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05/20/2023 09:46 PM 


feeling slow like an indie filmfinding time falling back on mecrushing all the hopesand dreams Ive pushed on me I f***ing erase the wordsbut their ghost haunt the pagefeeling drifted, so far away 

💖Of Kenaz

05/18/2023 05:48 PM 

Welcome to my page.
Current mood:  eccentric

Feel free to ask for my Discord if you've :) and I've Kik. I don't do social media anymore. I'll post pictures on my albums just in case I'm gone quite some time. Which happens. Like my old account I didn't get maybe just two friend request in a whole week. I slowly started to drift away from this website after that. I guess I'm scary heh.


05/18/2023 02:30 PM 

Looking for anyone who likes Halloween 1978
Current mood:  dorky

Looking for anyone who is interested in HalloweenThis includes:The first Halloween (Halloween 1978), Halloween 2 1981, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween 6,Halloween H20, Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills,Basically Halloween movie enjoyers please interact  Thank you

Halloween, Halloween 1978, Michael Myers, Horror, slasher, Halloween 2, Halloween 4,


05/18/2023 01:04 PM 


WAHHHH my boyfriend wont be emo anymore. i know he wants tooo he is just scared of being made fun of  mannnnn EFF BULLIES!!! they really think theyre sooo br00tal but theyre so NOT!!!!

scene, emo


05/18/2023 12:15 PM 

hooooly fuuuuuck
Current mood:  accomplished

The skeleton is so cool you have no ideaThanks guys-Stew


05/17/2023 08:07 PM 

Current mood:  chill

I keep on forgetting I have thiz account!!! blehhhh. anywayz! i waz able to get my old roblox account that waz hacked when i waz 7 back somehow!! woooo!!


05/17/2023 09:50 PM 

numba 10
Current mood:  blank

haiiiiii, im back, for a little atleast. good news, i have two more friends and i couldn't be happier!! they're honestly the best.. but they live in different timezones, one lives 5 hours ahead, the other 1 hour behind. very problematic when you wanna talk! and for bestie, don't get me started on her .. we used to talk a lot more and we had a sh*t ton more of fun but, we don't talk that much because she's like, depressed as sh*t .. ! it's not only hard for her, it's hard for me too. having severe attachment issues suuucccckkksss. but she wont text me back so .   it's just hard ..but yeeaaahhh, my grades r also declining! but i can fix that ^^ (if i tried hard enough) but yeah, byebye, I'm gonna just sit n listen to music BYEBYEEEExoxo, KS



05/16/2023 10:08 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

 ervouse for my state test tomorrow 


05/16/2023 08:40 PM 

retail therapy is my passion

.auto-style1 { text-align: center; } .auto-style2 { background-image: url(''); width: 744px; height: 31px; font-family: "S2G らぶ"; font-size: 16px; color: #FFAECA; text-align: right; font-weight: bold; }   retail therapy is my passion May 16th, 2023 @ 8:40PM     Mood: HappyListening To: my laptop screaming for me to change out its fans :/Watching: lovelylor vidsEating: reese's puffsDrinking: milk Hey hey!! I'm back to write a new blog post :P I've been inactive again... But I was busy trying not to die at my new job Dx it's gone mostly okay but I hope I can learn faster so I don't get in trouble or something lolripI had the pleasure of blowing my first paycheck which was awesome :D It feels kinda weird having money...? I've been a brokeboi my whole life so it felt kind of illegal to do xD Here's what I got:I got these two Barbie dolls! Mariposa is one of my all-time favorites and this year's Birthday Wishes caught me by surprise when I saw her at Barnes and Noble :DMariposa my beloved~ I lost the one I had as a kid from moving around a hundred times, so I'm glad I have her again ^^ I am a SUCKER for gimmicks so her magic wings got me so bad as a kid... and still get me now XD She takes up a lot of space tho... I'll have to get her a nice stand or something :PMy-friend-who-likes-mh never had any Barbie fairy dolls as a kid, so when I folded in her wings to show him how it worked he CRINGED so hard XD He does rly like her doll tho. When we watched the movie together I was def more into it than he was... He thought it was okay compared to the other Fairytopias (which... I understand coming from someone uncultured like him lmfao). I def wanna get that light-up fiber optics Elina next, I loved her as a kid and she's kinda hard to find now D: But she's the Barbie doll ever so I will do it >o<Birthday Wishes Barbie is like... An oasis in the middle of the desert XD I don't like a lot of modern barbies... idk they're just not my fasion taste and a lot of their makeup is boring? If they have any. And not that all barbies need to be Elina-tier, I just like girly pink barbie more than normie rando barbie :P But her!! I like her dress and idk the way she was displayed in her box caught my attention :P She's rly cool, but I wish her stand wasn't so weird??? It's like... curved to her legs in a specific position... I've never seen any others like it? wtf lmao. I can put Mariposa on it but... Just why xDI also got some curtains! This might sound weird but I've never had any cool curtains before... I've always wanted to have some with a nice valence, and now I do :D It's my first step towards my interior decorating dreams (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Once I finish more of my decorating/diy projects, I'll make a room tour blog post :D (dont look at those valence wrinkles they're NOT there XD)I'm also so excited to work towards having a somewhat-princess themed room? Did u ever see those room inspo booklets in the paint section at home improvement stores? I loved looking through those and always wanted a princess themed room... I'm glad I can finally make 10-year-old me happy :PLast but not least... A new pony!!! Avalonia is such a pretty pony, and I couldn't resist a butterfly bag :P (the mlp logo is a sticker and not printed on though... ehhh) The butterfly net and flower are magnetic, and the butterfly twirls up when you put her hoof to it :D And her burrerfly print hat is more detailed than I thought it'd be, and stays on her head without elastic (it snapped as soon as I took it off of her head... what can you do lol). And the butterfly jars!! So many little details... This little set encapsulates everything I love about G3 ^^Starting in June, my-friend-who-likes-mh and I are gonna work on moving out! We have a budget and a plan (thanks to yours truly xD) and I'm so excited about it! :D It's been a long time coming and I'm glad we can finally work towards our goals~ ^^ After a lifetime of just... Weird living situations, I can finally work towards creating one that I can feel safe and comfortable in with someone I love and like... idk that's just really cool :PThanx for reading~ I'm planning on making a post for Summer ILD and trying to be more active in general, so I'll def be around! Hopefully everything will calm down soon so I can focus more on this stuff :P Until then~!  


05/16/2023 04:23 PM 

daily update #1
Current mood:  mellow

sooo I went to a friend's funeral today :( it was a nice ceremony I'm actually taking this better than I thought I would. As of now I'm currently at my aunt house waiting for the "repast food" to be done so I can eat and change my mood to full.

#readytoeat #hurry #myeyesburn


05/16/2023 10:33 PM 

Current mood:  angry

I F***ING hate you.



05/16/2023 01:59 PM 

Notice to Users

The FreshCut Discord server has been hacked and compromised by bad actors. Please do not click any link in the Discord server. At this time, any link or message sent from an Admin of the FreshCut Discord server should be considered malicious and dangerous.Update: The team confirmed that now have regained control of the server, and are working to fix the server.Please remain cautious and vigilant and treat any message and/or link sent from a FreshCut employee account to be malicious and dangerous.

freshcut, fresh cut,, freshcutgg


05/14/2023 08:17 PM 

brief abt me! (2 years l8r)
Current mood:  bored

sh*t about me (updated: may 14th 2023)  Name: Tokio Nickname (s): Kio, Ki, Toki Age: 18 Gender: genderwhatever Height: 5'10 (still a big BOYYY) Pronouns: Any idc Background: Black Compliments: Masc hobbies: Making music, art (still), poetry, talking. Personality: Chaotic neutral Dm status; open! but i'll most likely NOT see it because i'm here every other year. Socials: idk when ill be updating this, but you get the idea down below: insta: @5undown discord: kio#7686 friendproject: kiocide twitter: @kiocideeverskies: @gl0omthat's it bye :D

zaine ♡

05/14/2023 12:27 PM 

having Problems!!
Current mood:  aggravated

i have like at this point chronic procastination issues and laziness that have caused me to fail freshman AND sophmore year that started during covid and unlike everyone else i have not recovered.. tbf i also have depression and ive gone through a lot of trauma these past few years that have given me a lot of issues but it sucks dealing with the shame because i feel so stupid but at the same time when given the opportunity to prove that i'm not stupid i dont take it.. one of the worst things about it is that everyone else around me seems to be able to pass high school and get out and live their life even with more difficult to live with mental disorders like bpd and bd. i just feel so useless and life will only get harder for me later down the line.. i can barely handle basic tasks let alone making a future for myself. i dont know how everyone else does it. a combination of covid, social anxiety, online school, and intense internet addiction has turned me into a hermit. i don't enjoy going out and doing things at all (except when it comes to hangout out with my only friend who can barely hang out with me due to cirumstances out of our control). when it comes to friends i try to go out of my way to make them online then end up avoiding them because talking to them stresses me out so bad. its all a terrible cycle and i know the only way i'll break it is through willpower. the first step is always the hardest. but due to my procrastination issues i feel like i'll be avoiding taking the first step forever. its gotten to the point where i'm convinced i have avoidant personality disorder. to me, it all adds up. but i dont see anyone talking about avpd and it might hurt my chances of getting a job when i'm an adult. i dont know if anyone is going to look at this let alone give me advice, but it feels nice to get it all out sorta like a journal. i can type faster than i can write so it feels better to type out my feelings rather then write them. 


05/12/2023 11:10 PM 

I Don't Believe in True Love Because If It Were Real You'd Love Me Back

Maybe I'm too far gone to be able to be happily in love, or maybe the world has something out for me. Maybe I'm digging my own grave, dude, maybe I'm over before I even began. Our colors clash in a darling car wreck, bloody and beautiful. I couldn't yell loud enough to give you the hints, couldn't make you believe it. I'm a ticking love bomb waiting to explode, but my timer always resets seconds before explosion, before release. Life is like a sweater, scratchy and drifting at the seams. It's too tight around the neck and I feel it choking me but I love the patterns and uniqueness of it. So I wear it, I live with the negative for elaborate positives.I sway with anxiety and l leave my self-assurance behind me. How come someone so confident grow so soft in seconds? It's the effect of you and its strangles the words out of my mouth. It's just the stupidity of it all that gets on my nerves. I shouldn't be feeling this scrambling feeling but I guess when I tell myself no, I'm far more tempted. My stomach is floating away from me and my head is in the clouds. I'm cut up over your voice, and I'm tired of being so weak, so susceptible to my emotions.If I beat myself over it, it'll only make it worse, but it feels better for the moment. How can I feel so strongly when life kills me numb? I watch the time but the minute hand never moves, only the hours run along. I try to live in the moment but when there is something stabbing me, the blood pours out.

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