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Vomit Boy

01/13/2021 08:09 PM 

g e n d e r e n v y

who gives you Big Gender Envy? (please trans interaction only). here is my (mostly) comprehensive list (tbh more just things that give me gender dysphoria askdj;asdf): starting with the obvious, we got pete wentz, frank iero,and gerard way (more specifically basement/bullets gerard, look at his funky little sideburns!!)  also this fall out boy photoshoot, just all of the fall out boys, just look at this photoshoot, this is gender envy in a bottle barley from onwards annie potts in pretty in pink:and duckie and molly wringwald (andie)f*** it, this guy too even tho he was an ass. forever jealous and angry Andie stayed w him. gender envy for 80's movies, honestly. idk what that is. maybe there's a different word for it. but 80s teen romance and coming-of-age movies always hit me there. i think something along the lines of me not feeling attractive enough in my gender to be able to experience what they experience?? and that wanting to have the male growing up experience. which also reminds me, fall out boy's From Under the Cork Tree is such a comfort album when im feeling dysphoric?? does anyone else experience this?? just me?? okay. Joan ♥ this f***ing elf from Santa Clause: jackass for some reason?? lol i think it would just be great to be a stupid guy. i wanna get into dangerous situations, cause havoc, get into fist fights, get into stupid dares, just do stupid sh*t!! and i know i could techincally just,,do it. but i really don't want to cuz it's, ya know, stupid. it's such a stereotypical Guy thing and i love to see it, would love to be it.tldr; guys rough-housing. biggest gender envy. oh, also, bert mccracken. ran into this gif set this morning and just, yeah. kinda goes in with the rough-housing thing too. a l s o all the guys in my local music scene?? i've always been, and maybe always will be, so f***ing jealous of all of you. you all always look so good and you all have so much fun and it's so easy for you to feel like you fit in and belong and make friends, like wtf?? and it's so easy for you to get onstage and make music and everyone's like yeah cool! amazing! great! you sound like sh*t? even better! and you NEVER get questioned about your music taste. youre always in charge of the fashion and what bands are cool or not and you know everything! and you know everything and anything about iron maiden for some reason like wtf? wtf??! you're so f***ing cool and im no one. f***! also every flat chested emo boy with their friend group of emo boys ;-; oh how i would love to wear tiny clothes without so many Female Parts :( my binder has helped with this but i had to return it to get a bigger size and it's taking foreverrrr  

Vomit Boy

01/13/2021 08:05 PM 

post-concert depression

so essentially i saw a gif of frank iero smoking and throwing his cigarette onstage before starting to play and it made me feel so reminiscent of concerts. something about that picture, i could smell all the venues i'd ever been to, i could hear the crowd and feel the air. i feel like i'm experiencing the longest case of post-concert depression in this quarantine, lol. anyway, here's a little brain dump poem about it: ---i don't know anything about teen crushes or the holy spirit, but i know about being pressed in the spaces between strangers like true love, and my heart beat is the vibration of the show. with the smell of sweat and cigarettes. the energy like ghosts. i could die here and relive this moment forever and haunt these stages with my broom. i'm the last of the clean-up crew, still living the show through the ringing in my ears. a psychic as i touch every abandoned belonging and can see the stage through the owner's eyes. if i never leave it will never end. i want to feel this loved and at home forever. 


01/13/2021 08:05 PM 

Current mood:  adored



01/13/2021 04:29 PM 

why you see /j and /srs in my posts (TONE INDICATORS)

its hard to read tone when all you see is text so i use tone indicators to cut down on misunderstandings. heres a list of all the ones i know and use/j = joking/hj = half-joking/ij = inside joke/s = sarcasm/srs = serious/nsrs = not serious/p = platonic/r = romantic/lh = lighthearted/neg - /nc = negative connotation/pos - /pc = positive connotation/rh = rhetorical question/gen = genuine question/hyp = hyperbole/c = copypasta/q = quote/lyric(s) or /ly = lyrics of a song/f = fake/th = threat/li = literally/nm = not mad or upset/t = teasing/nbh = nobody here (used in vague vents)/cb = clickbait/ex or /fex = example , for example/sx or /x = sexual intent/nsx or /nx = non-sexual intent


01/13/2021 05:53 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Disfruto mucho estar en el 2006 siendo emo, vistiendo de negro con mi cabello negro y rosa.No se bien que mas escribir, solo que disfruto mucho esta simulacion  


01/13/2021 03:18 PM 

remember me

you are born, you exist, you decay. a remembrance of what once was and can never be erased. broken souls search endlessly for a void through worldly pleasures. what would you give to experience pure bliss? the feeling of electricity coursing though your veins? I yearn feel the same as I did that day. once more. I will be curious and test my limits. I will do as I please relentlessly and live my truth as raw and bloody as it may be. I want them to remember me.


01/13/2021 03:15 PM 


I'm starting to wonder if this was originally going to be a chistian site, what is "knowing god" supossed to mean? Please, I don't want to know god he's homophobic, I would much prefer to know satan instead.


01/13/2021 02:51 PM 

Underrated Bands I Love
Current mood:  blank

1.) Design The Skyline: The only song you've probably heard from these guys is their hated on first single that is my favorite song of theirs, "Surrounded By Silence." They are an experimental deathcore/post-hardcore band. After their first full length album, "Nevaeh," a few ex-members of the band left to form another underrated band called 2.) The Starlight Season: The Starlight Season is a band that gained recognition through their first well-received single, "Living In Sequence," and made a few other singles afterward. They are a post-hardcore/metalcore band and they are pretty good. check em out. 3.) Dropping A Popped Locket Dropping A Popped Locket is a crunkcore artist from my hometown and where I still currently live, Queens, NY. Idk what to say about them they're just really f*cking good check him out. DAPL has been around since 2008. Songs ranging from serious to parody, from metal to trap, from hip hop to acoustic, from bluegrass to punk, from electronic get the picture.

nasirah ⛥

01/13/2021 02:45 PM 


is this supposed to be a christian site or something like why does one of the tags say "knowing god" - i mean i know satan pretty well 


01/13/2021 01:44 PM 

school sucks
Current mood:  bored

Online school is legit one of the most boring experiences EVER. Most of the time I'm just on the Hot Topic website lolz.

Mediocre Myles

01/13/2021 01:14 PM 

Current mood:  crying

Hey peeps! welcome back! i wanna talk about the time i interrupted a math test with badboyhalo. really. so in 6th grade, I really liked skeppy and stuff. so on my tablet, I put an alarm that at the 20th minute of every hour, the badboyhalo remix of drop the bass would play. i would always bring my tablet to school, and one day I forgot the shut it down. math was first period, and we had a math test that day. we were doing the test when drop the bass started playing from my bag. it was pretty quiet, but everyone was looking around to see who it was. 2 minutes pass and I reach down into my bag and turn it off. everyone stared at me and it was really funny. that's pretty much it, but i always think about that at night lol. bye! Also here's the link to the song lol imagine hearing that in the middle of math class. ow.

Rata punk

01/13/2021 11:13 PM 

no e estado aqui en como un siglo

no tengo nada mas que decir pero puedo confirmar que la clase de quimica me sigue aburriendo extraño ir al laboratorio era lo unico que me gustaba also feliz año nuevo muy atrasado i guess


01/13/2021 09:40 AM 


it's been like 10 or 12 weeks since school started and I've made good friends I guess though they never come to school :/  rn im in class just day dreaming like I usually do .  I can't wait for this class to be over so I can skip and go to the mall and I buy new outfits  that'll probably never wear to school bc I care what people say.   I miss my boyfriend and I can't get him out of my head , it hurts to think about him cause I always feel like one of these days he is going to break up with me 


01/12/2021 10:19 PM 

Hell yeah brother
Current mood:  accomplished

thinkin bout potato skins. F*** 12


01/11/2021 09:08 PM 


im still so happy i read to maggie again last night:) it was so much fun, and when i woke up i called maggie wild thing lol. maggie says it made me sound old and pervy lol. we played cod for a bit, but maggie was distracted so we started watching yt:) we watched a video about how dangerous trump people were, so ig its a good thing that we stopped the sticker stuff lol. we watched some crazy videos about loud meteorites hitting in russia, and about huge earthquakes in japan. we watched some crime scene cleaners too, but they were fakes and not the real ones. i farted really loud and maggie heard it lmao. we played some more cod in the evening, and it was fun, and when we were done we watched a few episodes of that 70s show. it was really funny. maggie called me scrappy doo lol. i put on a stream of pixie for a while too:) maggie watched them for a bit and they could hear her purrs:)) then we watched another episode of that 70s show and went to bed:) it was a really nice day

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