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01/14/2021 04:48 PM 


its been nice cooking with maggie lately:) they had a funny dream about living in house with a girl who wanted to fight them all the time. it was pretty funny lol. we watched a couple episodes of freaks and geeks and then we read the daily text together:) we have a plan to start a family study on tuesdays. i cant wait:) there is a bit of responsibility on me so i hope i do a good job:) we listened to more elo:) theyre really fun. we did some grocery shopping:) maggie helped me pick out stuff to get, and it was really fun, were gonna make lots of stuff together:) we talked about social issues a bunch today. i thought that was pretty fun, and i think we should do it more. we tend to agree on that kind of thing so its pretty easy to talk about. we watched some cool videos about the lion king. maggie loves the lion king. maggie went on camera today :o they were really nervous, but im really proud of them:) today was really nice:)


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