I guess it's a necessity now (It probably always has been but at least in my internet experience). It does help you get a better experience much faster, so at least there's a benefit to it. Adding ppl back who definitely like MCR was a great decision xD (also happy birthday gerard way~)
ow for the fun stuff!! I recently got in one of my dream dresses, Whip Factory!! I don't know how I didn't include it in my actual dream dresses blog post, because I've been after this one for years. I rarely found listings for this series secondhand, and definitely not in my prefered cut and colorway (salopette in pink). So finding this for not a million dollars was something I absolutely had to jump on (shoutout to pandemic stonks)! The print is insanely detailed, and I think it's my first main piece that really encapsulates everything Angelic Pretty is known for (and what I love about them). The custom cake lace at the hem, the absolutely incredible border print, the adjustability/accomodation for a range of sizes, and of course, the deep pockets xD Getting this has kinda motivated me to try and start a wardrobe post for real, so maybe I'll do that if my shopping service order works out (I found some nice blouses, a rarity for me haha). I'm def gonna wear this to the library, it's surprisingly light and airy, which is good for rn ^^  It's finally legit getting warm so it'll be good to wear over the summer.
(also oh my god can u tell I got a new phone?? xD I'm so glad I don't have to struggle with picture quslity anymore, I used to have to try so hard to just get a decent pic for anything I wanted to upload aaaa)
 also found this Blossom plush backpack! I love the Powerpuff Girls, it was my favorite show on Cartoon Network (I didn't have cable tho oof, so I just had a vhs collection) and I could never find merchandise retail. (except for this one pair of pajama pants that I still wear because I could never get rid of them *o*) When I started buying things online I looked for plushies to buy and I found out about this, but they were so hard to find. My bff and I looked for one of these for years, and I finally found one! There's a lot of useless research that I had to do to pick the correct version of this item but it was worth it ^^; For anyone who might be looking for one, there's at least two main releases I know about: the colored strap version released in 2000, and the black strap version released in 2001. The main difference, besides strap color, is the size of the backpack opening on their heads. The colored strap version has a much smaller opening (maybe ~3in. from what I can guesstimate) while the black strap version has a bigger, more functional one (~6in. from what I could tell from other ppl's listings and my own measurements). Surprisingly there's a decent number of listings for these of all three girls on eBay right now, so gl if you're looking for one! ^^

lso, did u guys hear abt the ppg live action show that's happening? I'm nervous but optimistic abt it. I saw some prod pics and it looks cool so far! I'm glad they're keeping their classic outfits, even if it's just for a little bit (that was something I was rlly disappointed abt for the winx netflix show). idk when it's coming out or anything but I'll make a post when I watch it ^^ 

nd yeah! thx for reading. I know that this post was a bit all over the place, and usually they're more thematic/tonally consistent, but idk I just had a lot to say. :P

(p.s.: i've finally started using absolute alignment and... it's too much power lmao omg xD)

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rando post where i claim to be an ex weeb and also indulge in weeb activities
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(I really wish the blog boxes were the same size on both the main blog page and the individual post pages... best formatting on the latter as usual >_>)


ey hey ^^ A life update post bc I haven't made one of these in a heckin while~ I've noticed that since I've joined fp and started writing blog posts, I've been writing in my actual journal a lot less ^^; I've got this super decorated journal that I've had since the start of the pandemic, and I used it as a space to not only journal and vent but to also freely express aesthetics and ideas I like without the fear of judgement. So most every entry has a page theme that I make with washi tape, stickers, and stuff I print out :P But since fp has also been like that for me lately idk maybe this is good having multiple outlets. I will say, journaling has helped me a lot in the pandemic, and has helped me dump on my friends less, something I'm kinda self conscious about (ik they're here for me tho and that I'm not annoying them haha). It's a real shame that the art store here where I live closed, so now I just have all the supplies I bought back when it was open D: I won't run out any time soon but it sucks to think about. (especially since the only other art store was at the mall, and that closed too!) One of my fav things I would do once I got out of class was listen to music and walk to the strip mall where the art store was. Now that the weather has been consistently nice maybe I'll find other places to walk to (besides the library lol)

ool stuff that's happened lately tho!! I sorta got back into bento boxes xP When I was a weeb I had a massive bento lunch phase, and I actually got a cool Sailor Moon Crystal box... That I rarely used Dx But I got motivated again when I was talking to my bff abt it since he likes the idea of them too, and I invested™ in a utensil set! idk how I had this box for like six years and never got utensils for it but hey xD maybe it'll motivate me to use it now that I have a cool way to eat out of it :P

(and yes... I ate a ramen with those hello kitty chopsticks... it changed my life and made me question my ex-weeb status xDD)

lso, I've been playing Animal Crossing more lately ^^ tbh I kinda got bored bc idk what to do with my town, and I got more preoccupied with other games (that I'll talk abt in a bit spoiler alert its halo) but one of my friends traded me a pink villager named Flora recently, and tbh she has such a good aesthetic and I will be scheming to get her to wear my Cure Flora custom design xD AND, the disaster that was the Sanrio Amiibo Card rerelease happened friday... No I wasn't able to buy a pack but shoutout to one of my irl friends and Fossa for giving me all the cool stuff!!  I've always struggled with decorating in AC (esp in new leaf) bc there wasn't a lot of furniture I liked, so having a ton of furniture that inspires me to legit decorate is rlly exciting ^^ I made myself a new bedroom, and tbh its the only room in the house that has any direction xD

f you like the custom designs on the floor/stall, they're made by Usamimi! I have a real issue with needing to make everything I like myself because I'm so used to not being able to find it elsewhere, but she makes rlly cool designs and I gotta let myself accept and enjoy other people's work :P I did make the MCR hat myself tho, the code is MO-5MLV-BJ0G-1S14 if anyone wants it :P

or anyone reading this, who r ur fav villagers? I don't have a whole lot of exposure since I've only played new leaf and horizons so I'd love to know ^^ Klaus and Melba are my absolute favorites that I'll take with me to every town Melba is p self explanatory I think, how can u not like her? And Klaus because he was a very interesting villager to have in new leaf... he was my first smug villager (I didn't know about personality types at the time) and he had oddly three-dimensional dialogue compared to the rest of the ppl in my town? (maybe bc he lowkey flirts with you?) So I liked him immediately lol :P here's some appreciation for the best bear boi bc literally no one likes him and it makes me so sad he doesn't even have a sticker in the official animal crossing sticker book and honestly?? that's a federal offense >:(

(I nearly cried in the club when I saw he
came to my bday party... I need help lmfao)

nd lastly, I've finally gotten back to playing Halo ^^ I've had the master chief collection for a while and I did start playing combat evolved back in january, but I stopped for some dumb reason (esp considering that I stopped at an important story point?? but whatevs :P). Halo was always a series I wanted to get into but I never had an xbox, so im glad I've gotten so invested I said this on stream but Captain Keyes was so infuriating... if the universe ends up being in legit direct jeopardy bc of the flood it's all his fault and he got what he deserved lowkey js... him going off on his own like that made me so mad considering I spent SO MUCH TIME SAVING HIM FROM THE COVENANT oml... and then they expect me to feel bad for him bc now I have to work with his daughter?? sorry bro I hope u aren't as dumb as ur dad was >3> (this sounds harsh but if u played CE you'd understand why I'm so bothered lol) But the rest of the series is great so far xD I'm only halfway through halo 2 rn tho so ive got a long way to go (hopefully terminals won't be annoying to find in later games).

ut yeah :P thx for reading my random post~ It feels nice to be actually posting more than once a month xD And yknow, any excuse to do html stuff is always good  I'm so used to over-formatting now that normalish posts look kinda weird xD

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❤Dream Dresses!❤
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ey hey :P This is my dream dresses post! I originally wanted to make a legit sentimental jfashion post, bc it does mean a lot to me and I thought I had a lot to say abt it, but it quickly became a dream dresses post sitting in my drafts xD So here we are. I would just share my Lolibrary wishlist, but as of right now u can't do that (and it'd take the fun out of the tradition of posts like these lol).
ere's some of my top dream dresses! It's not all of them, just the ones I can actually say something abt, or dresses that really inspired me when learning about the fashion. You can click on the dress pics to see the lolibrary listings for more info (they'll open in a new tab). And you def have to, the pics here don't do these dresses justice with how much detail and effort was put into them~
Milky Planet Salopette
Sugar Dream Dome Salopette
Romantic Rose Letter OP
ne of my first dream dresses was the Milky Planet salopette. I remember daydreaming about having this really nice sax x pink OTT sweet coord, even though I don't realistically want this salopette in sax? xD It's really nice in pink or navy tbh. I love how AP puts so much detail and thought into their pieces, especially during their famed 2010 sweet era.  This salopette is kind of the epitome of that, with back shirring, adjustable straps, glitter on the print, detachable bows, and pockets! I really hope I can own this dress someday, it's got a lot of sentimental value for me. print I actually got to see go on sale when it was released was Sugar Dream Dome. I promise I don't exclusively like salopettes, but this one has a hood! With bunny ears!! That's really cool ok how could u not like that xD This is definitely my favorite winter print of theirs, and I hope they rerelease it someday. That cascading snow print going down into the border of snowglobes is just... the best™.  It's a  really hard print to find unfortunately, so ig everyone else appreciated it as much as I do xD his is definitely one of their more over the top dresses, but I'm a sucker for floral prints and princess sleeves so can u blame me xD I remember seeing this dress for the first time and being blown away at how fancy it was, as I was only familair with the more neon/casual prints they have. I do have another floral print of theirs I love, Powder Rose, but this one is so over the top with lacy hearts and layers of frills, and the custom rose lace!! AP does their own custom themed lace depending on the theme of the dress, which is such a lovely detail tbh. Where else would you find that??
Kumya's GlitteryMilky
Wish Me Mell Tea Time Salopette
Wonder Cookie JSK
he only non-AP dress on this list oof xD There are Baby, The Stars Shine Bright dresses I like but I generally don't go for their more elegant/sophisticated style much. This dress is incredible though, there's so much detail, and look at that star bow! (the star is detachable, too) ish Me Mell is one of my absolute favorite Sanrio characters, so when I found out this collab existed I was incredibly excited. Like a lot of Mell merch, this series is incredibly hard to come by. There's a new Wish Me Mell collab dress, but it doesn't have that 2010 sweet feel like this one does. his dress really caught my attention in the white colorway, it looks like a rainbow! Pink is great too obvs, but idk I feel like there's so much coordinating potential with this (but I'd prob just wear it with pink anyway xP).
Wonder Patisserie JSK
Sugar Pansy OP
Wrapping Heart Salopette
have been slowly but surely building a coordinate for this dress. I have these socks and this jacket, but not the dress itself Dx I really love it though, look at the detail on those cakes! And the halter neck is a nice change from most dresses I've seen AP do. (And, y'know, you can get a matching dress for your MellMell Doll, if you have one~ ) ansies are my favorite flower, and I don't see them on a whole lot on anything (compared to roses and other more popular flowers). This is such a relaxing print to look at, I really love the calm pastels and the unique waistbow this has. And it has back shirring, which is always great :P I rlly hope I can find this one day, bc I've never seen it on any secondhand markets D: nother print I got to see when it came out! I love all of the colors and the aesthetic of the entire release, but I'm a sucker for salopettes so if I had to pick I'd want this :P Especially since AP doesn't seem to do them often. This was one of the first releases I saw that got me to really appreciate more lavender in prints. I hope to have a rlly cool pink x lavender wardrobe one day~

Honorable Mentions: Sugary Carnival in pink, Sweetie Violet in pink/lavender, Be My Valentine in pink, Diner Doll in pink, Tiara Rose in pink, Toy Doll Box in pink

here u have it! Formatting this table was wild, I hope it looks ok... I learned a lot abt HTML today ^^; But yeah, I've never made a post like this so it's rlly cool to finally have one (It won't stop me from posting dresses on stream tho haha). If anyone else out there loves this fashion like I do, I'd love to know what ur dream dresses are! I thought abt starting a dream dress thread in an EGL group I'm in but I figured it'd be better to just make my own blog post. Thx for reading~ 


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