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01/23/2023 10:50 PM 

Current mood:  blank

photography, self-portrait


01/24/2023 09:27 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

I feel so lost in my life, I messed up and im not going to college for a semester. Everything is too much, too much sound, too many people, too many visuals and i shut down. I didnt do anything, i went to class, came home, and laid in bed. I hate not being productive, but i want to sit and wait all at the same time. i feel like im waiting for something but I don't know what it is. I think its gonna feel like this until I die, im always waiting on something and all I can do is retract into myself and keep waiting. I want this pressure on my body to go away, im tired.

lily ☆ flower

01/23/2023 04:31 PM 

History Fact Update 2
Current mood:  crappy

Oh, poo! Forget it! I'm so busy nowadays that I can only check FriendProject rather than update my blog...


01/23/2023 12:48 PM 

Bordering on Your Waterlines (WIP)

to the skyline,bootleg atmosphere,I couldn't hit the ground harder.I wouldn't fall if I were the coastline,imagine sweet summer's me and you,sweat, pure unbridled sweat. 


01/22/2023 08:39 PM 

January 22nd 2023

Let's start with yesterday. Yesterday was Saturday so I didn't have work.  I decided that I hated the way my new song sounded so I deleted it, apologies if you did like it.  I've been reworking and editing it to try and find a sound that I like. I ended up waking up really early yesterday.  I woke up at seven a.m. due to my lover calling me.  Nothing dreadful happened, he just wanted to tell me that he loved me.  I rose from my bed and made myself breakfast, a plate with different fruits and vegetables on it, and sat in the living room watching YouTube. After a couple of hours my father woke up and stole the remote from me.  The day seemed like a good day until my mother woke up. She had planned a last-minute chore for my father and so he was pissed off.  Since my father was pissed off, my mother was pissed off.   He was pissed to the point of as soon as the dryer went off, he was yelling at me to come fold the laundry.  I did as I was told, changed my attire, and left to my lover's house. My parents already knew I was going to spend the night there, so I wasn't concerned about angering them more. My lover hadn't been feeling the best since Friday.  His symptoms have pretty much cleared up by Saturday, but he still had a terrible migraine.  It was his first time having a migraine which caused him not to know what to do about it. I took care of him.  I placed him in a cold room, with no lights on and the windows shut.  I gave him a damp towel for his forehead and made him take some Excedrin for his pain.  After a few hours of cuddling in this situation he felt better. We were planning on going to a rodeo, but he was scared of his migraine coming back so we didn't.  Instead, we met up with an old friend and talked a bit before heading back home.  Like I stated before, I spent the night at his house. This morning we cuddled for a couple of hours and then left to get Dunkin.  By the time we arrived back at his house it was time for me to go home. When I arrived, there were packages waiting for me.  One of them was from Victoria's Secret for valentine's day, and the other was the three-faced-doll I ordered a few days ago.  The doll is a bit smaller than I expected but I still love him.  Turns out, Victoria's Secret sent me an extra item of what I ordered from them last time for free.  I'll use it as a back-up in case my other one breaks. I started a new project today.  I was scrolling through Pinterest when I found a video detailing how to screen-print your own clothing.  I wanted to try it right away, so I went to the store and bought the materials needed. -A picture frame -Tights -Modpodge -Paint -Fabric softener -And paintbrushes By the time I arrived home from Walmart I had to leave for a family friend's house.  Today we were having a little late Christmas where we would exchange gifts.  She loves my art and has it hanging all around her little apartment, I decided to draw a scene from her favorite movie this year.  Her favorite movie is, "The Abominable Dr. Phibes".  It's a Vincent Price movie.  I'll leave a photo of my art down below. My lover beat me and my family home for dinner.  Tonight, my mother made filet mignon.  It was delicious.  After dinner we all played Uno together. Once my dad defeated everyone in Uno my lover had to leave.  I kissed him goodbye and have been working on my screen-printing since then.  I'm only writing this now as I'm waiting for the Modpodge to dry.

diary, journal, life updates


01/22/2023 08:29 PM 

Dear Digital Diary day 1
Current mood:  bored

Dear digital diary..Today I did nothing at all, besides going to wingstop and mcdonaldswhat did i get you may ask? A double cheeseburger, fries, and an icecream cone (a lot of food I KNOW)That morning i also had a breakfast sandwhich which was greatAND FOR DINNER, 4 chicken wings (yummy) anyways enough about the stuff i ate i also did some writing on Healing In Distress and Edith's enchantment (my books)and also did my spanish lessons which im gonna try to do a spanish diary (keeping that one private cuz my spanish is confusing)anyways gn digital diary!ps.I have more to say but ill upload that 2mrow



01/22/2023 08:32 PM 


If yall see me making posts in 80 different fonts it's because I'm trying out what looks best on my layout teehee!!! 


01/22/2023 08:27 PM 

Note Taking

Does anyone else treat their notes like  graphic design? I'll be writing my notes in like 3 different colors and fonts and then notice there's an indention error or something like nooo  I know it doesn't matter because like nobody is seeing these notes but me but like I feel so superior writing my cute little paragraphs!!! Those girls at the library that take out 6000 pens before sitting on their phone for 3 hours were onto something!!!

notes, note taking, journaling, school


01/22/2004 01:21 AM 

Katy Perry slaps and I'm tired of pretending she doesn’t
Current mood:  blah

Katy perry was my childhood idol dude I LOVE her music so much, especially last Friday night like that song is so so so soooooo good..which is kind of weird since I'm mostly listening to rock/metal/hyperpop right now. oh well, Old habits die hard I suppose! I don't know why so many people decide to hate on popular artists for the simple fact they are popular, like seriously..who cares?! They have great music and it's not like your staring at a picture of their face or watching an interview...your listening to their music! Unless you just dont like it which I completely understand that. overall Katty perry, Taylor Swift,, Ke$ha, Britney spears, and cascada have me in a chokehold.Really I was just listening to 2000s-2010s hits then remembered this site and had to rant for nostalgia...lmao.

koala harris

01/21/2023 09:31 PM 

Current mood:  awake

HELLO.yes. I know its been a while. but honestly everyone on friend project is way too self-centered. (we get it. you figured out how to embed your song in the background.**) It was time to go find myself some new hobbies rather than looking up to the surplus of egoheads.Im being too harsh, but its true! we all need some humbling... from me!I'm joking.** I'm so jealous of the fact that your page is playing a rocking song in the background.. please tell me your secrets.I couldn't tell you what I did the past 2-3 years... reallyI found Bimboland on the way and decided to change course again. (that site is worse than you think...yeuk)I also been super nostalgic lately so I revisited this site despite the hord email telling me they long gone deleted my account.YET. I returned. in the flesh.I don't like to write blogs that much anyways.. don't subscribe.peace out xx

afk, y2k, mowalola, depop, idk, sonicforrealjustice

☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆

01/21/2023 09:14 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

Sooooo I wanna start blogging my life cuz... Why not- XD But I DOUBT I'll actually remember 2 be consistent with this XD I wanna start blogs 4 two reasons: ONEEEE I'm lonely- XD TWOOOOO I feel like I don't post enough 2 SM and I feel like this would be a gr8 way 2... Do that more- XDDEither waaaaaaaay :P Let's just get into it cuz I can't think of anymore of an introduction! XDD2day was boooooooooring 7_7Nothing intewesting rlly happened 2day :0 EXCEEEPT 4 the fact that my brother bought me a Monster Energy, insert choir here! XD I haven't had one in a while so it feels nice 2 drink it again XD Idk when 2 drink it though... I think I'll have it 2nite since I plan on staying up a bit 4 something...WOT IS DAT SOMETHING? O.oWeeeeeell XDD I'm making a bit of a gift 4 a friendo :3 I'm making an entire f***ing Toyhouse page 4 her favorite OC of hers >:3c (Don't tell her! O.o) It's taking... A long time cuz my dumbass chose a big ass CSS layout XDD But, it'll be worth it 2 hear her reaction XD I have 2 draw so much sh*t 4 it though T.T Gettin ready 4 what might be an all-nighter @[email protected]


01/21/2023 02:13 PM 


I'm not active on here anymore lmaoo


01/21/2023 01:51 PM 

To anyone who finds it

To anyone who finds this, here's my insta: 

Dominic Anthony

01/21/2023 12:30 PM 


PUT A BAN A LIMIT ON HOW MANY TURKEYS CHICKENS roosters??? PIGS BOARS CAN BE SLAUGHTERED BULLS also FISH they populate faster than mammals.... HANS KREBS IN HRP parodys has become a legend we need to not slaughter so much fish and if he was a nazihe was a human too he had fish as other pet if you put a clean hand hands in water and try to pet its touch the fish CAN WE LIMIT OUR CONSUMPTION TO SAVE THESE ANIMALS.We need to ban CAFOS we need to ban factory farming


01/21/2023 01:20 AM 

Doll Collecting
Current mood:  cheerful

My first time using a blog!!! If anyone is into toy collecting, please let me know! I am currently expanding my collection of sylvanian families/calico critters, but I also collect rement and littlest pet shops!

toys, dolls, doll collecting

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