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06/03/2021 08:05 PM 

DK Jr. arcade review

Donkey Kong Junior is the best game ever, a perfect 10/10 gameit has graphics, audio, controls, gameplay, everything you want in a game and more is in DK Jr. and that more comes in the form of 2 apes a captured Donkey Kong and a playable miracle ape called Donkey Kong Junior. our hero DK Jr. has to save his dad from the clutches of evil absolutely despicable guy named Mario.if you haven't played DK Jr. you might as well say that you havent even lived yet.

game, review, donkey kong jr, donkey kong


06/03/2021 01:59 PM 

Current mood:  apathetic

I was a human once. I was alive. I had dreams. Over time, I have constantly been chipped away at, until I have been stripped down to whatever this monster version of me is. All I feel any more is anger and sadness. And boredom. I'm getting to where I don't care anymore.

Mediocre Myles

06/03/2021 09:09 PM 

Current mood:  bored

Possible In The Heights spoilers ahead!youve been warned...Hey peeps! i completely forgot this existed! anyway, I'm kinda just vibing. I'm in Spanish class right now lol. I'm really wet because its raining outside and I walked to school XD. anyway, I'm bored and I don't wanna do any work so.... I'm writing this lol. I'm so excited for the In The Heights movie! I watched Kathrine Steeles video about it and I'm less excited then before cuz WHERE IS THE CLUB FIGHT!?!?!? smh also carneval del barrio is after abuela... u know... ANYWAYYYY.... bye bye 

⋆✦B34 b0t0xxx٭✮

06/03/2021 09:12 PM 

waterparks vinyl

oh yeah, i spent like. all my savings on some stupid waterparks vinyl last weekend; idk when half of them will come in, hopefully soon. i got this pink one that comes next week so that's fun! sux not having any $$$ though :p

personal, music

⋆✦B34 b0t0xxx٭✮

06/03/2021 09:10 PM 

Current mood:  tired

up toooo early -___- doing class this morning is so annoying, n i've got a sh*t ton of work. just wanna like drink tea and relax. this blows BOOOOOOOOOOOOO



06/03/2021 06:47 PM 

idk a story
Current mood:  artistic

i'm lyk nvr actv omg :c but like anyways, i pulled an all-nighter today and i feel so alive wowzii >< i miss my friendz, hope they're all sleeping well XDi'm hungry </3 life iz hard sometimes .. also, the 10 thingz ihau movie ?today i watched on my own for the first time and it had it'z momentz,but 2 m3, it kinda svcked </33i ♥ ghostface


06/03/2021 01:25 PM 

My First Post

I mean, guess I'm starting a blog page now. Here's what you can expect to see on this page:Rants about: school, humanity, my familyRandom info about: school shootings, wwii, disney- Random updates about my life- Probably other stuff I can't think of right nowWhile you're here you might as well check out my website!


06/03/2021 10:16 PM 

momentary bliss, i think
Current mood:  numb

it's been almost a month since my last post and things are still the same. i know, sh*tty isn't it? things are for sure gonna change soon tho. like i swear there's already progress. for starters i have a birth certificate now! i'll be making my appointment for my id and permit in a couple weeks. just have to wait until the things that must not be named go away finally. my birthday is coming up too next friday. i feel like i should be more excited than i am. idk i just hope it's a good day and the days surrounding it. i know i complain about the stress i've been under but to be honest it feels nice to worry about real life things again instead of the thoughts in my head. i'm telling you guys, just hold on a bit longer and everything will be content again yk? just don't give up because good things are coming. man i need to take my own advice,, i really hope things get better soon, i just don't want to slip again. peace.

longest weeks of my life, that's really it, nostalgic, life update


06/02/2021 12:09 PM 


yesterday i did something good for myself. i decided to come out on my instagram, it was scary and i was full of anxiety whilst doing it but it all payed out in the end. i was supported by those who were following me, but i did have my entire family blocked off from seeing what i posted about myself. i don't know if i'll ever be able to tell my family at all, i just dont want to be rejected. but im thinking of just doing it when i finally turn 18 so that if something goes wrong i can just leave lol. but yeah, i feel great now after doing that, its like a weight has been brought off my shoulders and im just really happy right now that i can just be myself online now, hopefully one day i can be irl. anyway happy pride month :^)


06/02/2021 11:47 PM 

First Blog
Current mood:  blah

Damn this website is pretty sick. I like the ability to express youtself through your homepage something you cant really get from something like tiktok or instagram. its way more complicated yet it feels so simple lol. anyway lifes pretty sh*t workings boring and i get taxed up the ass, f*** the goverment. Trying to find inspiration for some new music but its egh when i feel soooo apathetic.


06/02/2021 09:10 PM 

something smells sour like funky
Current mood:  blessed

yea ok yea ok  follow my instagram: m1lffff if your not homophobic  but yea whatever 


06/02/2021 07:08 PM 

Self harm talk!(a video scrpit for youtube)

Ciao Stars, It’s aurora. Do you ever hate when a 6 year old brother of your friend who you want to be your girlfriend (play a girl in red song) asks why you look like a zebra? Do you need excuses because you dont wanna have to have a 2 hour conversation about self harm with a god forsaken toddler? Same dude. Same. Well today we are going to be talking about self harm in general because im rather experienced in it. If you are at all triggered by that click off. My intent is to help not hurt.  Here are the sections and time stamps! Ways to hide scars So, we all know that scars are hard to hide especially during summer, but i have some solutions. There are thin long sleeve fabrics like silk, georgette, cotton voile, organdy, cotton lawn, viscose fabric, and batise. Braclets could also help, using chunky/cuff bracelets and braided bracelets that are layered up your arm help however they can be flimsy and reveal your scars, i personally make them chunky and a little tight but that might be uncomfortable for others. Another thing is makeup, concealer, eyeshadow, foundation and more! Theres just normal makeup to cover it(always use setting spray) or, theres skin color tape, scar makeup, and skin colored sleeves/leotards   Self harm alts Now that we have discussed how to hide scars, let stalk about how to stop making them. For those of you who do it for the pain, you can put on tape and rip it off, snap a rubberband, or simply pull your arm hair, for those that do it for the blood/scars, try putting paint on where you prefer to cut or draw on the area, i prefer sharpieing a butterfly but its up to you. And for those who do it for adrenaline rush or control, i’m not very experienced in this area as i did it for the scars and couldnt find much information online, but i recommend exercising and it lets you control your body and gives you endorphins! Excuses I had sex with freddie crougar or wolferrine Its my cat or dog I messed myself up on a bike ride I fought with my sleep paralysis demon I had a great duel with a dragon thats kept me captive for the last 100 years I’m a serial killer and my last victim scrathed me up like a cat on crack(thank you johnny) Im frankenstein Im half zebra Dont wanna talk about it Fell from a tree I broke a cup Its a birthmark None of your business And many more!  All the links for the products i recommend are in the description, best of luck to anyone struggling, ive been clean 6 months and im very proud of myself, arrevederci!  

SH, Selfharm, Talk, Help, Advice.


06/02/2021 06:45 PM 


Follow my ig Hernandez.53o


06/02/2021 03:36 PM 

I have a confession to make...

...I didn't like Mario Kart Wii as a kid.

Confession, Mario Kart Wii,


06/02/2021 05:09 PM 

If Life Was Fair I Wouldn’t Have To Make These Boring Blog Posts About It

June 2, 2021   I'm going to be making a SpaceHey account soon so whether I'll pick up where I left off on there or keep this going on here too. It's not like people read this, nor would I necessarily want anyone to. Though I'm way more open online than in person about a lot so it's whatever. I treat this like a Live Journal or something. A boring one at that.   The things I wish were true in my life are out of my control. I wish I was somewhere where people liked me and I feel welcome. Somewhere I could be myself WITH people like me. My passion is something I never got to experience and it sucks. Wrong place, and definitely wrong time. Lately more than ever I've felt so alone. Like, discouragingly lonely. Like life would be so much better if I just got up and left.    Seeing others online with friends they relate to just makes me feel worse honestly. It shows me that plenty of people are into the same stuff as me and still found people like that in PERSON and I can't relate to anyone here. It's so lonely living like this. I don't hang out with anyone. I think about it, or at least what it would be like. I just wish I had friends more than anything. I'd love to be in a relationship but what I really want is a consistent friend group. People who relate to me, and I feel appreciated by. I've never had that. To the point that I seriously have no idea what it's like to be truly happy and hanging out with friends. I don't have experience, just what I've seen others do. Since making friends is so easy as long as you're not me and/or don't live in such a boring place.    If life was fair I wouldn't be here. If life was fair I'd find love. If life was fair I wouldn't wish I was dead every day. If life was fair I'd be taking pictures and listening to Senses Fail with my friends I'd actually HAVE. My perfect, ideal girlfriend and I would be doing each other, and each other's makeup. I'd be joking around with my friends laughing like I never have. I'd not have a perfect life but a fair one. One that wasn't without problems but was balanced out by the positives. Because right now there are no positives. My life has become near-meaningless to me. Just plain boring. I really hope it gets better, that's the only reason I've kept going.   

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