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it says i'm a cancer but i'm a gemini goddammit

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November 30th, 2020

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October 27, 2020


10/29/2020 02:47 PM 

diary entry 2
Category: Real Life

last night, i smoked with my girlfriend and they showed me Borat, which i had never seen before. i was not impressed.

tonight, i'm going to go to my boyfriend's house to practice skating and spend the night with him. COVID's made skating harder to learn, since i can't go to a roller rink, but i think i'm doing okay.

i feel like i want to do something creative, but i don't know what. i guess i could draw, but i've really gotten sh*t at that due to lack of practice over the last few years. maybe i'll pick up my guitar again. i pick it up every few weeks to learn a new cover, and then put it back down for another few weeks. i'm not talented or anything, but it's still cathartic for me.
or maybe i'll write. i wrote a couple fics a month or so ago, and then promptly disappeared from my account again. i've had ideas buzzing around my head ever since, but i can't seem to sit down and make myself focus on writing them out.
is it obvious i have ADHD?

my roommate wants to talk to me about emotional sh*t today. they've been really upset lately and have just been hiding in their room all day and cringing when anyone talks to them. i hope they're okay.


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