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January 27th, 2021

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01/11/2021 09:08 PM 


im still so happy i read to maggie again last night:) it was so much fun, and when i woke up i called maggie wild thing lol. maggie says it made me sound old and pervy lol. we played cod for a bit, but maggie was distracted so we started watching yt:) we watched a video about how dangerous trump people were, so ig its a good thing that we stopped the sticker stuff lol. we watched some crazy videos about loud meteorites hitting in russia, and about huge earthquakes in japan. we watched some crime scene cleaners too, but they were fakes and not the real ones. i farted really loud and maggie heard it lmao. we played some more cod in the evening, and it was fun, and when we were done we watched a few episodes of that 70s show. it was really funny. maggie called me scrappy doo lol. i put on a stream of pixie for a while too:) maggie watched them for a bit and they could hear her purrs:)) then we watched another episode of that 70s show and went to bed:) it was a really nice day


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