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Dominic Anthony

11/26/2022 01:07 PM 

Dominic HOman possible lawsuit against richwood pharmacuticals and shire pharmacueticals

When I was 16 17 then 18 19 XR adderall but 16 17 when I was then Does Adderall age the body?Taking stimulants such as Adderall over a long period can lead to premature aging of your organs, according to studies. This type of chronic intoxications puts stress on the nervous system, the kidneys and the cardiovascular system.Apr 25, 2019 I'm not sure but I think I'd need a new kidney in future At 2pm the next day, 5 mg of Adderall would remain in your body. After approximately five of these half-life cycles, the drug would be considered completely .Sep 8, 2021 — Adderall dose: The maximum daily dose is 40 mg/day for adults, and 30 mg/day for children. Adderall XR dose: The maximum daily dose is 40 mg/day want to SUE richwood pharmachuticals and shire pharmacuticals for causing nervous system depression  an injury from depression, killing of my brain cellings and a slowly diseased??? or stressed kidneys or are these back muscles from sitting now I'm going on $0 40. april 24th


11/26/2022 07:41 AM 

Current mood:  excited



11/23/2022 05:32 PM 

Current mood:  bored

I'm so exhausted. thats literally all. 


11/23/2022 05:30 PM 




11/22/2022 08:59 AM 

Current mood:  stressed

still plateauing...if i cant make up for it in the next month ive got to some sort of diet or fast in january

Dominic Anthony

11/21/2022 11:53 PM 

YOUTUBE REMOVE daughtry, hoobastank life house i like my life and house but, alter bridge etc

Youtube remove REMOVE daughtry hoobastank videos lifehouse i like my life, house but not the band remove alter bridge remove audio slave remove 3 doors down remove nickelback

Dominic Anthony

11/21/2022 10:20 PM 

Reasons why disney plus We cancelled why disney needs to delete some plus content titles

Paul Stanley LIP SYNCS AND USING BACKING TRACKS. Since 2002 minus 2003 2004 and all those years even 2022 Disney Plus doesn't have Bedknob and Broomsticks. Disney plus should not have heated servers they gonna crash if they dont delete some and organize thats why I cancelled my sub scription Disney plus didn't have Return to OzGET RID OF THE FOLLOWING TITLES parent trap rocketeer sound of music I Love Music but sound of music 1965 aint for me tron hamilton hidden figures disney plus should cancel school house rock its just 1973 meant after 1983 sepetember rock and roll turned to crap queen of katwe gravity falls beatles get back like them but no summer of soul 2021 diversity is good hope but peoples are woke against disney plus andor edward scissorhands shouldn't be on disney plus she hulk and logan was crap rise chp n dale 2022 crap alias of miracles and men west side story


11/20/2022 08:54 PM 

⧸⎩⎠⎞͏(・∀・)⎛͏⎝⎭⧹ f r e e t i m e
Current mood:  cookywacky

i guess im writing this more for myself then anyone else but hi! a musical i was recently performing in finally ended after rehearsing for 3 whole months. now I am once again left to myself, with a bunch of unfinished homework from my teachers that ive been working on all day today and probably tomorrow and day after too. but aside from that ive been hyping myself up for a project: creating a dark cabaret type song. i have a real nice keyboard and a very theatrical voice, as well as sufficient experience listening to and knowing what dark cabaret is made of. to thosee of you who dont know- its a really kewl music genre that sounds dark and spooky and playful and mixed with weimar-style german cabaret sounds/instruments and or a circus-y rythm. my description isn't that great though, sorry. Im thinking something along the lines of Evelyn Evelyn or something like The Silent by The Tragic Tantrum, both great songs you should totally check them out whoever sees this.


11/20/2022 01:28 PM 

Current mood:  tired

If anyone came by my profile and noticed it was not active, it is because I originally wanted to upload a comic here. But due to uploading rules, I am unsure if I could or not.. I am in a awkward position now because of that...

Comic, Pixel, NSFW, Relationships


11/19/2022 10:19 PM 

americas sweetheart
Current mood:  vexed

        sometimes i cant help but feel like americas sweetheart. ive always thought of myself as a nice person, and ive always tried my best to be kind to others! though i ask myself; am i too nice?now heres the thing about me: i cant be mean. okay.. cool?no let me explain sometimes it feels impossible for me to tell someone theyre doing something wrong or rude or whatever. it is quite difficult for me to explain it but yeah. i think it comes from me trying so hard to be likeable. i never want to get on anybodys bad side and the thought of people disliking me makes we want to do unspeakable things. when people are annoying me or are being rude to me i usually ignore it and stay kind to that person! thats wrong. i know i should do something but i cant in fear of someone gossiping or whatever, i dont even have a big reputation, why am i like this???i know i have feelings.i think ive always been good at identifying my feeling and expressing them, this is just one thing that bugs me.anyways i think this is my first actual blog thingy! dont think anyones gonna see but if you do: hi!!i was a little hesitant at first to write this but then again: the chances of anyone i know in person seeing this is very slim; and even if they do what do i have to fear? this isnt crazy. i love oversharing on the internet!! if u read this thanks :) maybe ill write more of these ..



11/19/2022 10:33 PM 




11/19/2022 08:07 PM 

un pensamiento

Día a día todo se repite, la rutina está bien, el futuro me emociona y a veces me desespera. Todo termina, nada es para siempre, todos se van sin importar las promesas, obligación o elección. ¿Cuándo nos consideramos personas realmente maduras? la edad no dice que hay en la mente de una persona, el saber como actuar en algunas ocasiones sí. La estabilidad de una persona es realmente aburrida, el caos y la desesperación te genera emociones y las emociones te atraen, aunque duelan, preferirías divertirte antes de elegir una vida sana y correcta. ¿Quién decide si soy madura o no? mi toma se desiciones no se basa en mi edad, pero me he quedado sin opciones. Quiero perderme con placeres de la vida y pecar, sentirme viva mientras muero cada día, quiero vivir una vida aburrida y con amor verdadero.  Prefieres vivir experiencias pero ¿Realmente aprendes de ellas o es solo para llenar un vacio en ti? Las experiencias hacen a la felicidad, pero algunas son realmente necesarias para nosotros si no aprendemos nada? aprendemos siempre, nunca dejamos de hacerlo, pero ahora el conocimiento no es prioridad, las experiencias de la vida mundana sí.


11/19/2022 05:10 PM 

Current mood:  lonely

Just wrote an acoustic songand ofc its abt a girl that may or may not exist idk yet LMAOjust singing my heart i guess 


11/19/2022 12:16 PM 

Current mood:  cold

let me be a kid again, pls pls plsi didnt realise how bad it was back thentake me back


11/19/2022 11:53 PM 

Current mood:  forgotten

why is it suddenly up to me, to fix family problemsshe's your daughter, and you created a monster.

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