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06/19/2020 12:36 PM 

share ur fav band merch! :D
Current mood:  excited

(I would’ve made this a bulletin but I figured it’d get lost after a while :/ )

hey :P  In an effort to help with the inactivity out here i figured i’d try to make a post ppl could really add to/have a lot to say about... Something i’ve noticed is that yeah we’ve got serious inactivity but there’s nothing we can talk about together bc no one really posts anything (even in groups). and I know we're all at least lowkey emo rats so hopefully this can be a fun thing we can all talk about xP

Comment on this post with ur favorite band merch u own! Shirts, cds, posters, anything you want as long as you love it! Add pics too if u can :D (And if u dont have any share what thing you would want to own the most!) I know a lot of ppl here like mcr but i wont limit it to that lol all merch is good

Oh and for everyone who comments i’ll sub to ur blog! So hopefully if we all follow each other we’ll have more activity/build a community ^^ and i do wish more ppl would post on their blogs bc they’re fun to read imo~

so I'll start:

I dont have a lot/anything super special but for me id say its either my mcrx flag or my desert spider shirt! When i first got into mcr i really wanted a danger days shirt and was kinda sad to see that at the time, danger days stuff was the hardest to get a hold of? Or at least not listed as much for resale as revenge or black parade stuff. Im kinda salty tho bc hot topic sells this shirt now so like i did all that work looking for it for nothing (but it doesnt say california 2019 soooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol)

And yes I basically lived in this shirt last year lmao how could I not xD

So yeah! I’ll try to reply to everyone if they comment, I love hearing about ppl's cool stuff :P I know that this is just one thing and it might not even go anywhere but it's a starting effort to get ppl to post/interact more. If we want to have old sites like this be fun we gotta keep it alive ourselves :D


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Jun 19th 2020 - 9:22 PM

I look forward to it~ ^^



Jun 19th 2020 - 8:13 PM

those fob shirts are great finds! and yes infinity on high and folie a deux are the best omg   what are ur fav songs from them?? and yeah ugh I hate it when u get a shirt and they're all different materials! idk how they make them all the same but some will suffocate you in the summer and others feel like ur wearing nothing lmaoo



Jun 19th 2020 - 8:08 PM

ayyy that's awesome!! what makes u think ur other shirts are fake tho? D:
Posters are cool! I think we could all use some more band posters xD

Vomit Boy


Jun 19th 2020 - 7:34 PM

i totally agree!! nobody blogs so much anymore and i wish they did :( and getting to personalize your space on the web is such a special experience!

my favorite merch is a tie between this sweater:
mcr sweater! because i literally have worn it almost everyday for the last year or two, 
or this shirt:
folie shirt! back of folie shirt i found this at the thrift store for like $5 and i love it soooo much. it's ALMOST too small for me and fits just right and folie is my favorite fob album (tied w ioh) so this shirt is just such a prized possession. it's a little too thick to wear in the summertime though which absolutely sucks ;;~;;



Jun 19th 2020 - 5:54 PM

Nice!! I do the same thing xD big shirts are the best man!!

ur record store sounds amazing! I didn't know they could be doing all that, especially in a mall omg 

and dude if u do that u gotta share :D The customized jackets and stuff are always so cool covered in patches~ I always wanted to collect patches too but idk what to put them on Dx decisions are hard haha



Jun 19th 2020 - 5:39 PM

wow it sounds like you had a lot :o I'm glad you still have some stuff tho, can't go wrong with an mcr shirt lol. Do u plan on building up ur collection again?

and same I never got posters either! I hope we can find some good ones out there~ pls share if you find any :D



Jun 19th 2020 - 3:52 PM

!!! I thought this was really cool 2 add 2 since I think we all luv music very much. Cx  I guess my fav merch rn would b my Venom shirt. I got it realllly baggy juss becuz I like baggy clothes n I can wear it as pajamas if I wanna lolz. I just got it at this record store in the mall !! I luv this store n they always have the best stuff. They get local bands 2 play there 2 !! Anywayz I luv metal music n Im workin on addin patches 2 my vest/clothes n buying more tees !!♥33



Jun 19th 2020 - 2:26 PM

I don't know a whole lot about gorillaz but that sounds cool!  I wish I had some band posters lol

Valentine {He/Doll}


Jun 19th 2020 - 1:47 PM

i don’t have much but one of my favs has to be the gorillaz poster above my bed. it’s phase 2 and murdoc has a very prominent bulge for whatever reason but it’s pretty neat otherwise!!!!!

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