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12/01/2020 01:51 AM 

Current mood:  happy

maggie went for a run this morning in their new shoes. they really liked them! they said they were super cushiony and they made them like an inch taller. that sounds really fun. maggie took a picture of the sky this morning and it was so pretty:) after maggie was done with some of their monday stuff we got to talk for like an hour:) (until 12:30) it was really fun! maggie showed me this video about pozole to watch, and it was super interesting. i learned stuff like there is a big japanese influence on food in some parts of northern mexico. i decided to start exercising and i did like 30 mins of stuff this morning and they said i was bsing lol. i got on video and was doing pushups and jumping jacks for them. it made them laugh really hard lol. maggie had a hamburger for dinner and carrot fries. it sounds really yummy:) while they ate i went into a csgo lobby and maggie told me funny stories to tell the people. the players got so confused lol. it was really fun but i think i couldve executed it a lot better. i wish i had more charisma sometimes. after that we chatted about a bunch of stuff. maggie told me stories about highschool which are always really funny. they laughed at a narcoleptic girl when she fell down the stairs lmao(not that i blame her id laugh my ass off too lol) and their friend daisys lame sense of humor. maggie has a great sense of humor. they always make me laugh. we talked about me a little and how lame i was lol. they say i sound really depressing sometimes lol. theyre not wrong.  we watched some funny dave chappelle videos! the clayton bigsby one is hilarious. maggies brother did impressions of dave and it was really funny lol. maggie let me hear them talking for a bit and i couldnt stop laughing. oh and he got them a really cute umbreon pin:) then after a little while, we played some call of duty and listened to ac/dc. it was really fun, and rn were listening to the chameleons and maggie is sleeping and im gonna go to bed as soon as im done writing this post. today was so nice:)

11/30/2020 11:03 PM 


i went to my first assembly today. it was really fun:) and some of the talks were quite insightful. maggies mom was being mean to them :/ it makes me feel bad that maggie has to go through that. i never want her to feel anything but happy when theyre with me, and ill always do my best to make them as happy and comfy as possible. maggie was sewing today. they fixed a sweater that aliexpress sent the wrong item. i think its awesome how good they are at all the different creative things. its amazing. maggie says my facial expressions are like a puppet:) i like being their little puppet. we played cod today which is always suuuper fun:) they showed me how to change the button layout and it actually really helps me play better. they laughed when i showed them how bad the game looks on my phone though lol. maggie showed me pictures of what they want to look like as a man/after they get top surgery. i spun around a lot for them lol i got so dizzy:) i made them laugh so i had a lot of fun. we listened to music together and maggie showed me some clown pictures of them:) they were so f***in cute:)) especially they makeup around the eyes WOW. theyre so good at doing makeup i love seeing pictures of them its amazing. a little while after that we said goodnight to eachother and we went to bed. i really like going to bed with them and saying goodnight. it makes me sleep well. i cant wait to share a bed with them.

11/29/2020 03:13 AM 


maggie was suuuper busy today. we got to talk at about 7, and i showed maggie my drawings:) and i spelled their name out in cookies:) weplayed some cod too it was really fun! then they took an eating break and we played more and listened to music. it was really nice, and it was fun to get to hang out with them for a little bit. i feel bad that maggies had such a stressful time lately. 

11/28/2020 01:36 AM 


apparently maggie almost strangled themselves with their headphone cables last night lmao. maggie took a "me day" today. they had fun, so thats nice. they did clowny makeup and it was really cute:)) i only got to talk to them for 10 minutes this morning, and barely after that. we texted a little lateish at night, and maggie shared funny instagram videos after we played cod for like an hour. i hope we get to talk more tomorrow  :/

11/27/2020 02:44 PM 


we played lots of call of duty today:) that was really fun! before we started playing i showed them some things i drew, and they said it was pretty good, and they liked one of the things i drew:) they say i sketch too lightly, and i do. i need to work on it so im gonna switch to a lighter pencil to help me with that. maggie got the shoes their brother bought them:) they look awesome, and ik theyre gonna look really cute on them. maggie wants me to tell my mom i like fat girls lmao. thatll be really funny but idk when ill find a good time to do it haha. maggie has been dealing with stressful sh*t from a dude they used to know, and its been hard. im sure. im trying to help them as much as i can. it sucks. we went to bed listening to the smiths. that was really nice

11/26/2020 08:06 AM 

Current mood:  happy

we played so much cod today! :) i had so much fun:)). we tried out a bunch of different guns, and it was awesome. maggie hit level 150:) theyre actually so good at cod its crazy. i try my best but sometimes i feel like i make it harder for them lol. they showed me this really good youtuber who plays cod mobile, and ngl hes pretty insane at the game(not as good as maggie though) they made a fun playlist for when we play:) i love all the different music we listen to together. yesterday we listened to rock, disco, and brazillian pop. super fun:) their new headphones started hurting their ears lol. i hope we get to keep spending this much time together. its really really nice. i made maggie laugh a lot today:) it makes me really happy when i make them laugh:)

11/25/2020 11:16 PM 

best of both worlds
Current mood:  happy

maggie had a busy day today. they went to target and got pokemon cards:) they saw somebody from their congregation on a date lol. theyre gonna wait til thursday to be sure its him but theyre pretty sure it is. we talked about hannah montana, and other stuff from around that time like highschool musical, drake and josh, and stuff like that. it was really fun. i really like hearing about maggies past like that. they have a really interesting story. they talked about me in therapy:) they talked about how maggie makes fun of me for being white and sucking at cod(its hilarious tbh) and the therapist thought it was really funny, and even she roasted me for my walmart phone lmao. we listened to music and went to bed. maggies nickname for me recently has been eggheadass. its f***in hilarious. im maggie eggheadass lol. 

11/24/2020 01:06 AM 

Current mood:  bouncy

maggie was busy today, but i had a great day. my drawing stuff came today:) maggie picked them out for me. its a really cool set of pencils, and charcoals, and erasers:) and a moleskin sketchbook. its really cool! maggie gave me some drawing lessons:) they showed me how to shade, and how to draw eyes and faces, and the different kinds of pencils. it was so much fun:) ive really enjoyed drawing. i really want to get a lot better, so i can make cool drawings, and draw maggie and have them look as beautiful as they do in real life. maggie showed me their art kit:)) they have so much cool stuff! for drawing and painting and making jewelry and all sorts of cool stuff! im gonna marry an artist:) they gave me tips to make my room more comfy. im gonna rearrange it how they suggested. i think itll make my room a lot nicer. it was cool watching them draw it out. it was awesome:) when their mom got home they left and ate dinner, then watched master chef for a while. we texted for a bit, and maggie sent me a tutorial to follow. i tried really hard, and maggie said i did a good job:)) i was so proud of myself, and i want to get better and better so i can keep making them proud:) theyre asleep rn and were listening to music. ill get them up in a few hours to take their meds. i know that i have a happy life ahead of me:) maggies amazing and im glad i get to share my life with them 

11/23/2020 04:01 PM 

Current mood:  happy

i had a nice day today. we texted in the morning before our meetings. sadly i fell asleep so maggie missed their med :/ i hat letting them down like that. maggie was roasting me lol. i love it when they make fun of me. its really fun:) we played lots of cod today. we started a new event today. thats pretty fun. maggie hates hardpoint though. we listened to hannah montana for a while. that was really fun. i wanna sing karaoke with them. i think that would be awesome. we played more cod, and i kinda sucked ass :/ idk i just dont play well sometimes. i wanna be better though, so maggie will think im good:) they built a fort! it looked super comfy:) i wanna build a fort too but i cant :/ ill have to get thumbtacks so i can. 

11/22/2020 08:41 AM 


maggie was pretty busy today. they helped me get drawing stuff:) im gonna try to get better at drawing. they told me about this store they love called blicks. it sells really cool art stuff. art stuff is complicated. maggie thinks ill have a cartoony style, which i kinda like. i got to listen to them talk for a few hours. its really fun hearing them speak spanish. i was messing with them for a bit and typing stuff to try to get them so smile on the zoom call, but they didnt lol. we talked for like an hour, which was nice but i hope we get to talk more tomorrow cus i missed them. 


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