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November 27th, 2022

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Gender: Male
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Age: 16
Country: United States

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September 27, 2020


12/29/2021 12:36 PM 

A Compiled List Of All My Fantrolls (to be updated)

There's only three so far but I love all three of them very deeply
also none of them really have names yet.
will update this with motivation. 

-male, fuschia blood, lord of rage, prospit sway 
-bubbly and energetic sometimes, bitter, angry, and scared other times. 
    -can't control emotions and often has to put on a "neutral" face to avoid feeling everything
     -destroys, controlls, and manipulates rage. 
           -the trauma never really goes away, but if you can manipulate those emotions, you can flip the script
-full of love and full of hate. can snap. has multiple faces. has to embrace itself for what it is and let its emotions be *real*
-obvious self insert and also npd/bpd oc

Kurt Cobain
-Or, alternativly, "Piss the Lemon Blooded Fan Troll"
-albino (white, transparent skin) because it would be funny to have an oc with visible lemon yellow insides named Piss
-but really tho it has a lot of internal issues that need to be addressed
      -refuses to do so on its own because that would mean "surrendering to them"
-Hypno's morial, cares about them deeply but can't express that, or any positive emotion, healthily, becuase it scares them.
      -trauma-based hypoempathy, contrasting Hypno's trauma-based hyperempathy
               -no it doesn't need to overcome its hypoempathy, if anything it utilizes/exploits it to fight/protect
-Knight of Hope
     -exploits positive emotions, trust, faith, and light to protect others. In this case, mainly its morail
          -has to learn to overcome its nhilism to protect its team's motivation
-weapon is a bright white and gold french bayonet
-thinks of itself as a holy figure or servent, worships the "angels" of the moons 
       -the "angels" are actually prospit and derse royalty at war 
                 -prospit literally crashing into derse is like a thing in this session and it's horrifying 
-obvious npd oc, wanna encorporate more narcissus imagry cause that sh*t is so ^w^ >w<

Jellyfish Lady!!!
-Light of my life I love her so much
-She's got cool bright blue scars ment to look like jellyfish stings and I love that for her
-Mutant blood like the other trolls
     -But it's like, a really detrimental one cause' she's a mix of a blue (cyan) blood and a seadweller, and her lusus is an aquatic jellyfish. 
        -Much like most purple bloods her lusus can't take care of her because' it's aquatic, but she has gills and fins!!!! she should be able to swim with her jellyfish mom!!! but they're weak and half-developed so she just can't and that's tragic oh no
-Prince of Life


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