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11/28/2021 07:41 PM 

cyber monday HYPE.
Current mood:  focused

whats-up.excited 4 cyber monday--?

cybermonday, blog, onlineshopping,


11/28/2021 04:36 PM 

Current mood:  blank

idk i just feel really bored i think i am going to go watch a horror movie now 


11/28/2021 03:50 PM 

a problem

How do you tell someone that i stopped talking to them because they reminded me of my younger selfand its a very well known fact that i hate my younger selfthey are everything i hate about my younger selfliteral carbon copy.i dont want them to be like me dudebut at the same time i just do not want to be around themthey kinda stained my view on thembut then againi feel guilt becauseyk thats one of my friendsi feel conflicted


11/28/2021 03:26 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

my beloved


11/28/2021 07:51 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful 


11/28/2021 07:37 PM 

Silly Goofy Bestie xx
Current mood:  silly

NOT THIS CLOWN ACCIDENTALLY MAKING A TOPIC HAHAHAHHA (shes my bestie btw)Shes so silly and goofy xx

idiot, mystic messanger, homo, bestie, bff, dumb


11/28/2021 02:26 PM 

come backk :/
Current mood:  sad

I miss winx club ;-;


11/28/2021 07:09 PM 

Bored again
Current mood:  cookywacky

Got drunk last night.. bored again

bored, gay, femboy, emo, girli, lady gaga, discord


11/28/2021 07:49 AM 

Current mood:  stressed

im going to go get the second shot  of the vaccine. I bet my arm is going to be hruting  like sh*t mann well wish me luck than. 

Vamp Tramp

11/28/2021 10:17 AM 

Day Eight
Current mood:  groggy

Good morning, sorry that i skipped a few days, first there was Thanksgiving and then I got sick so now I'm writing in the moring so I don't forget. Last night I had a low fever, which normally isn't that bad but I never get a fever so 99 is high for me. I've been feeling super yucky for about two days now, and yesterday I was supposed to go to this punk show in town, AND my friend was gonna buy me sushi, but I got sick and I couldn't go anywhere, I was so bummed to have missed it! On the bright side, I may get to miss school tomorrow, but that depends on if I get better today. I am feeling pretty in and out so far but it is pretty early on in the day so hopefully I don't have too much to do today and I can relax. I'll have school tomorrow and I'm not excited for that. School sucks so much and it's only the thrid month! I can't believe how teadious this sh*t is! Plus I'm always stressing about my attendance, because my school has really strict policies with that, and latenesses can add up and count as an absence. They've also shut down all the bathrooms except one, and we've started to have "hallway sweeps", which work like this: after the bell rings at the start of class, the teachers lock the classroom doors. Any kid coming in late to class has to go down to the office, get a pass and a write up, and return to class. They won't be let into the classroom without a pass. Additionally, if they're in the hallways without a pass for any reason (bathroom, get water, nurse) they get written up. Unless they have a pass given to them by the teacher. As you can imagine this sh*t is weird. Very very weird. Plus it's annoying! Who does that? You could be one minute late to class because you spilled your backpack in the hallway and you'd get written up for it. I think mybe you get one strike, so the first time it happens you don't get written up, but if you ask me, that's still pretty rediculous. Also, I hate school in general. It's turing, it's tedious, it's uncomfortable, and it's stressful! Now, enough of me complaining about school, I'm just hvaing the Sunday Blues I think. Let's talk about something else. I'm working on a lot of new school projects. For example, I've got a 'Zine in the works, I have a painting I want to get around to, and I have new photos to edit. Speaking of photos, I know I said I'd attach new pictures so I'm gonna do that I think, cause I really do need to get around to it. Okay, that's all for now, I'm gonna go try to upload photos before I forget. TTYL! 


11/28/2021 06:25 PM 

Current mood:  aggravated

I just woke up but im still so tired, and i need to tidy my room T-T


11/28/2021 12:33 PM 

Profile Customization Sitez B )

heres some sitez i reccomend 4 profile decorating ! :Dglitter graphics- great 4 p much anything ! haz tonz of code 4 different blinkiez, gifz, etc. copy & paste the html code into ur profile editor or a layout maker !LINK : easy 2 use layput maker ! just copy & paste graphic code into different partz & itll generate the code 4 u 2 add into the profile editor. also haz a bunch of premade layoutz 2 use as well ! :)LINK : glittergraphics haz tonz of blinkiez 2 choose from but if u want 2 see other designz then this site is def 4 u B )LINK : if u want 2 add an html player 2 ur page that will play music when sum1 clickz on ur profile then i def recommend this site ! first use a youtube 2 mp3 converter, then upload the file to this site. copy & paste the code into ur profile editor, & ur all set ! LINK : link 2 the youtube - mp3 converter : ---------------------------------------------------------------thatz all 4 now ! ill upd8 this post if i find any more. or leave a comment if u have any suggestionz i havent mentioned ! x) 

how to customize profile


11/28/2021 09:04 PM 

whos up

ik it's not that late but who is up rn 


11/28/2021 09:04 PM 

whos up

ik it's not that late but who is up rn 


11/27/2021 11:03 PM 

Snuff and Gore Films

I've decided to start blogging when I can't film a video entry.  Tonight I am not able to film a video entry do to family reasons but I still wanted to talk about some things.  A while back I started watching more disturbing horror movies and found myself on a website called  .  It started as a simple place to watch Meghan is Missing when it was popular on TikTok but has evolved into me searching and digging for the most disgusting and gorey videos on the site.  Just last night I watched a three hour long German movie called Melancholie der Engel.  (The plot was lost after the first half an hour and afterwards was just torture porn and gore.) It made the movie I watched today, Battle Royale, look like a kid's cartoon.  Anyways, the reason I'm talking about this is because I can't dig myself out.  I've watched every iceberg video on youtube about the goriest videos/movies on the internet and I've watched some people react to them as well as some mixtapes and albums.  I've fallen down a rabbit hole of the most disgusting things on Earth and I'm falling deeper with each youtube search entry.  Anyways, what is the most disgusting movie you have ever watched?

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