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January 14th, 2020

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Age: 16
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November 03, 2019


01/14/2020 02:24 PM 

It's been a while!


Life has been busy lately, so I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages! Everything is well, though. I was thinking about starting to turn this into more of an emo-based account so probably expect to see some more content like that soon ♥

Okay - just to let you know I'm alive xD

E.E x

12/26/2019 03:04 PM 


Hi all! I haven't been on in a while!

Hope you had a good Christmas! I got quite a bit for Xmas, including posters, a vampire book and an invader zim comic, some band shirts and a laptop :D
I slept over at my friends house and had a decent time...other than when I woke up in the middle of the night to see her little bro standing by the bed watching us sleep! LOL!
Anywho, I'm back at home now and my Uncle, Auntie and cousin are here with their dog! They live a while away, so I haven't seen them in a while. They gave me an amazon voucher for Christmas and I'm sooo happy!
Speaking of amazon, I ordered some converse on there just before Christmas and they should be coming any day now!!! I think I finally qualify as an official "converse emo", haha! Any suggestions of what lyrics to write on the toes?
Sooo...what did you guys get for Christmas? Feel free to comment!

E.E ♥3

12/01/2019 12:17 PM 

Scene/emo nostalgia playlist
Current mood:  animated

My old web favourites for December! Enjoy! :D

E.E x

11/26/2019 12:59 PM 

The death of YouTube?
Current mood:  scared

Okay, so I’m not sure if this is just some joke/hoax or not, but I just heard that apparently YouTube are getting rid of ALL of their content that doesn’t make any/much money by December 10th and I’m pretty sure they’re terminating channels and accounts too. Can someone confirm if this is real or not? I’m super scared...literally everything I love and watch daily - all of the things that get me out of bed in the morning - might be just getting deleted with no further word.

Legit EVERYONE on the site will be affected by this...they can’t just delete it all, surely? The only people who won’t be affected will be people who don’t make videos of their own and only watch trendy stuff that makes money...the rest of us are screwed.

Again, I’d be grateful if someone could confirm in the comments if this is true or not, or maybe share some more info on it? Thanks guys x

E.E x

11/24/2019 04:22 PM 

Moving house!!!
Current mood:  hyper


I don’t really have much to say today, but it’s probably worth noting that - well, you read the title...I’m moving house! It sucked at first, but now I think I’m starting to look forward to it! Tomorrow we’re gonna go grab some paint so we can paint my new room dark red (finally, after X number of years dealing with sh*tty white walls, I finally have my walls a decent colour xD). Besides that, we’re gonna have to finish packing too. Packing is annoying, but it isn’t too bad if you have the right music to listen to while you’re doing it. I personally love listening to old Green Day and My Chemical Romance while shoving my stuff into cardboard boxes xD. Can’t wait to cover my new room in posters too! It’s gonna be great...I’ll probably post pics once it’s done in a couple months :D

That’s it really - just thought I’d drop by while I still remember my password xD

E.E x

11/17/2019 08:32 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

So, me being me - I forgot my password xD

Sorry about the little hiatus, I’m back, I just had to dig through my notes for a bit to find said password I lost xD

E.E x

11/05/2019 12:27 PM 

Firework Night
Current mood:  angsty

So, tonight is firework night. Probably my least favourite night of the year. I really don’t understand it, so today I’m gonna rant about it! Here’s my reasons to why I hate bonfire night:

1. It scares pets, especially dogs, and it makes them bark. Not only are the poor things terrified, but they also howl and bark like crazy, which keeps the whole neighbourhood up. Not to mention that if they get a noise complaint, it will be on the owner of the dog, and not the person setting off the fireworks in the first place.

2. Nobody seems to understand that firework night is on the 5TH OF NOVEMBER. They start going off in mid October and they continue every night until the end of November. Then they start again in mid December because of New Years! That’s basically three months of them! Every. Single. Night.

3. The idiots who buy them. I could scream and shout all day about these types of people. I’m pretty sure it was last year when a postman was severely injured and sent to hospital because some dumba$$es thought it would be a good idea to “prank” him by sticking a firework in his post bag and running off. He could of DIED. There are tons of people like them around our area - that was only one case. If they’re going to sell fireworks, which in my opinion they probably shouldn’t, they should be selling them to people with a license to say that they can handle explosives safely.

4. The whole reason for the event is just...why? Christians believe that Christmas was the birth of Jesus, and people who aren’t Christians use Christmas as a time for family, flashy decorations, presents and large meals. The summer holidays are to give kids and teachers alike that break from school to look forward to. Halloween is for cool spooky decorations, spooktober memes, and of course - parties and trick or treating. Firework night? It’s to celebrate some dudes death because he tried to blow up parliament. No births, no well-deserved breaks, no spooky don’t even get a day off! It’s literally just because some criminal got sentenced to death a few hundred years ago. Pretty pointless ‘celebration’ if you ask me.

Okay, rant over! Do you hate firework night? Feel free to comment :) B4N!

E.E x

11/04/2019 05:47 PM 

HI x3
Current mood:  bouncy

Dis is ma first post on this site and it’s basically just gonna be a hello message cuz I’m kinda new x) I think I’m gonna use it as a live journal / diary type of blog, but idrk yet.

I don’t have much to talk about as of now, other than the fact that MCR are back together and I’m SUUUPER happy about it :D I was so happy I cried when my Mum told me! Lol! My friend and her little brother were hyped too. When they were on call with me there was a woman staring at them from across the street so they shouted “MCR ARE BACK!” at her and I don’t think she knew what they meant xD

Anyways, I look forward to posting more in the future! B4N!

E.E x

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