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03/09/2021 04:21 PM 


maggie showed me the chicken they got and it looks really good:) i wish i could have some/eat it w them. i showed them the books and stuff im gonna buy rn, and then this amazon account that had hilarious reviews on stuff lol. i talked about mpd psycho a lot, which is one of my fav series, and i bought the first book, cus theyre really rare and i want to have em:) i bought the last one on amazon :0 we played some splatoon and im really enjoying the time we spend on this game. we both have a lot of fun, and maggies really good:) i found a hockey jersey in the store too :0 after a while they went out to service, and i took a shower. i sent them a picture of myself when i got out and i made my hair look nice and they said aww:) it made me feel really nice. i like sending them pictures:)) gloria was there at service :( im sorry that maggie has to be around them again. it seems really difficult, and i hope they leave again bc its not fair that maggie has to feel uncomfortable when theyre trying to do important stuff like that. they sent me (3) the cutest pictures of themself:))) theyre so beautiful it makes me whole body blush and i feel like its smiling every time i see them:) theyre the most beautiful person to ever live. they sent me one of them in their bear jacket too:) they look so cute w their lil ears, and their nose is squishy like their cute lil cheeks:) maggie says theyre an orc n im a dwarf lol. maggie talked about me w their mom, and they said that i have a good understanding of stuff which made me really happy:) maggies mom is really nice/thinks well of me it means a lot. they think its neat that im white too lol. we talked about fairy tales for a bit and then maggie passed out :p

03/08/2021 04:15 PM 


they talked to me about a cool lion documentary they were watching, but it was sad too, cus apparently its really hard being a lion cub especially if theyre the runt :( they just get kinda abandoned. we played some splatoon which was super fun:) maggies really really good! they always kill me a lot when we play. maggie called me their monkey:) i showed maggie a couple bands and they liked one of them:) i was happy cus usually when i show them stuff they arent super into it. they showed me a couple really good bands, and i really liked em:) maggie has impeccable music taste. this one band inparticular called 45 grave is super good. we watched a cool show, and the singer gave a speech, which i thouhght was long but i liked the message, and thinking back about it it was really good. i hadnt heard of a bunch of the punk bands maggie showed me so they said i was a poser :p maybe theyre right im not sure haha. we listeneed to some johnny thunders hes really cool! and maggie wants/wanted to look like him. if they had his haircut theyd look stunning. they said my music taste is limited lmao. they showed me some jw vids about feeling bad and leaning on jehovah and they really helped me:) and i want to be like them when i feel bad. 

03/07/2021 04:09 PM 


maggie head was hurting last night, so im glad its feeling better today:) they had another fight w their mom :/ i wish they didnt have to deal w all the stress sometimes, so i alwasy try to be as easy as i can. they sent me pictures of this really good looking food :0 i was gonna get it for them but it was too far away to deliver :/ we played a buncha ranked! we did good but i was kinda sucking tbh. sorry i lost maggie all those points, though i did go bonkers w the sniper one game :0 they got me taco bell:) it was really yummy:)) we played splatoon and they told me about a leopard documentary theyve been watching :) it sounds really cool. we listened to music together while we played:) that was fun!

03/06/2021 05:34 PM 

oingo boingo

today was a really nice day:) we chatted a lil bit throughout the mornin, and talked more about the show we watched last night that was amy sedaris kitchen i think. it was nice:) i got maggie a shaved ice, and we kind ate together which was cool, and then we played cod w their brother. maggie was trying out their brothers new phone. apparently its good, and nive but the screen isnt smooth enough :/ they like their phone better, which i think is good! we played cod at night but we played ranked by ourselves. they started to get a migraine so they went to bed, and i asked too many questions so they got mad at me :p

03/05/2021 05:41 PM 

just justing

we played cod w their brother more. it was pretty fun, but we only won once :/ i was playin kinda bad lol. they left to eat and go to therapy, but they called me beofre they left to tell me about the tortillas they were making:) that made me smile. theyre really good at making tortillas! today was pretty nice. at nighttime, maggie pulled the ultimate prank lmao. they used a country singers name as a fake hockey player and gave like life details based off glen campbells song titles lmao, and the best part is that it amtched up with real life lmaooo

03/04/2021 05:37 PM 


maggie says theyre burned out of cod mobile. they spent the morning working on their drawing more:) they showed it to me! its amazing!! all the lines are so smooth, and the little details are awesome! we talked about diet stuff, and maggie showed me this program called noom, which theyre interested in trying out. i think it seems like a good idea. they sent me 2 really pretty pictures of themselves in a lil bear ear jacket. it was so cute:)) i fell asleep while we were watching yt and maggie put me to bed :p that made feel really nice, and i thought it was sweet:) 

03/03/2021 04:39 PM 


maggie was drawing for a while in the morning. they say theyre gonna show me what theyre doing in a bit, and ik itll be awesome:) we talked a lot about thoughts, and little stuff, and our future. i wish there was more i could do because it seems like a lot/confusing for maggie do have to deal with. i think once were married maggie will have the space to work through more stuff, and maybe itll be helpful:)

03/02/2021 04:33 PM 


it was really nice hearing maggie snore n stuff last night:) i went to the doctor today and i took pictures and maggie says i looked cute:) i went to the cool deli too so i had good stuff:) maggie told me about their dream about eating meat, and we talked more about my mom n stuff. i helped them with the shipping stuff later too! their earrings are super cool n i wish i could wear em :/ maggie felt bad this evening, and we talked about how weird i am. they played some ranked for a bit, and their games went well. i took some pictures of myself for maggie cus i thought i looked nice:) n maggie says i did. that made me feel really nice:) we listened to music together which was so much fun:) we hadnt done it in a while n i really missed it. 

03/01/2021 05:10 PM 

pumpkin seeds

maggies giving a comment in their meeting today:) i was supposed to go watch but the zoom wouldnt let me in :/ they showed me a pic of their hair and it was randomly curly:)) it looked super cute:) they watche d adocumentary about chimps :p it was like a chimp island for orphan monkeys. pretty cute, but sad. maggie says it was super interesting. maggie says i should watch more nature docs. theyre right cus i dont really wathc any but they seem neat. we watched some interesting ted talks by elyn saks and some other people about mental health. super cool stuff, and they made some interesting points. then they showed me clips of this show called big brother, where everyone goes into a house and is surveiled the whole time. big drama ofc. i hope i can become a publisher soon so i can preach with maggie :/ that would be so much fun!! i talked to maggie about how my moms been handling me feeling bad, and it made them pretty mad. it means a lot to me that they care so much. they really are the most important and special person in my life, and ik that theyll always have my back. they sent me 2 super cute pictures of them:)) they had their hair braided and they were wearing super cute pjs:) they let me listen to them sleep, which really touched me. maggies really sweet to me. 

02/28/2021 03:21 PM 


there was a driveby outside maggies building last night :0 when maggie was in service this morning they made a really funny joke :) lots of people laughed. the fancy chocolates i got maggie came today! they said theyre good and theyre all different flavors. they kinda dont wanna eat me tho cus theyre pretty. maggie watched a doc about bears and this guy who studies and lives w them, and ab this guy who was cocky and dumb and got killed by bears. i helped maggie shop around for sushi, and i got them shaved ice:) everything was really good. they watched another documentary about lions :0 we played cod for a bit and then we were chillin and maggie fell aslpee and i got to hear them snore:) it was so cute


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