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01/16/2021 06:03 PM 


i ended up being out until like 2:30 cus of the doctor, and then i had my shot, so we didnt hang out for a while yesterday. it was lame :/ maggies neighbors woke them up cus theyre hammering upstairs :/ they shouldnt get woken up like that. the case maggie got me came:) its so pretty! and it looks really nice:) its awesome! thank you so much:)) and since its clear i can put a picture of them under it:) we made hamburgers for dinner:) i think they came out really good! maggie made me eat a bunch of spinach though lol. it means a lot that they care about my health, and are encouraging me to be healthy. its really nice:) after i ate we talked for a sec, and looked at twitter for a little bit. after that we played some cod:) our games went pretty well:) were ranking up pretty fast so thats nice. maggies not feeling well today:/ and their taste is f***ed up. i really hope they dont have covid, and i dont think that they do. i got maggie donuts:) maggie liked em so im really happy:) we watched a bunch of different shows tonight:) we watched freaks and geeks, a couple episodes of one of maggies favorite shows my mad fat diary, which is based on a real person :o its good, and then we watched 2 episodes of daria:) its a really fun show, and maggie got super tired:) im gonna go to sleep as soon as im done writing this:) 


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